Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool - Review

What Is Jaaxy?

keyword toolJaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that simplifies Google's keyword data. When it comes to keyword research, most people resort to Google's Keyword Planner but it can be difficult to learn how to use that tool. Not to mention the fact that Google's Keyword Planner rounds up search queries and doesn't provide details into the competition for each keyword. That can make it difficult for internet marketers to find decent keywords with low competition. In a nutshell, it's not as user friendly as it could be and it's discouraging a lot of people from making money online because they can't figure out how to use it to find decent keywords.

That's where Jaaxy comes into the picture. It strips data from Google's search engine results and other databases and compiles the information into a simple platform that makes finding keywords a walk in the park. It has been called the number one keyword research tool on the market.

What You Should Know... 

Jaaxy a platform that allows you to conduct thorough research and find keywords with low competition. We all know that keywords are the back-bone of search engine traffic. Without keywords, it would be impossible for people to find your articles, and if nobody finds your articles, it's impossible to make cash. Therefore, it's essential to include keywords within the content of your website. It's just an important part of building an online business. If you want your business to grow by leaps and bounds, then you must include keywords into the content of your website.

Free keyword tool

A lot of marketers feel that their entitled to a list of targeted keywords. It's important to know that this product won't hand you a list of low competition keywords on a silver-platter. But it will provide you with the tools to find these keywords on your own. In my opinion, that's much more valuable.

Who wants to use the same keywords that everyone else is targeting in their content? That would make marketing unnecessarily difficult. With this product, members will be able to do their own research, into their niches of interest, and find keywords that can attract a swarm of targeted traffic.

How Much does it Cost? 

The free version is based on a point system. Points are spent on each search query and in order to earn points one must refer new members. Free accounts are granted 30 points on sign-up which can translate into 30 free search queries each month.

Jaaxy keyword tool

Of course, it's quite time consuming to collect referrals and earn points. There are two other membership options: 

Pro ($19/month) and Enterprise ($49/month).

The Pro version is all one needs to start searching for decent keywords. It's designed for people who are new to internet marketing and want to find some basic keywords.

Below are some features that are included in the Pro version.
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches
  • Keyword Competition
  • Domain Search
  • SEO Analysis
  • Keyword Lists
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Jaaxy Affiliate Program

There are several other features but the above features are the most important. The Pro version is all that you need to take your marketing to a whole new level. Of course, if you're looking for a little bit more power and features, the Enterprise membership is available.

The following are some features that are included in the Enterprise membership:

  • Instant Competition Analysis
  • Instant Domain Search
  • Platform Works 5x Faster Which Drastically Decreases Research Time
  • Data Arrangement
  • Tabs for Searches

Enterprise membership was designed for advanced marketers that need to compile massive lists of keywords for their websites. It's much faster and provides a few more key features.

Features That I Love:  

I have been using Jaaxy for my keyword research and with most of my posts ranking on the fist page of Google I will not use anything else! In this section you'll find a list of the features that I love and use on a regular basis.


Keyword Competition

This feature makes it possible to analyze the competition of each keyword. It's called QSR and it stands for Quoted Search Results. The number displayed is the amount of pages on Google that contain the exact keyword.

If you type a keyword into Google which is enclosed in parenthesis, Google searches for results with those exact words. It helps people narrow down their search. It's one of my favorite features because it makes it easy for people to find keywords that don't have much competition.

We all know if a keyword has low competition, then it will be easier to rank on search engines. Generally speaking, if a keyword has as QSR of below 200 then it's a decent keyword and it won't be difficult to rank it on search engine results.

keyword research tool 

Keyword Lists

This is another favorite feature because it allows people to compile keywords into a list and view the combined data. You can add a bunch of keywords to a list and view the combined potential traffic and competition. Keywords lists are awesome. You create custom names for each list which makes it even easier to manage keywords that are in different niches. You can also download the lists in Excel or .TXT format.

Domain Search 

Google assigns more SEO juice to domains that contain keywords. Therefore, if you can purchase a domain that contains a specific keyword; it could bring in a bunch of additional traffic. You can quickly purchase the domain before someone else grabs it.


