My Lead System Pro Review - 2022

Looking to make money online or do you want some marketing tools and training that will help you grow your existing business? Apparently, My Lead System Pro is such a program that will help you to make your online dreams come true, or is it? 

Let's find out by covering all the basic questions in this Review. Keep in mind, that I will not cover all the features it has to offer since you can read those on the sales page. Let's keep this sweet and short to save you some precious time. 


What is My Lead System Pro?

MLSP is a lead generation system for online businesses. They give you the training and tools you need to generate leads, get traffic and market yourself on the platform of your choosing whether it is Social media, blogging/website development, paid to advertise, and so forth.  They focus more on Multi-Level-Marketing and also have their own MLM program and compensation plan that enables you to make money with them. (The reason why the majority join) 

Training is based on "Attraction Marketing" and let me simplify it a bit here. When one has a product to sell, you aren’t ever going to sell it to the entire world, but instead to a select group of people who are interested in what you have to offer. When selling vegan products, your target group would be vegans, not meat eaters, and that is what attraction marketing is. It provides the tools and training needed, to target people who would be interested in your products. So to sum it up, MLSP will teach you how to sell to a specific market and provide the tools in doing so.

Mlm lead system pro review

Founders and Short History?

MLSP was co-founded by Norbert Orlewics, Brian Finale, and Todd Scholmer. They founded the program back in 2008, using their previous experiences and knowledge to do so. Each person brought something to the table, Norbert with his previous years spent in MLM, Brian had spent 9 years in email marketing beforehand, and Todd, was a programmer, since the late ’90s. They rose to the top, quite quickly, and became the number one solution, later in the year 2008. They have generated over 2 million leads, however, they did not keep the number one spot. Over the years other programs were founded as well, and rose to the top, some surpassing My Lead System Pro.

What Does It Cost and What do They Have to Offer?

MLSP has 3 different plans to choose from, which can be billed annually, saving some cash, or monthly. They also have a $10, 10 days trial that allows you to test the products, and if you are not happy within those 10 days, you can get a refund. Now as for their actual plans, they are as follows:

Basic Plan

$49 per month, billed monthly, or $42 per month, billed annually.

Funnels (5 Funnels + 1 Custom Domain + Done-for you marketing funnels)

CRM (1 000 Contacts)

Media Storage (200 MB)


$119 per month, billed monthly, or $100 per month, billed annually.

Funnels (25 Funnels + 2 Custom Domain + Done for you marketing funnels + 10 Checkout Funnels)

Training & Education (Courses)

CRM (10 000 Contacts)

Media Storage (5 GB)

Products (10 Product offers + Pure Profit Products)


$179 per month billed monthly, or $150 per month, billed annually.

Funnels (100 Funnels + 5 Custom Domain + Done for you marketing funnels + 100 Checkout Funnels)

Training & Education (Courses + Premium Mentorship Training + MLSP Training Vault)

Support & Community (Live Chat Support)

CRM (Unlimited Contacts)

Media Storage (25 GB)

Products (250 Products offers + Pure Profit Products)

Included in all Plans:

Marketing Training and Education (46+ training videos/courses)

New Member Orientation Webinars (Overview/Guide of My Lead System Pro)

Global Support Desk (MLSP representatives, standing by to support)

MLSP Marketing Campaigns (Website funnels that are ready to go and customizable, allowing for lead generation training to be given away immediately)

Private Community Group Access (My Lead System Pro Facebook page with thousands of members)

Custom Webinar Invite Links (Invites to weekly, live webinars from MLSP, which can help you earn if they sign up)

Marketing guides and PDFs (PDFs and guides to help you stay focused on your goals, and tells you what to expect)

Custom Team media Sharing (Create custom media, and share them with your referrals to use as content)

Custom Auto-responder Integration (Integrate website auto-responders with MLSP)

Mlm lead system pro review

Any Up-Sales?

