My Lead System Pro Review - Scam or Legit?

Updated on: 2015/01
Hundreds of marketers' claims that, "My Lead System Pro is the solution to all your online business problems". Is that true? Or are these marketers praising this program in exchange for a commission fee?

Let's find out by covering all the basic questions in this Review. Please remember that I'm not an affiliate for this program so my opinion is 100% unbiased.

What Is My Lead System Pro?

my lead system pro My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a program that has been popping up on many different internet marketing forums. In a nutshell, MLSP is an educational platform and community for business owners. That's the beauty of this community; the community is populated with people from a wide range of backgrounds. You can find small time bloggers, beginners, experienced marketers, successful business owners, and everyone in between.

So it's important to remember that this isn't just an education platform; it's a community with real people. You should also keep in mind that the product changes on a regular basis - it's constantly evolving - so if some of the information in this article is outdated, please let me know.

What You Should Know:

Remember, this is not a computer program. It's not one of the bots that spam comments all over the internet to generate leads. The purpose of this product is to teach people the most effective marketing techniques for their businesses. The owners of the product want to teach you how to find your ideal clients. That's the idea.

Keep in mind, this product is designed for people who are members of multilevel marketing companies like Empower Network. The concept is to drive traffic to a lead page, then a front end offer, and then finally to your preferred MLM company. Obviously, each time someone jumps through a hoop a commission fee is sent to your account.

The training is divided into several different levels, and each level unlocks additional features. We'll talk about the features later on in this article. Of course, not all the levels are unlocked for basic members.

How Much Does It Cost?

MLSP scam review

The basic membership called MLSP University costs $49.97 a month.

There's another package that includes additional features (recommended for experienced marketers) called MLSP Mastery and it costs 149.97$ a month.

MLSP University is like a standard membership, the best features are locked, but it gives you an idea of what to expect from the full product. Let's talk about some of the features.

Lovable Features:

MLSP has a lot of features that have been praised by their members. Below is a list of some of the best features.

  • Community of like-minded individuals.
  • Online business training course.
  • Links to LIVE webinars.
  • Custom marketing campaigns.
  • Social media page templates.
  • Squeeze page templates.
  • $100 bonus for each member you recruit.
  • Lead generation bonuses.

Granted, the objective is to encourage members to recruit additional members and push the new recruits to sign-up for network marketing companies like Empower Network.

What I loved most about My Lead System Pro are the regular webinars and as well as the mindset calls. There's a feature where authority figures participate in a conference call that members can listen in on; most of them are in the morning hours.

These calls are excellent for people who want to flip the mental switch from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset. It's a neat little feature that is unique to this product. 

Features That Could Be Improved:

Though the people behind this product add and remove features on a regular basis, there are still a couple of features that are lacking in MLSP.

For instance, the company states that it's incredibly easy to make a blog with their product. In reality, it's quite difficult to create a blog with MLSP because the user interface is a bit complicated, and it's not newbie-friendly.

Therefore, it can be a bit difficult for beginners to start with this product. On the other hand, if you are relatively tech-savvy; setting up a website it won't be a problem.

Secondly, the training material teaches members' strategies that are quite difficult to implement without forking over cash. On top of that, in order to really make cash, members will be responsible for creating their own products.

That means, if you don't have a product, it'll be difficult to make money with MLSP.

Final Word:

In my opinion, My Lead System Pro is a decent product for online business owners that is dead serious about building up their businesses. It provides you with a host of educational material and strategies to find your business's ideal clients. I think it's a good resource for people who want to learn more about Multi level Marketing. However, I do have a couple of problems with this product.

First, the price is a bit on the expensive side. Most people who are working on an online business for the first time don't have $150 to hand over each month for training and advice. It's also important to note that $150 does not cover all the features; there are additional features that need to be purchased from within the member's area.

Furthermore, the training material isn't that special, it does not transition you from one step to the next smoothly like Wealthy Affiliate and various other affiliate learning programs, and the material can be found free online as well. If you expect this product to reveal some incredible, mind-blowing marketing secret, then you'll be let down.

