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Lots of confusion revolves around the “Make Money Online” term and many individuals still fall under the 95% failure statistic. Do we blame the scams? Sure we could, after all, there are plenty to go around and we could safely put the blame on them. Many so-called gurus sell fairy tales and dreams, making it seem easy enough right? Well, unless anyone ever saw a fairy with a magic wand or woken up on the other side of the rainbow bridge with a pot of gold, then no, such programs do not exist! It takes hard work, patience, and some skill or the willingness to learn to climb over this mountain.

With this post, I would like to highlight the importance of having your own Website/Blog and how it will simplify your online journey and give you a better chance of being successful. 

Long post but worth reading, this could save you time, money, and frustration.

A Website – Your basic Foundation

Do not be told otherwise, anyone who is serious about building a successful online business will take this seriously. A website is your central point of communication and online presence. Many products that are sold nowadays highlight the fact that you do not need a website to make money and that it can be done by using Facebook and social media. This is far from the truth, no one likes to be spammed on their social platforms and a bunch of spammy emails will not get you far either. In fact, these methods will hurt your reputation and make it even harder to build trust. Honestly, your goal should be to make sales, not annoy people. 

How to earn money online for free

Every business that we know outside of our computer screens has a local point of distribution, whether it be a warehouse, a store, an office building, or even the local corner stand selling hot dogs. An online business is not that much different at all and creating a specific location for your products and/or services gives you leverage above those without one. Sites or blogs have many ways to promote yourself, your services, or products uniquely and most of all they are flexible, allowing you to add or delete content without serious impact on your traffic resources.

A smart marketer will know that it’s much more efficient to drive traffic to one specific location than it is to drive traffic to different locations. To be honest, what would be easier – driving traffic to 3 affiliate sales pages or driving traffic to one location that host all three programs at once?

Web sites and blogs will Never Die because the internet depends on them. They are the structure of search engines and most of all they are like property – the older they get along with their domain, the more value they gain. On the other hand, products have no guarantee or long lifespan. Products get promoted and "out-sold" eventually and they will always be replaced with better ones. Remember Windows XP? It’s done and over with, and you will not make a cent trying to sell it now, but Windows itself has a website that hosts the new and better versions, therefore they are still making money even though the old product had died down.

By creating sales pages on one specific product you can make enough profits, but when that product dies down, you are stuck at the beginning yet again and have to start the entire process over again. By having a website that’s been built up to have a good visitor count, you can remove outdated products and replace them with something new and still have your traffic. By the way – visitors love new products being added every once in a while instead of seeing the old over-promoted products all the time.

How to make money online

I am sure that everyone reading this had stumbled upon a program promising you to make tons of money without a website, and I will most certainly not argue that at all, but again what happens when your product gets outdated or visitors lose interest?  Many marketers promote platforms, products, and programs that promise riches without requiring a website. True in some instances, but with the recent updates and dodgy affiliates that use spam to promote their products, a lot of merchants require affiliates to have a website now to prove credibility.

Most credible and reputable companies that offer excellent affiliate programs require affiliates to only use the stipulated marketing techniques they provide, and in most cases, you need to provide your website URL and the visitor count to prove your online reputation. With spam and online scams taking over, a lot of companies enforced strict stipulations on how their products should be promoted by keeping their affiliates on a shorter leash to keep their own reputation intact.

By creating a website or blog your possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination, resourcefulness, and originality. You can explore other programs and strategies that have promising possibilities, but when all else fails you will always have a website to fall back on.

Earn money online

Okay, so there will obviously still be a few questions, right?

What type of website creator should I choose?

My top recommendation is obviously WordPress. Not only it is favored by Google, but it gives you the freedom to build any kind of website that you desire without limitations. WordPress has a learning curve, but once you have conquered the platform, your possibilities become even greater.

What about hosting?

Choosing a hosting company might seem like a no-brainer, but the actual truth, hosting can be the thin line between a successful website and an absolute failure.

Allow me to elaborate...

Hosting companies either have a good reputation or a bad one, simple as that. When your site is hosted by a company with a bad reputation, your website will struggle to rise above the millions already online.

Let's define bad hosting reputation – These are hosting companies that allow for any kind of website that includes adult, spamming, duplicate, malicious, hate, and illegal content. Web sites like these usually get reported and if it happens too many times on the same host, the hosting company will lose credibility and all the websites on the same host will suffer. Basically, you can have the most awesome website and work hard to get rankings and traffic, if the host is not up to standard, your website will also fail the test. Remember, cheap hosting is sometimes cheap for a good reason. Thus make sure that you choose a Reliable Hosting company with a solid reputation.

