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how to make money onlineLots of confusion revolves around the “Make Money Online” term and many individuals still fall under the 95% failure statistic. Do we blame the scams?  Sure we could, after all, there are plenty to go around and we could safely put the blame on them. Many so called gurus sell fairy tales and dreams, making it seem easy enough right? Well, unless anyone ever saw a fairy with a magic wand or woken up on the other side of the rainbow bridge with a pot of gold, then no, such programs does not exist! It takes hard work, patience and some skill to climb over this mountain.

Online scams

Long post but worth reading, this could save you time, money and frustration.

make money online

There are 3 top reasons why many fail to make money online:

  • No Web site
  • No Traffic
  • No Training
  • No Tools
  • No ACTIVE Support
  • No Patience

Allow me to elaborate… 

A Website – Your basic Foundation

I advise my readers to build their own websites, because you will not be scammed and you will earn more over a period of time if you work hard. This is the most popular method to earn an online income. Your own website has endless opportunities that enable you to make money.

how to make money online

Do not be told otherwise, anyone who is serious about building a successful online business will take this seriously. A website is your central point of communication and online presence. Many products that are sold nowadays highlight the fact that you do not need a website to make money and that it can be done by using Facebook and social media. This is far from the truth, no one like to be spammed on their social platforms and a bunch of spammy emails will not get you far either. In fact, these methods will hurt your reputation and make it even harder to build trust. Honestly, your goal should be to make sales, not annoy people.

Every business that we know outside of our computer screens have a local point of distribution, whether it would be a warehouse, a store, office building or even the local corner stand selling hot dogs. An online business is not that much different at all and by creating a specific location for your products or services gives you leverage above those without one. A site or blog has many ways to promote yourself, your service or products in a unique way and most of all they are flexible, allowing you to add or delete content without serious impact to your traffic resources.

A smart marketer will know that it’s much more efficient to drive traffic to one specific location than it is to drive traffic to different locations. Be honest, what would be easier – driving traffic to 3 affiliate sales pages or driving traffic to one location that host all three programs at once? 

create your own website

Web sites and blogs will never die, because the internet depends on them. They are the structure of search engines and most of all they are like property – the older they get along with their domain, the more value they gain. On the other hand, products have no guarantee or long lifespan. Products get promoted and "out-sold" eventually and they will always be replaced with a better one. Remember Windows XP? It’s done and over with, and you will not make a cent trying to sell it now, but Windows itself has a website that host the new and better versions, therefore they are still making money even thought the old product had died down.

Only by creating sales pages on one specific product can surely bring in enough profits, but when that product die down, you are stuck at the beginning yet again and have to do the entire process over and over. By having a website that’s been built up to have a good visitor count, you are able to remove out-dated products and replace them with something new and still have your traffic. By the way – visitors love new products being added every once in a while instead of seeing the old over-promoted products all the time.

No spam
I am sure that everyone reading this had stumbled upon a program promising you to make tons of money without a website, and I will most certainly not argue that at all, but again what happen when your product get out-dated or visitors lose interest. Many marketers promote platforms, products and programs that promise riches without requiring a website. True in some instances, but with the recent Panda updates and dodgy affiliates that use spam to promote their products, a lot of merchants require affiliates to have a website now in order to prove credibility.

Most of the credible and reputable companies that offer excellent affiliate programs require for affiliates to only use the stipulated marketing techniques they provide, and in most cases you need to provide your website url and the visitor count to proof your online reputation. With spam and online scams taking over, a lot of companies enforced strict stipulations on how their products should be promoted by keeping their affiliates on a shorter leash to keep their own reputation intact.

By creating a website or blog your possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination, resourcefulness and originality. You can explore other programs and strategies that have promising possibilities, but when all fail you will always have a website to fall back on.

Think about this for a moment...

  • How will you get your product or service in front of hungry buyers?

  • To whom will you promote and where will you get targeted leads that will convert into sales?

  • How will people find you and learn more about your business or service?

The answer is simple...

It all begins with your foundation - A website!


Okay, so there will obviously still be a few questions right?

What type of website creator should I choose?

WordPressMy top recommendation is obviously WordPress. Not only it is favored by Google, but it gives you the freedom to build any kind of website that you desire without limitations. WordPress has a learning curve, but once you have conquered the platform, your possibilities become even greater.

What about hosting?

Choosing a hosting company might seem like a no-brainer, but the actual truth, hosting can be the thin line between a successful website and an absolute failure

Allow me to elaborate... 

Hosting companies either have a good reputation or a bad one, simple as that. When your site is hosted by a company with a bad reputation, your website will struggle to rise above the millions already online. 

Lets define bad hosting reputation – These are hosting companies that allow for any kind of website that includes adult, spamming, duplicate, malicious, hate and illegal content. Web sites like these usually get reported and if it happens too many times on the same host, the hosting company will lose credibility and all the websites on the same host will suffer. Basically, you can have the most awesome website and work hard to get rankings and traffic, if the host is not up to standard, your website will also fail the test. Remember, cheap hosting is sometimes cheap for a good reason. Thus make sure that you choose a Reliable Hosting company with a solid reputation.