MLSP does not have up-sales in the regular sense of the word. You will never have to deal with pop-ups and so on, saying you need to buy this or that, or you will not be successful if you do not purchase this, however, there are tools and/or features that they do not have, and there might be a time, where you will have to purchase other products, to get those tools and/or features. As I said previously, not an up-sale in the regular sense, but still an extra purchase that, some, but not all, will have to make, or at least consider making.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

My Lead System Pro only has a money-back guarantee, for their trial, and not their actual plans. If you are not satisfied, with the end results of your $10 -10-day trial, then they guarantee a full refund.

Legit or a Scam?

The words scam and legit are thrown around a lot when it comes to MLSP. The reason, it is an MLM and while some might make it work, there will also be many who don't, due to the nature of MLMs. It is what it is, an MLM works today and might flop tomorrow, no definite guarantees on them. A tricky business model that takes skill to perfect and most will NEVER be successful at it regardless of the time, money, and effort they put in, hence labeling it as a scam. Also, keep in mind that many just need to see the word MLM to go into a "scam frenzy" when obviously not all MLMs are scams. 

MLSP is definitely not a scam if you can stomach MLMs and have the patience to make it work, they have some good training and support that will certainly make Multi-level-marketing a lot easier to master. 

What About Support?

MLSP offers support in a few ways, like FAQ pages, and a help page, however, they also have online chat, email, and so on, but some features are not available to all, and only come with certain plans. 

Since it is an MLM, support is obviously going to greatly depend on your group leader/s (coach). Did you get stuck with someone inexperienced or did you sign up under a professional? The only way to find out is to roll the dice or first ask around about coaches before joining. Also, keep in mind that your group leader can at any point decide to split and the group will fall apart if he/she was the only good coach in the group.  

I personally DO NOT like "community support" much as sometimes the members themselves are newbies that come about their knowledge with a Google search, rather than skill. (That goes for other programs as well) The blind leading the blind. Nowadays you only need to spend 2 hours Googling internet marketing to be a group leader. A sure recipe for failure!  Again, I say it once more, before signing up, make sure to get an actually skilled coach!   

My Lead System Pro offers both training and tutorials, in the form of videos, courses, PDFs, guides, and so forth.  Keep in mind, that not all training, and tutorials, are available in all plans, so be sure, to take a look at what you will actually be getting with your plan. 

Mlsp review

Can I make money with MLSP?

The answer is not as simple as the question, as there are many factors to consider, but in short, yes you can make money with MLSP if you are willing to learn and do the work, that needs to be done. Let me explain, for experienced, users, it will be much simpler to start earning, not a walk in the park I might add, but still easier. As for those who know nothing about this type of marketing, essentially the newbie’s, it’s going to take effort and motivation to reach your goal, and accomplish what you set out to do. 

Multi-Level Marketing, what do I need to know?

MLM is mostly made out to be a method of earning tons of money while not doing much. This is a complete lie. Some skills are essential if you ever want to get successful and without them, you will only be wasting money and time.

Must be willing to work long and hard hours.

You must be a people person. Introverts who do not like to interact directly with others should definitely pass.

Do not like to do cold calling and persuade others to purchase your products? Stay away from MLM!

Has no patience to deal with difficult people? Yeah, this will not work for you.

95% Of those who tackle MLM fail! The reasons are obvious. Multi-Level Marketing is not as easy and you will need to learn new skills and know-how to turn leads into buyers. Once you have paid referrals your job is only half done. After that, your skill to teach others to do the very same thing will determine just how successful your down-line will be and obviously how much money you will earn. Also, if you do not have a skilled leader (coach), you will most likely not see a dime. It is vital to join the program with a person that is dedicated to building a strong, prosperous team. 

My Lead System Pro - Pros

My Lead System has quite a bit of useful training to offer, most of which is in quality video form.

MLSP has ready-made funnels one can use, without hassle.

There are monthly bonuses of up to $1000 for their pro affiliate marketers. 

The landing pages are super nice!  No glitches and easy to edit. Also newbie-friendly.