What about Content – What do I have to write about?

First, let us understand the meaning of content. Content is a variety of things like video, comments and dialogue, images, and most importantly text that is added to your website regularly. The more content you create, the more traffic your website will generate.

Now, for the good news. You can create a website on almost any topic you fancy and profit from it. Notice I said “almost”, obviously topics like “how to sell ice in Alaska” and “winter jackets in the Sahara desert” are no-nos. You will still have to do keyword research to determine if your topic has an interest, but the choice is extremely wide and you will most likely be able to write about your skills, passions, or interests. The idea is to make money while having fun doing it!

Hate writing? No problem, I always recommend that a person write his/her own content to save on costs. However, if you feel like this mountain is too big to climb, you can always outsource your workload and focus more on the marketing side of your website.

Best ways make money online

What about Traffic, how will I get visitors to my site?

Now that you have your website and added the content you will need visitors, also known as online traffic. There are quite a few ways with which to generate traffic; here are the most popular methods:

  • Rankings in Google (Search Engine Optimization) By ranking high on Google and the most popular search engines you will receive visitors daily and this will generate you an income on autopilot.
  • Writing quality content
  • Creating Videos
  • Viral marketing
  • Paid Traffic
  • Article marketing
  • Social media

How will I make money with my website?

There are numerous ways that you can make money from your website-building skills. The most popular methods are:

  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Selling Advertising space
  • By promoting or recommending Amazon products
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Google Ad-sense advertising on your website
  • Product reviews

These are just a few ways to earn money from your website, but the possibilities are endless.

Do I need support?

I always recommend finding a good support structure. Not only does it save time but also money and effort. It is much easier to make progress when you have skilled marketers who guide the way and answer questions and concerns. With so many scams and false promises lurking behind the rainbow of dreams, the online world has become a battlefield and newbies are mostly the victims. Programs with a proactive support system should be considered. A forum-based or support ticket system is NOT active and direct, you could end up waiting for days on end before you receive help.

Best ways make money online

My Own Experience - What Can Go Wrong without a Website? 

I've been working online since 2012 and creating this very website that you are on right now, was my first priority.  Still exists, makes money, and is evolving with time, adapting to the changes. Here is a list of things that had/could go wrong and how my websites help(ed) me to stay on top of major changes that happened.

Affiliate Programs can crash – Yes, ladies and gents, this could happen and when it does, your entire house of cards can tumble down. Let me elaborate. So, you do not have a website and only promote one product or service. Great, now you post about it on Social media, build up a good reputation for yourself; distribute content filled with your links, and most likely even pay for advertising methods. After months of hard work, you finally make progress and earn good money. Great, right? Let’s toss you a curveball and say for instance your affiliate program has lost interest or even worse, closed down. What now? Simple answer, you are back at square 1 and all the effort is lost. With your own website, this will not be too much of a headache because you still have traffic and visitors. You can simply replace your failed program with a better one and catch up relatively fast.

This is 2022 and most platforms like Facebook will not allow affiliate links anymore!  In fact, affiliate links are now frowned upon by many UNLESS it is used correctly. Sure, a sales page will do better, but again, people are so used to them, that they are no longer a major attraction unless you have a "super product". One thing that has not changed and remains is unique quality content! 

Other methods of earning an online income work!  HOWEVER, in many cases, there is a risk factor involved. For instance, I have seen many YouTube accounts get closed down lately, some of them had thousands if not millions of subscribers. Years of hard work, down the drain without a backup.  Social media accounts have a tendency to lose popularity or again, get reported or closed down. 

To sum it up, your additional methods of earning an income should complement your website(s) to make for a long-lasting online business.

Earn money online

I do not know how to build my first Word Press website! Where Do I Start?

There are hundreds of platforms and learning programs that teach WordPress website development. Some are great, while others are not kept up to date. My top recommendation above all is Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you learn how to build your first website but also learn all about Keyword Research, content marketing, and every aspect I mentioned above. The support system is above standard and proactive, meaning you will never struggle alone. The company has a great reputation and offers “all in one” learning materials that are easy to follow.

Why do I recommend them apart from their reputation?

They have a Free Membership that includes all the basic training and 2 top-class WordPress websites. Perfect for those who have limited funds, but still have the willpower to succeed.

Feel Free to Read my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review if you like to know more about the program. 

