ClickBank University Review - (Closed)


ClickBank University no longer exist and closed down. Clickbank has replaced the program with their own training, called Spark. 

Updates on this Review will now discontinue! 


With this review we will take a look at ClickBank University and find out if it is worth the spending spree you are considering right now, taking into account that you are going to spend a boat full of money indeed when purchasing this.

ClickBank University upgraded to 2.0 about 3 years after its launch in 2013. Lots of improvements came along with the new updates and they most definitely have a better handle on things now and might be worth checking out in 2020.
No-one wants to read a PDF type of review right? With this one, I will only glance over the important parts and spear you the boring stuff.

ClickBank University - Quick Overview

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces when it comes to selling digital products and anyone that is familiar with affiliate marketing knows this. For years now, ClickBank has been a well-known platform for affiliate marketers and vendors. ClickBank University will teach you how to create your own products to sell online or how to market the products of others with affiliate marketing.

Short History

ClickBank itself was founded in 1998, and then a few years later, around 2003, ClickBank University was founded as the training program. It was not long after that, that they upgraded all their systems and services, renaming themselves ClickBank University 2.0, which is what it is still called to this day. As time passed, they added training and other services as well, including the latest, their website builder. They have received rewards and is currently one of the more popular programs today.

What Does It Cost?

ClickBank University 2.0 will cost $47 per month to join, however, they do have a few other services/up-sales.

What About Up-Sales?

The advanced training will cost you $97 once-off, or two payments of $47, which brings you to a total of $98.

The ClickBank Builder has two payment methods, two payments of $297 (Total $594) or 7 payments of $97 which brings you to a total of $679.

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

CBU does indeed have money-back guarantees, for clients and the customers of their clients, however, read the fine print, as there are policies that can prohibit such transactions from occurring.

Is The Program Legit?

ClickBank University is definitely a legit program, with millions of satisfied customers. Sure the up-sales can be a bit expensive, but if you put in the time and effort, then you can be a success too. With that said, the program is more than a decade old, as previously stated, has millions of successful users, including myself, as I started out with the program. All of these things are the reason why the program can be called legitimate.

What About Support?

Clickbank University provides support in the form of email, to which they usually answer within 48 – 72 hours. They have a FAQ page as well, and a few other ways of getting help, which includes videos, forums, and so forth.

Clickbank university 2 review

ClickBank University - Pros

30 - Day money-back guarantee 

ClickBank created ClickBank Builder 2.0. Meaning you can customize your ClickBank Offers easily. 

Weekly Questions & Answers webinar to help you answer unanswered questions.

The program is focused around the ClickBank marketplace and cater to Clickbank Affiliates and Vendors specifically. (No irrelevant training to confuse).

Videos are well presented and clear with good quality.

Constant updates to "traffic" training.


The training focuses on ClickBank Builder, this means that you will need to purchase the Builder if you are serious about making a success with the program. 

The lessons mostly focus on paid traffic, especially Facebook Ads. It does not cover much on free traffic, which includes search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

When counting up all the payments needed, it can cost you +- $1000 a year. This does not even guarantee you results in a specific amount of time. This program should only be purchased if you are serious about making it work.

It is hard to move your website somewhere else once you have started with the Builder tool because this tool has certain aspects that can make your website look like a hot mess once you move it somewhere else. It is not that you can not move, it's just a lot of hard work seeing as you will need to basically redo everything once you move to make your website look appealing. 

Clickbank university 2 review

To Sum It Up...

CBU is a great choice if you want to sell your own products. The training for Vendors is not bad at all and I can see one making money if the lessons are followed with dedication. So, if you have a product that you want to sell online, this would be perfect. As for the affiliate training, not the best there is if one wants to purchase just for that reason. I feel they can add more as affiliate marketing has loads of aspects that need to be covered in order to be successful. To sum it up; If you want to become a successful Vendor, this is the program for you. If you want to be a thriving affiliate, I suggest looking at something a bit cheaper that covers a bit more. 

ClickBank University - Detailed Product Overview

ClickBank University 2.0. Includes the following:

  • The exclusive ClickBank University Community
  • Specially curated add-on training
  • Live events for a fraction of the price
  • Discounts on ClickBank’s favorite tools
  • Bi-weekly expert classes

Clickbank university 2 review


8 – Week Affiliate Track - Learn how to become a successful ClickBank Affiliate.