Also, the whole product seems to be designed to make money as quickly as possible. What's wrong with that? You might ask.

Well, the problem is that everyone is in it for the cash. You treat your recruits like ATM machines, not people. In my opinion, that's a problem. I believe the foundation of a product should be to help members achieve their online business goals, not send them to other products for a commission fee. 

MLSP themselves, makes it clear that you will need to purchase the Mastery plan to actually make good progress. This obviously leaves out those who have limited funds and look for cheap or free methods to start earning an online income. 

My lead system Pro review

Is My Lead System Pro a scam?

Obviously, MLSP is not a scam; it's a good program with a lot of excellent training material and features. If you are the kind of person who does not mind to spend hard cash on something without a definite guarantee of success, then it would work just fine. 

Multi Level Marketing, what do I need to know?

MLM is mostly made out to be a method of earning tons of money while not doing much. This is a complete lie. Some skills are essential if you ever want to get successful and without them you will only be wasting money and time.

  • Must be willing to work long and hard hours.
  • You must be a people person. Introverts who do not like to interact directly with others should definitely pass.
  • Do not like to do cold calling and persuade others to purchase your products? Stay away from MLM!
  • Has no patience to deal with difficult people? Yeah, this will not work for you. 

95% Of those who tackle MLM fails! The reasons are obvious. Multi Level Marketing are not as easy and you will need to learn new skills and know how to turn leads into buyers. Once you have paid referrals your job is only half done. After that, your skill to teach others to do the very same thing, will determine just how successful your down-line will be and obviously how much money you will earn.

MLM not for you? 

Rest assure, affiliate marking that goes hand in hand with Blogging and Content marketing is still the most popular method to earn a decent online income with hard work and dedication.

Got questions? Have you tried MLSP in the past?  Please leave a comment below. I love to hear from all my readers! 

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  1. Thanks for what seems like a completely honest review! I am starting a new team of essential oil experts with a leading company, and building a private team website designed for success. I would like to refer certain VALUABLE products to them to increase success in my downline. This seems like it might be a decent recommendation. Wealthy Affiliates was okay, from what I saw in a free account, but there wasn't much new information there for me. Still that is a good one for newbies. My goal is to automate the web stuff as much as possible for my downline so they can focus on answering the phone, sharing the oils, and encouraging their own. If you have any suggestions for me, or are interested in joining my team, please contact me at Again, thanks for the article.

  2. Yes you definitely want to be at Mastery in MLSP with 100% commissions and $100 for every mastery member you refer. What other affiliate program do you know of that you just refer 10 people and get $1K a month of residual income.

  3. This is a GREAT review Christene on MLSP. I have found success first buy being a member of MLSP and using the products/courses provided and trainings to help me build a home/online business. Once I starting getting results and achieved success (for the first time), I then became an affiliate and started to promote MLSP as a Mastery member. Again thanks for the great review! :-)

    1. You said you became a member first? Does that mean you signed up at the university level?? If so, Can you tell me in a nutshell what all you got from that actually helped you in starting your online business???

    2. MLSP offer a 30 Risk Free Trial where you have access to everything as if you signed up at the Mastery Level. I guess the goal is to work hard for those 30 days and get some affiliate income to pay for your ongoing Mastery membership.

    3. It is a 10 day trial not 30

    4. Unknown, you can get 10 days trial for $10, or you can get 30 days Drive Test, where you can claim your money back within 30 days if you don't like the platform.

  4. Thank you for the honest opinion. I get a lot of followers on Twitter @RUbuzzen, that are MLSP users. I resell traffic on tv which everyone needs. Best wishes !

  5. Overall, this is a very good review, however there are a few things I disagree with. Not EVERYONE is simply in it for the cash, and not EVERYONE treats their recruits like ATM machines. The ones who ARE able to promote things to their followers and have them buy things over and over again are only able to do so because they've taken the time to build relationships and create trust from their people. People don't buy things from people they don't trust.