Best ways make money online

Well, that is it, folks!  If you would like to add something to this post, maybe a tip or two, or just have a question that needs an answer, be sure to leave a comment.

Have Yourself an Awesome Day!

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Jhon Harring said...

Great post Christene!

I finally understand why I am struggling to make money with all these so called "get rich programs". I could never fully understand whom I suppose to sell to and where to find people. Asking my relatives and friends to sign up is not an option for me because I do not want to burden them with programs that does not even work for me.

I joined WA and I am working full steam to get my website together, after reading all the success stories and seen the proof, I feel like there is hope now. You are absolutely right the support from the members are just incredible, a bit overwhelming but I am not complaining!

I have one question, how many posts do I need to publish each week to make good progress?

Christene said...

So glad you understand the concept Jhon. The truth, it is not actually as hard as it seems.

My advice, for the first three months you should publish as many posts as you can possibly manage to do. This will fill up your website and start the indexing process. After that you should have a blogging schedule. Work out what would work the best for you. If you can post once a week, then you need to keep that schedule no matter what. If you can only post once every two weeks, it is fine as well, just as long as you keep it that way.

Glad to hear that you joined WA, I dearly hope to see you around. Please stop by and say hello. In addition, never hesitate to give me a shout if you have questions or need advice, will do my best to assist.

Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day!

Unknown said...

Hi and and again so humbled that I found this blog/article just joined Wealthy Affiliates and I will be following you! I like how you ended your Article with GOD is my boss! #Truth

Christene said...

Hi Tiandria.

Glad you found WA, I am certain that you will learn a lot from the platform and also meet many skilled marketers that will make your online journey a pleasant one.

Never hesitate to give me a shout if you have questions, need advice or require a helping hand. Will do my best to help.

Yes, God is my definitely my Boss, without Him I would have never got this far and failure would most likely have been my end result.

Have a Blessed day!

SAB Se Acha Blog AZAM ka said...

and also teach me little bit about paid traffic i mean where we can get cheap but targeted traffic and how can they convert to sale thanks

Christene said...

Do you have any knowledge about PPC and do you know how to set up paid advertising campaigns? Cheap traffic does not always mean you will get targeted traffic or sales.

Unknown said...

thanks for ur reply i do know some ppc egencey sites but truely speaking never tried any one and dont have any experience can u guide me little plz

Unknown said...

Got a couple of ads on my bing account as an affiliate going to have a look at WA great info thanks

Unknown said...

Hey christene I've been reading yours posts all day long, I've been in the MLM or network marketing business for about 3 months and the company I'm working with (Nu skin) its greats, amazing products and technologies, innovation, amazing people. Anyways I want to make my business more global and was thinking about doing it by internet. Can you give me some advice. Thanks in advance and greeting from Colombia

Christene said...

Hi Jose. Hope all is going well.

The best method of online marketing is content generation, meaning, having a website, social media platforms and email marketing to only name a few.

An online business is similar to a real brick and mortar business, you need certain components to make it work. Just like a real business that have a building/location, an online business need the same. In this case it will be your website, the central point of your business.

Social platforms like Facebook, twitter and G+ can be used to get traffic or customers.

Bottom line, it would be best to focus on website creation prior to anything else. Your own website will solve many of your problems in the long run and also provide you with much needed traffic.

My suggestion, if you are unfamiliar with website development, you can join the free Wealthy Affiliate training. The platform focus on website creation and all the aspects of making money with your products or affiliate related services/products. They offer 2 free websites that can be used for practicing or creating your business site. (You can find the link in the post above).

If you are familiar with website development and know how to go about creating a successful site, I would recommend that you get a hosting company with a good trust reputation, install WordPress and focus to get your site going asap.

Web sites do take some time to get successful, especially if you have to learn about website development at first. It should be your primary concern to get it up and running to leave time for it to develop and rank.

Do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions.

Pete said...

Great post, thanks for sharing Christene!

Unknown said...

Hi Christene!
I am so thankful I found you today. I had just signed up with IPAS2 and my gut instinct as soon as I saw them asking for more money over and over was - back up lady! And I did. And then I found you when I searched reviews. Fantastic information you offer. Love it. You would think I would have been smarter though and researched reviews FIRST but hey.......let us move
I am quite comfortable with doing my own website but am sooooo unsure of content. Do you have any advice on good ideas, online places to direct me that are not scams or the likes. Not sure about the blogging....really intent on making more money. I work full time but life is just sucking everything up.
Thanks again!!