Training is kept updated and they have webinars regularly.

The platform is clean and easy to navigate. A user interface that is designed for both newbies and experts. 

Links to live webinars.

Custom marketing campaigns to help newbies get started.

Lead generation bonuses.


They have high prices, considering what you get, not to mention that some of the MLSP products, can cost thousands of dollars.

Though they do offer readymade funnels and so on, these are used by all their members, meaning they are not unique and lose some of its usefulness. If you want to customize these systems, you will have to choose a more upgraded plan.

A lot of people see MLSP as a scam, making it way harder to get referrals and earn through affiliate marketing. 

The training material teaches members strategies that are quite difficult to implement without forking over more cash.

MLSP themselves makes it clear that you will need to purchase the Mastery plan to actually make good progress. This obviously leaves out those who have limited funds and look for cheap or free methods to start earning an online income. 

Mlsp review

My Opinion...

In my opinion, My Lead System Pro is a decent product for online business owners that is deadly serious about building up their businesses. It provides you with a host of educational material and strategies to find your business's ideal clients. I think it's a good resource for people who want to learn more about Multi-level Marketing. 

It is still an MLM tho and if you are planning to promote them, meaning, make money with the program, you should not expect instant riches. Any online business is hard work, if it was that easy to get rich, no one would be poor!  It will take weeks to learn the basics, and it will take months to become skilled. 


Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience as it will help others to make a more informed decision and keep this post from being a one-sided opinion.

Thank You! 

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Eden Cultures said...

Thanks for what seems like a completely honest review! I am starting a new team of essential oil experts with a leading company, and building a private team website designed for success. I would like to refer certain VALUABLE products to them to increase success in my downline. This seems like it might be a decent recommendation. Wealthy Affiliates was okay, from what I saw in a free account, but there wasn't much new information there for me. Still that is a good one for newbies. My goal is to automate the web stuff as much as possible for my downline so they can focus on answering the phone, sharing the oils, and encouraging their own. If you have any suggestions for me, or are interested in joining my team, please contact me at Again, thanks for the article.

Unknown said...

Yes you definitely want to be at Mastery in MLSP with 100% commissions and $100 for every mastery member you refer. What other affiliate program do you know of that you just refer 10 people and get $1K a month of residual income.

Nathan Argenta said...

This is a GREAT review Christene on MLSP. I have found success first buy being a member of MLSP and using the products/courses provided and trainings to help me build a home/online business. Once I starting getting results and achieved success (for the first time), I then became an affiliate and started to promote MLSP as a Mastery member. Again thanks for the great review! :-)

Jon Stevens said...

I appreciate your review.

Kevin Powell said...

Thank you for the honest opinion. I get a lot of followers on Twitter @RUbuzzen, that are MLSP users. I resell traffic on tv which everyone needs. Best wishes !

Jeanne57 said...

Overall, this is a very good review, however there are a few things I disagree with. Not EVERYONE is simply in it for the cash, and not EVERYONE treats their recruits like ATM machines. The ones who ARE able to promote things to their followers and have them buy things over and over again are only able to do so because they've taken the time to build relationships and create trust from their people. People don't buy things from people they don't trust.

Although there are a lot of great leaders in MLSP who give excellent value to their customers, there is ONE person I look up to more than anyone else, and she is the first person I would ask for advice. I also know that she does not promote or try to sell anything that she doesn't personally believe in. She has people who have stayed with her for seven years or more, and that kind of loyalty and trust has to be EARNED; it is not given lightly. Personally, I chose her as my mentor because her values and methods line up with my own values more closely than anyone else's. I do listen to and learn from others as well, but if they say things that contradict what my mentor has taught, I'll go with what she says every time. That way I can avoid confusion and remain consistent.