What about Content – What do I have to write about?

earn online with contentFirst, let us understand the meaning of content. Content is a variety of things like video, comments and dialogue, images and most importantly text that is added to your website on a regular basis. The more content you create, the more traffic your website will generate.

Now, for the good news. You can create a website on almost any topic you fancy and profit from it. Notice I said “almost”, obviously topics like “how to sell ice in Alaska” and “winter jackets in the Sahara desert” are no-no’s. You will still have to do keyword research to determine if your topic have an interest, but the choice is extremely wide and you will most likely be able to write about your skills, passions or interests. The idea is to make money while having fun doing it.

Hate writing? No problem, I always recommend that a person write his/her own content to save on costs. However, if you feel like this mountain is too big to climb, you can always outsource your workload and focus more on the marketing side of your website.

make extra money online

What about Traffic, how will I get visitors to my site?

Now that you have your website and added the content you will need visitors, also known as online traffic. There are quite a few ways in which to can generate traffic; here are the most popular methods: 

  • Rankings in Google (Search Engine Optimization) By ranking high on Google and the most popular search engines you will receive visitors on a daily basis and this will generates you an income on autopilot.
  • Writing quality content
  • Creating Videos
  • Viral marketing
  • Paid Traffic
  • Article marketing
  • Social media

How will I make money then?  

 There are numerous ways that you can make money from your website. The most popular methods are:
  • Selling Affiliate products
    legit ways to make money online
  • Selling Advertising space
  • By promoting or recommending Amazon products
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Google Ad sense advertising on your website
  • Product reviews
  • Build websites and sell them.
  • Build websites for local businesses.

These are just a few ways to earn money from your website, but the possibilities are endless.

Do I need support?

Good support system
I always recommend finding a good support structure. Not only does it save time but also money and effort. It is much easier to make progress when you have skilled marketers who guide the way and answer questions and concerns. With so many scams and false promises lurking behind the rainbow of dreams, the online world has become a battlefield and newbie’s are mostly the victims. Programs with a proactive support system should be considered. A forum based or support ticket system is NOT active and direct, you could end up waiting for days on end before you receive help. 

I do not know how to build my first Word Press website! What now?

There are hundreds of platforms and learning programs that teach WordPress website development. Some are great, while others are not kept up to date. My top recommendation above all is Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you learn how to build your first website but also learn all about Keyword Research, content marketing and every aspect I mentioned above. The support system is above standard and proactive, meaning you will never struggle alone. The 9 year old company has a great reputation and offers “all in one” learning materials that are easy to follow.

Why do I recommend them apart from their reputation? 

They have a Free Membership that includes all the basic training and 2 top class WordPress websites. Perfect for those who have limited funds, but still have the will power to succeed. 

real ways to make money online

Already know about content generation and marketing but have the big fear for WordPress?

WordPress 101 is a video based tutorial program that will teach you anything from the basics to advance WP website development. Their videos are kept up to date and easy to follow. Knowing my readers, there will be those who have limited funds and thus the platform also provides free starter videos that are great to get a good head start. 

how to make extra money with your website

Facts about your own website...
  • Every successful marketer has his/her own website or blog, even the ones that tell you it is not needed. Do not take my word for it, Google the names of all the online Gurus, 99% of them have a website.

  • Affiliate Programs can crash – Yes, ladies and gents, this could happen and when it does, your entire house of cards can tumble down. Let me elaborate. So, you do not have a website and only promote one product or service. Great, now you post about it on FB, build up a good reputation for yourself; distribute content filled with your links and most likely even pay for advertising methods. After months of hard work you finally make progress and earn good money. Great, right? Let’s toss you a curve ball and say for instance your affiliate program has lost interest or even worse, closed down. What now? Simple answer, you are back at square 1 and all the effort is lost. With your own website this will not be too much of a headache because you still have traffic and visitors. You can simply replace your failed program with a better one and catch up relatively fast.

  • Ready made websites ARE NOT AN OPTION! Not only do they have a low ranking power, but your website will end up looking the same as hundreds of others. A total waste of money!

Legit or Scam, I am confused


Online business
There is in fact a thin line between the word scam and legit. Just because you’re not making money with a program, does not mean that it is always a scam. There are enough people out there who would gladly label a legitimate program as dodgy, after only giving it their all for about 10 seconds. The pessimists exist and sadly the lazy ones as well. I get this on a daily basis, many want to know if a program is just another “get rich quick” scheme, then after only one week they apparently want it to be one.

Look, you will have to give your website and online business time to develop and grown. In addition, you have to learn a new set of skills and success will not happen over night. If you bail out after only a couple of weeks and move on to another program you are going to end up in this vicious circle for a very long time without seeing any results. 


how to make extra money

You are a star and made it all the way through the post! Now that you have a basic understanding how to process of making money online works, why don’t you leave your questions below and I will give you an honest answer. In addition, you can also meet up with me at WA and ask questions on my Personal Profile

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