Christene said...

Hi Norma.

Do not feel bad, all of us fell for a money hungry program at one stage in our lives. To be honest, a few of them got me good when I was still new to marketing.

First, blogging is not as bad, if you have a niche that truly have your interest, it is not that hard to create content for it. Meaning you have to start a website about something that you enjoy doing or have a passion about. The idea is to make money while loving what you do. Remember, the more content you get in front of others, the more money you will make in the long run. I do not see a blog post as a task, but rather an investment. Takes a couple of hours to create great content and that content can earn you money for a long time.

I recommend WA as a start to learn everything about website development, keyword research, marketing and so forth. From all the programs I have reviewed in the past, they do the best. My main reasons for recommending it as a learning program;

They have one of the best support structures currently. You can ask questions in various ways like, using the live chat, questionnaire option, micro blog system and the private message system. If you have questions, it will be answered.

There is a free option that includes basic training and 2 free WP websites to work with. The free membership does not have an expire date and you do not need to fill in credit card details. If you work smart you can use the free membership to build yourself up.

Take a look at my WA review and please do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

Unknown said...

I joined WA and now it is telling me that free is not available in my country i have to pay comes something else

Christene said...

What country are you from?

If your country is not eligible, you will not be able to sign up for free or premium.

Page said...

Hi I have an affiliate program with Amazon and what are the best ways to promote the site and get traffic please

Christene said...

Hi Page.

Hope all is going well.

The best method to promote your products is to have a website of your own that compliments your products. For example; if you sell cat products it would be best to have a website about cats and fill it with interesting articles like " how to feed your cat". At the end of that post you can recommend your "cat food" or a product that fits the post. The more articles you publish, the more traffic you will get and the higher your ranking will climb. Take into account that your SEO is done right.

Social media is also a good place to promote your products. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest are good places to start. Obviously you have to build a good follower list first and be actively engaged on these platforms by sharing other peoples content and by showing interest in what they have to say. By filling your social pages with sales pitches of your products, you will not make any sales. You have to engage and get the interest of others. Facebook have many groups in all kinds of different niches, by joining those in your niche and actively participating, you can also get more exposure to both your products and website.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christene,
I am truly blessed and need to thank you for such an insightful website. You have such an easy writing style and also excellent knowledge of all your subjects. Thank you for sharing all your great knowledge.
My husband and I recently moved away from Joburg, and I find myself in search of new ways of trying to make an income and to find my own passion at the age of 55! Your site has been a tremendous help to me. I will be signing into WA to continue the process of MyNewlife....
I noticed that you are from Toti...that is such an place. My birth place was Durban and Toti, plus Shelly Beach were our favourite places to visit. You go well and once again thank you for sharing your online knowledge for people like me find, which helps us all to make more informed decisions. respect. Rene

Christene said...

Hi Rene.

First, thanks for visiting my website and the positive feedback, it is much appreciated. I am sure that you will enjoy WA, I mainly recommend the program because of the great support structure, you can ask questions and they will definitely be answered in a repetitively short time. In addition, the training is always kept updated and cover everything about online marketing and blogging.

Amanzimtoti is indeed a nice place and I enjoy living here, much different than JHB. Also lived there a few years ago, but the winter months were too bad for me to handle. I am actually moving to Port Shepstone by the end of this year, it is close to Shelly beach. Lovely place that is peaceful with everything needed.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have any questions or need advice. Will do my best to assist.

RL Williams, Infopreneur @ Blog 4 Cash said...

Wow Christine! I couldn't have said it better.This has to be the most informative article I've ever read regarding an approach to IM (Internet Maarketing). I love the way you put everything into perspective.

I came to this post after reading your review of iPas2. (Just another Empower Network workaround IMO.) Great job on that by the way.

I totally need to keep tabs on your website. Very informative!

RL Williams, Infopreneur @ Blog 4 Cash

Christene said...

Thanks for stopping by and the positive feedback. It is much appreciated.

Glad to know that you missed iPas2 and found WA instead. Great learning program with many possibilities for growth.

Please do not hesitate to pay me a visit on WA, always a pleasure connecting with each other to exchange ideas or give advice.

Keri-Dean said...

Very informative article, thank you for writing it!

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, thanks for all the information on here. I'm still struggling to understand how these processes work! It almost sounds too good to be true?! Anyway, that's easy for me to say as I haven't started the hard work yet... ;) Anyway, I'm going to try the WA training and get a website together, would I be able to contact you for further advice in future? :) Cheers, Tim

Christene said...