The Affiliate Program

You can refer members to the program and earn a percentage of their monthly payments. Collect a couple of referrals and the product will pay for itself and you can even turn it into a new stream of passive income. 

In my opinion, these four features are the most useful.

Final Word...

I'm a huge fan of this product because it makes it extremely easy for people to find keywords that can be used to attract additional traffic. Most marketers skip keyword research and randomly publish articles. The fact is that keyword research is extremely important and once you learn how to conduct thorough research you'll be able to surpass your competition. The idea is to find a demand for an article in order to guarantee that it'll generate traffic for years. The best way to find a demand for an article is to conduct keyword research and see if people are searching for answers for a specific problem. Find the keywords first and the rest is a walk in the park.

Jaaxy is a neat product that makes finding keywords fun and simple. It's created by the same team that is behind Wealthy Affiliate. Quality is their number one concern. If you haven't heard of  Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you check it out, because there's no other online business training course out there. The training material is spot-on, in-depth, and simplified. It'll take you from point A to point B and before you know it, you'll be the owner of a successful website! It's my favorite online business training course and I highly recommend it.

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You're Turn...

Have you used Jaaxy or other keyword research tools? Which one is the best in your opinion? Please leave a comment below to help others find the tool that works the best for them.

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Have Yourself an Awesome Day and Never Hesitate to Ask If You Have Questions.

Side Note: The commissions that I make from Jaaxy goes directly to the charity of my choice and is not intended for personal use. If you join through my link others would be grateful. Feel free to ask if you have questions regarding the issue.


  1. Hi Christene! This is an awesome write-up of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. I am so glad I found this at Wealthy Affiliate! It has literally changed the way I see building websites! Keep up the good work! ;)

    1. Thanks for the feed back Kobus.

      I agree with you 100%, In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning platform, mainly because of their active support system. No question ever goes unanswered.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I also prefer Jaaxy above all. Was using Word Tracker before, but the pricing is too much now and the tool does not include some of the features that Jaaxy offer. Also, their free account is too limited and you are basically forced to upgrade, no option to earn additional credits.

    I am not good at SEO and Jaaxy makes it much easier to find keywords that are perfect to get on Google's first pages.

    Have a good day.



    1. My pleasure Phil, thanks for leaving valuable feedback!

      I actually used the Word Tracker's premium feature as well in the past, and it was not too bad. However, their pricing is much higher for a tool that does not offer nearly as many features as Jaaxy. Was only common sense to go with the cheaper but more effective Keyword Tool.

      Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day!

    2. Nice to know you thoughts on long tail pro. por me it's head or tails vs jaaxy.

  3. Great review on Jaaxy Christene.

    I used Jaaxy as well and I agree that this is the best keyword search tool I have ever used.

    But not only that it is great as a keyword search tool, but the other aspects Jaaxy can be used
    for such as finding if domain names are available, the domain flipping and many of the other parts you so well explained.

    I am also impressed with the rest of your website as well.

    No wonder you are able to work full time as an online entrepreneur you have such an amount of great talent and knowledge which ultimately shows on your website.

    Wishing you much success in life and I am sure anyone who comes to this site will leave with a great amount of knowledge beneficial to their own future success in their chosen ventures.

    Take care be well

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Andre, it is much appreciated.

      You are correct, Jaaxy works well for domain flipping. Many overlook the importance of domains and assume that it just go hand in hand with website creation. Domains are like buying property, over time they only get more valuable.

      Wishing you much success for the future as well. May you reach all your goals in 2015.

      Have a blessed day!

  4. A well written guide for a well working product. Personally I live Jaaxy and can only agree with what you have listed above. Even reminding me about some features I have not though of for some time.

    Thanks a lot and job well done Christine! :)

    1. Many thanks for the positive feedback Kjell, it is much appreciated!

      I have to agree, I live Jaaxy as well, although it can be addictive sometimes. You search for a couple of keywords and end up with a couple of hundred that have "potential".

      Keep up the good work and have an awesome day!