    Although there are a lot of great leaders in MLSP who give excellent value to their customers, there is ONE person I look up to more than anyone else, and she is the first person I would ask for advice. I also know that she does not promote or try to sell anything that she doesn't personally believe in. She has people who have stayed with her for seven years or more, and that kind of loyalty and trust has to be EARNED; it is not given lightly. Personally, I chose her as my mentor because her values and methods line up with my own values more closely than anyone else's. I do listen to and learn from others as well, but if they say things that contradict what my mentor has taught, I'll go with what she says every time. That way I can avoid confusion and remain consistent.

    Now as for these people making money from their followers, look at it this way; people pay tens, if not hundreds in some cases, of thousands of dollars for a university education with no guarantee that they will get a job in their chosen field, but for some reason if they decide to start their own business, they're not willing to spend any money for the education needed to become good marketers. And let's face it; no matter what kind of business an entrepreneur gets into, whether it be MLM, carpet cleaning, tradesman, or pet grooming, they have to be able to market what they have to offer.

    The people who have become successful are genuinely interested in helping others to duplicate what they did to get to where they are, but these people have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn't. They've put in the time, they've put in the effort, they've paid for education themselves, and a lot of what they teach IS free, but if they create courses and spend time with their students (which they do when courses are new and the content is live), they have just as much right to get paid for what they do as any other professional.

    Most of the courses also have private Facebook groups, so even if you get the course several years after it first comes out, you can still get feedback from the group, and you also get access to the calls and Q&A sessions that took place when the course WAS live. These groups are safe places to discuss what's really going on in your life and in your business, and you don't have to try to impress anyone by pretending to be something or someone you're not.

    The MLSP community is a great bunch of people who are all willing to help one another. One of the top leaders/earners/trainers talks about a system he refers to as ILT, which he heavily promotes: INVEST your time and possibly money to LEARN, implement what you've learnt and then TEACH what you've learnt to others.

  6. Personally, I have not tried MLSP, however, I feel it's just another way to keep promoting their own MLSP product from the way I look at their presentation.

  7. Being surrounded by a community of like minded individuals will naturally help you to think outside the box and all it takes is one gold nugget idea to make a huge impact on your business.

  8. I just got into my own business with products that i really like. Just stumbled across mlsp and can't quite figure out if they help you promote your existing business or is it a new business? Thanks in advance for any help

    1. Both new and Existing businesses. Any type of business that requires you to get leads that you can turn into buyers. Works especially well if you have an MLM based product.

  9. I am a former member of MLSP. It is just another over priced hyped up MLM. The members seem to be willing to promote just about anything to make a buck...even crap.

    1. MLSP is NOT an MLM. It is an educational platform with an option to make affiliate income and comes with essential business tools. Only products of value have been promoted...there are too many people that have achieved success through the training and relationships that they have built that prove your assessment misjudged.

  10. good article here Christene. Yes Mastery is the way to go with MLSP. If most new members can focus on 2 other members coming in it's paid for. The rest is just icing on the cake. It's a good way for marketers to have a "guided" experience into online profits. Their hand being held all the way. Good community to be around. Thanks for the article. Cheers. Shane

  11. I honestly loved your review. I've been getting so many offers from so many systems that promise so many things. I've been scammed in the past many times...I'm just honestly looking for something legit that can allow me to make income from home. I know every online business takes hard work and dedication to succeed, and I am more then willing to do that but with a company that actually delivers what it promises. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can share with me, I'm a single mom and i recently got laid off, going through the toughest time of my life and just looking for a legit work from home opportunity. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

  12. I owe all my success to MLSP, the system has changed my life.

    Sameela Bibi

  13. Thanks for the information, this has been eye opening for my. You are 100% about MLM, they are very hard to do and you MUST SPEND A LOT OF TIME getting in front of people and get people to join. That being said, I hope more people would do their do due diligence before joining a MLM. They can work but you must put in the work and a lot of it. I am stilling look at WA, I am willing to work hard but, still need to understand what this is exactly. Thanks again for your information. It very helpful to me.

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