Hi Tim.

Hope all is going well.

Yes, hard work will definitely make the difference. As long as you follow and implement the training at Wealthy Affiliate, you should see results. In the beginning, it is hard to learn new things, but once you understand all the basics, it will be easy to learn more complicated skills and marketing tactics. Getting started is the hardest part.

Feel free to give me a shout whenever you get stuck, I am on WA most of the time answering questions. You can find me at:

Unknown said...

It's very interesting to me that EVERY single post I found slamming EN all seem to be WA reps.. where as I haven't found any posts the other way around. You shouldn't have to compare yourself to another company just to convince someone to join.

Christene said...

This post does not "slam" EN, is not even related to Multi-Level marketing. It is about building a website and the importance of one. To make it crystal clear, without a website and decent traffic, you will not be able to promote EN or whatever other program you wish to market. WA provides just that, teach proper website development and marketing that other programs fail to provide.

You do not see many slamming WA because technically it is mostly a learning program that complements other programs. And yes, some of EN's members also use the training.

Time to catch up!

Unknown said...

Another brilliant post Christine. It more or less addressed my post from another of your articles where I commented on my growing cynicism and suspicion with the MANY so called gurus out there who ALL claim to be able to teach you how to duplicate their success- at a very small fee of - eg. 6 monthly instalments of $949.00 - for the WHOLE 44 video series - or whatever other mumbo jumbo !! Your approach, style and honest communication is a definite breath of fresh air. I am now about to head over to the WA site and sign up so no doubt you'll be hearing from me again sometime. Thank you so much Christine, it's taken me a lot of time and frustration but I finally feel like I've found the right type of people and resources for me !!!! Cheers ☺️

Christene said...

Hi Debbie.

Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, something called flu had us for a few days making it hard to work efficiently. Hope I am forgiven for this one.

Many thanks for the positive feedback and for reading my post, it is much appreciated!

Yes, for only "$949.00" you can get all their inside info that made them rich. I always wonder, if they are as rich as they claim, why not just give the training away for cheaper so others can also benefit from it. After all, if they sell it at an affordable price and it is good, they will still make plenty of money right? Apparently not.

In addition, most of those looking at a way to earn money online, does not have that much money to spend, the reason they search online to make a bit of extra income. Many so called guru's know this, and prey on the desperation of those in a financial crunch. They can ask what they want for their knowledge because they know people will go into debt or sell their possessions for the opportunity to free themselves from their financial burdens. Sad indeed Debbie.

WA is a great program, the free membership obviously does not cover everything, but, you have a change to use it to build up yourself from scratch without having to borrow a huge amount of money for something useless. In addition, nothing is hidden, meaning, the free membership includes premium features for a week that enables you to see exactly what it is that you will have access to if in the future you decide to upgrade. I hate to recommend a product to someone and they are forced to buy it before they can see it. For this very reason, I recommend WA, no hidden agendas.

My second reason for recommending the program, the support structure is one of the best I have ever seen online. WA acts as a community working together actively on a daily basis. If you have questions, you will get answers.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you get stuck or need advice. Will do my best to help.

Unknown said...

hi dear, i want one detail from you.which product are good product and making more money in clickbank.please me Dear

Christene said...

Hi Mugesh.

It depends on your choice of niche. Meaning what do you plan to market and build a business around?

There are many good programs on Clickbank covering almost every niche.

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much for this Info.I've always wondered how to make money online.Every time I hear the words " you will never have to work again" an alarm goes off in my head telling me to run now!.There's no such thing as success without hard work. What I can't stand doing tho is working hard and not being successful at all.You're honest approach is both refreshing and realistic.I can definitely vibe with that.I will definitely book mark your page while I try and figure out what to even write about,but I definitely know that I want to do this

Christene said...

First, thank you for the positive feedback and for visiting my website. Much appreciated.

Yes, there is no such thing as making money without hard work. It is actually common sense, even the millionaires had to work hard to become rich. However, nowadays, so many people have financial struggles and would gamble the little money they have for a change to be financially free or have some freedom. Many know this and hence the reason why they plant fake hope with fairy tales. In my opinion, it is cruel.

Blogging is not that hard once you understand what is expected from you and what you will have to do to reach the top. It is the uncertainty that cause people to feel desperate and seek out even more opportunities online. It is better to write about things that interest you, will be easier to stay motivated and hard work will not be intimidated. The idea is to blog about something you love or feel passionate about while making money doing it.