  5. Hello christine, I joined ipas2 yesterday and canceled today because when I tried to go ahead it asks for updating . I don't have the money to upgrade. So my question is do I get my money back? It garantees money back. I emailed them and I had no answer

    1. Hi Selina.

      Unfortunately, you will not receive an answer immediately. It can take anything from 2 days up to a week if you are lucky. You have to claim a guarantee within a certain period of time, depends on the products but, it usually is between 7 and 14 days after purchase. Again, the refund will not happen quickly and might take some time.

      The support ticket system is a drag, nothing happens instantly.

  6. Hello, Christene
    I've tried the Jaaxy keyword research tool as a free member and I found it good but preferred not to upgrade. Somehow I don't think keyword research is that difficult and there are many ways to do these researches free.
    I use wealthy affiliate keyword research tool primarily and it is satisfying me. However, Jaaxy is little easier, faster, and with good platform

    1. You are correct Mahmood, The WA keyword tool works just as great. Jaaxy is way better, however, not an absolute need for keyword research.

      Jaaxy works great for those who do constant keyword and Niche research and needs a tool that is fast and provides more details about a certain keyword.

      Content is still the most important and the WA keyword tools provides more than enough information to create content that is spot on. The perfect tool for beginners and it is included in the membership which is a bonus.

  7. Hi Christene, am excited to find another fellow Wealthy Affiliate from South Africa. Great website... wow, you've been busy! Would love to be in contact. Be blessed as you bless others. (Please e-mail me on laurenjean.co.za@gmail.com but don't publish my email address on your site. As a free member of WA I can't private message you. Thanks so much.)

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  10. Rebecca from Ohio has left a new comment on the post "Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool - Review":

    Hi Christine, I Have just begun searching on hoe to begin an online specialty retail store. And in my searches I had become familiar with Wealthy Affiliate ; however I had no knowledge of Jazzy.Just want to say thank you for being so informative about Jazzy Keyword search ability.I have been reading and learning how to use the "Secret", which is about the "Law of Attraction".I put it out there needing help and to gain knowledge on how to run a online business and the tools needed and WOW i get you how lucky I feel . Thank You so much.And I would like to encourage you if you already haven't to read or watch ... Rhonda Byrnes' inspiration for the free 'Law of attraction' video. I am sharing this with you because it is fantastic I get no kind of payment i just believe and wanted to share....Thank you once again Rebecca

  11. Hello Christene,

    I have a couple of domain names and I would like to know if Jaaxy keyword tool can tell me how much traffic my domain names can receive per month? If yes, How do I do this?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Carol

      On top of your Jaaxy panel, next to the "Find Keywords", you can change the button "Phrase" to "Url". It will give you keywords based on the domain.

  12. Hi Christene, we love your website, so over-the-top informative and yet always easy to navigate and get the correct information. We are WA members for 8 months now, but just now finding a niche we want to pursue. We have been looking at two other Keyword Research Tools, by Alexa, and by robbierichards.com. We have used Jaxxy, the Pro version and like it a lot. So you are really recommending the Enterprise level, that it's definitely worth the extra $30/month? Thanks again for this great job you are doing here. A wonderful inspiration to us.

    1. Hi Dennis

      Thank you for the kind words, it is much appreciated.

      It all depends on how much keyword research you are planning to do. Every blogger and marketer has his/her own needs when it comes to choosing a keyword tool. I write on a constant basis and work with different niches all the time, thus, I cannot go without a proper keyword tool. However, the majority will not need the Enterprise level until a much later stage of success.

      Remember, WA has a keyword tool as well, not as advanced but it will manage the basic keyword research just fine and if used with the normal version or Jaaxy, you do not need anything more.

      There are lots of marketing tools available online. These help us to work and market better, however, they come at a price and if added up, it can be a bitter pill to swallow when payday comes. For now, keep it basic, WA has more than enough to get you started in a good way. Once you see some money coming in, then you can decide which tools and service you want to add/upgrade to make life a little easier online. Do not overspend on stuff that is not crucial for success!

  13. Nice work on your Jaaxy review Christene.Kyle and Carson did a great job on this program and we should use it to our advantage.


  14. Absolutely fantastic posting!


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