Now as for these people making money from their followers, look at it this way; people pay tens, if not hundreds in some cases, of thousands of dollars for a university education with no guarantee that they will get a job in their chosen field, but for some reason if they decide to start their own business, they're not willing to spend any money for the education needed to become good marketers. And let's face it; no matter what kind of business an entrepreneur gets into, whether it be MLM, carpet cleaning, tradesman, or pet grooming, they have to be able to market what they have to offer.

The people who have become successful are genuinely interested in helping others to duplicate what they did to get to where they are, but these people have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn't. They've put in the time, they've put in the effort, they've paid for education themselves, and a lot of what they teach IS free, but if they create courses and spend time with their students (which they do when courses are new and the content is live), they have just as much right to get paid for what they do as any other professional.

Most of the courses also have private Facebook groups, so even if you get the course several years after it first comes out, you can still get feedback from the group, and you also get access to the calls and Q&A sessions that took place when the course WAS live. These groups are safe places to discuss what's really going on in your life and in your business, and you don't have to try to impress anyone by pretending to be something or someone you're not.

The MLSP community is a great bunch of people who are all willing to help one another. One of the top leaders/earners/trainers talks about a system he refers to as ILT, which he heavily promotes: INVEST your time and possibly money to LEARN, implement what you've learnt and then TEACH what you've learnt to others.

Unknown said...

You said you became a member first? Does that mean you signed up at the university level?? If so, Can you tell me in a nutshell what all you got from that actually helped you in starting your online business???

Renee said...

Personally, I have not tried MLSP, however, I feel it's just another way to keep promoting their own MLSP product from the way I look at their presentation.

Russell said...

Being surrounded by a community of like minded individuals will naturally help you to think outside the box and all it takes is one gold nugget idea to make a huge impact on your business.

Bible Verses For Greeting Cards said...

MLSP offer a 30 Risk Free Trial where you have access to everything as if you signed up at the Mastery Level. I guess the goal is to work hard for those 30 days and get some affiliate income to pay for your ongoing Mastery membership.

Unknown said...

I just got into my own business with products that i really like. Just stumbled across mlsp and can't quite figure out if they help you promote your existing business or is it a new business? Thanks in advance for any help

Christene said...

Both new and Existing businesses. Any type of business that requires you to get leads that you can turn into buyers. Works especially well if you have an MLM based product.

Unknown said...

It is a 10 day trial not 30

Anonymous said...

Unknown, you can get 10 days trial for $10, or you can get 30 days Drive Test, where you can claim your money back within 30 days if you don't like the platform.

Unknown said...

I am a former member of MLSP. It is just another over priced hyped up MLM. The members seem to be willing to promote just about anything to make a buck...even crap.

Shane M. said...

good article here Christene. Yes Mastery is the way to go with MLSP. If most new members can focus on 2 other members coming in it's paid for. The rest is just icing on the cake. It's a good way for marketers to have a "guided" experience into online profits. Their hand being held all the way. Good community to be around. Thanks for the article. Cheers. Shane

Amelia said...

MLSP is NOT an MLM. It is an educational platform with an option to make affiliate income and comes with essential business tools. Only products of value have been promoted...there are too many people that have achieved success through the training and relationships that they have built that prove your assessment misjudged.

Unknown said...

I honestly loved your review. I've been getting so many offers from so many systems that promise so many things. I've been scammed in the past many times...I'm just honestly looking for something legit that can allow me to make income from home. I know every online business takes hard work and dedication to succeed, and I am more then willing to do that but with a company that actually delivers what it promises. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can share with me, I'm a single mom and i recently got laid off, going through the toughest time of my life and just looking for a legit work from home opportunity. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

I owe all my success to MLSP, the system has changed my life.

Sameela Bibi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, this has been eye opening for my. You are 100% about MLM, they are very hard to do and you MUST SPEND A LOT OF TIME getting in front of people and get people to join. That being said, I hope more people would do their do due diligence before joining a MLM. They can work but you must put in the work and a lot of it. I am stilling look at WA, I am willing to work hard but, still need to understand what this is exactly. Thanks again for your information. It very helpful to me.

Lena said...

Very interesting information