Do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help.

Anonymous said...

Christene Swanepoel,
Thank you so much for your honest and candid information regarding a website start up. I am in the process of starting a digital weight loss, muscle toning fitness, membership site. I have been involved in health and fitness for 40 years. I have some great pictures when I was age 30 and I just had some pictures made now at age 60 and to my surprise some of the pictures turned out pretty good, which I feel like gives me some credibility, in terms of longevity. I feel like I have written some good content and I'm not far away from getting a video filmed for my site. It's a 15to20 minute low impact high intensity work out where I will also offer meal plans as well as my email and my personal phone number for coaching and free consultation to the members. It will be a protected members area,and they will have access to all of my content tips recommendations and maybe a forum as well as a blog for new content. I'm considering putting a teaser photo (one of my best pictures)on face book along with some content to get people excited, before I actually launch my website. Can you give me some feed back, I would greatly appreciate it!

Christene said...

Hi, hope all is going well.

My sincere apologies for the delayed reply. This year started hectic with too much going on at the same time making it hard to work efficiently. Hope I am forgiven?

Would it be possible to email me directly at ?

Will be easier to give advice and have a closer look at your ideas.

Unknown said...

As i am satisfied..Thanking All...

Bob R said...

Hi Christene,
This is an amazing post with great objective information. What I find even more amazing his how much mileage you have gotten from this. The first comments I saw were from 2014 and I'm writing to you in 2/16. This is a perfect example of why you want to write great content it never dies. Thanks again for the awesome info you have enlightened me.
Bob R

Unknown said...

I stumbled across your Wealthy Affiliate review. Would Blue Host be good to use for setting up web hosting? Who personally do you use? Also, where do I go to find which niche markets are in demand to see what I want to offer by using the wealthy affiliates training?

Christene said...

Hi Rob.

Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, had too much on my plate moving from one town to another. Hope I am forgiven?

Many thanks for the kind words, you are too kind, it is much appreciated. If ever you need some advice or wants to share ideas, please do not hesitate to give me a shout, will do my best to help.

Christene said...

Personally, I would recommend WA's hosting above all. Their hosting is reputable, meaning, websites will always do well online, because malicious or harmful content is not allowed. Google tends to favor websites that are hosted by reputable companies, thus, it is always a good idea to make sure your website is hosted by one. Blue Host is not bad either, much better than many others and more affordable.

Wealthy Affiliate covers everything you need to know about choosing a profitable niche. However, basics first, learning about keyword research are top priority. If you do not understand it, you will not be able to properly do niche research. WA has everything in steps of priority.

Alecia Beck said...

Hey Christine,
I want to thank you for saving me from a huge mistake....Luckily I came across your post and not a moment too soon. I was literally typing in the credit card number when my husband suggested I do a search, Empower/scam, to be exact. To be honest the last thing I wanted to do, after hours of what I considered research, was read another post about what to do and not to do to make money online. Well, it's a good thing I did because this is the most informative post I have read all night. I am on my way to WA next to get started. I know now that there is a lot of work involved and I will be the one doing it....that will only make the reward better. Thanks again and have a blessed day.

Unknown said...

Hello Christine
Thank you very much for a honest and succinct description what online business really is. Further I applaud you for doing the honest thing, because there is sooooooo much incredible information out there and I guess that is the real issue. How does one really cut the bad from the good in such a ever changing environment called the internet ??!! However, I believe you hit the nail on the had by saying its hard work and again that is the truth when one really wants to build an honest and reliable online business that gets rewards with customer trust. To conclude it is no different than any other business - one has to proof itself and gain trust out there with the clients. And so it should be !! Thanks again for a real insight information.

Unknown said...

I am one of those unfortunate fools that picked a niche, spent a lot of money, and have nothing to show for it, but a website. Do you offer advice on the value of my current website or whether I should discontinue it? If so, my email for further advice on it is


Christene said...

I've send you an email Tim.

Building a website is the easy part, promoting it, is the hard work. You have to drive traffic via paid or free methods to make it a success.

Unknown said...

Assalam u Alaikum. (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon You)
I am really glad after reading this wonderful post , am already learning from internet to make money online , but your post is wonderful , just I want to say a big Thanks to you. Thanks thanks and thanks

Anonymous said...

It's been a few years since this post. Just checking to see if you have any updates before I get started. Thanks!

Olivia said...

Thanks for sharing this information.

Thaddaeus43 said...

It's really helpful for me.

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