This is an 8-week course that will teach you how to promote the products on ClickBank as an Affiliate. You will not create your own product but, promote the products of others, to earn affiliate commissions. Videos are short and easy to follow along without getting confused or overwhelmed.

Lessons cover topics like:

Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank

Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Week 3 – Finding Your Passion

Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel

Week 5 – Free, Always Over Deliver

Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe

Week 7 – The Email Blueprint

Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding

Bonus – Running Affiliate Promotions 


Clickbank university 2 review


12 - Week Vendor Track – Learn how to create and sell your own digital products.

This training is the main focus of CBU and covers everything you want to know about creating and selling your own product on ClickBank. Everything is covered from product creation, sales funnels and you will learn how to create your landing/squeeze pages.

Lessons go something like this:

Week 1 – How it works

Week 2 – Finding your perfect product

Week 3 - Creating your Avatar

Week 4 – Creating your product

Week 5 – Creating your perfect upsell

Week 6 – Sales Copy & Conversion maximizing

Week 7 – The easy video sales letter

Week 8 – Finalizing your product

Week 9 – Getting onto ClickBank

Week 10 – Attracting & managing JV relationships

Week 11 – Split Testing

Week 12 – Scaling your success

Bonus – Selling high ticket products on webinars

Traffic Center

This section consists of video tutorials that will teach you how to generate traffic. With this part of the program, training is mainly via webinars that are presented by experts in those particular fields. They are round about 1 – 1.5 hours in length and pretty thorough. “Over the shoulder” type of training that covers mostly Facebook Advertising and Instagram. Other types of traffic generation are also included like, YouTube advertising and paid search for Google and Bing. Not a huge variety around free traffic generation like SEO and so forth.

Q&A Session 

There is a weekly Live Questions & Answers webinar with Adam and Justin to help you answer any questions you might have. Sessions are uploaded incase you missed a live event or want to re-watch. The archives have year’s worth of questions and answers that members have access to.

Clickbank university review

CBU Toolkit

This section IS NOT actual tools per se, but rather covers the technical skills that you will need to set up everything. Essential services, tech providers, and special deals are included in the toolkit along with starter guides, videos, checklists, and how-to PDFs.


  • How to set up a domain
  • Designing banners and promotional materials
  • How to use Optimonk (increase your conversions)
  • How to use the ClickBank builder
  • Social media and Hootsuite
  • How to set up email marketing software/autoresponders such as AWeber
  • Video editing for instructional/sales videos
  • How to split test
  • Outsourcing your content creation

Clickbank university 2 review

ClickBank Builder

This is the main upsell of CBU and it is basically a sales funnel and landing page building platform that will help you to set up your own sales pages and so forth. Hosting is included and your pages will be located on sub-domain. However, it is recommended that you purchase your own domain that is more geared towards your brand. You can set up custom domains for every page you build.

Keep in mind, that the builder is more geared towards those who are going for the product creation side of CBU and not much for affiliates. A builder is a good option if you are a complete newbie that is not yet familiar with WordPress or creating your own sales pages.

Builder – Main Features:

  • The builder is a one-time purchase with lifetime access.
  • Setting up pages is easy and the builder is not too technical to manage.
  • Connect your pages with ClickBank.
  • Unlimited landing pages and funnels.

Clickbank university 2 review

Clickbank university 2 review

Do you use ClickBank University or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience with the program. This will help others to make a more informed decision prior to purchasing. 

Thank You!


Christer Axelsson said...

Good review for once...
thank you

Dave H said...

From my own experience at CBU, I agree with you. It's certainly not a scam. However, I'm not sure it's the best training and support available. What do you think about Wealthy Affiliate?

Christene said...

Hi Dave.

Yes, CBU is not for everyone, especially those that does not want to create their own products and go through all the trouble testing one method after another for a slight change of success.

Wealthy Affiliate is the complete opposite of Clickbank University. The platform teaches members how to make money with their own websites. Meaning, you learn how to create a site on a topic that you love and then generate an income via selling affiliate products, advertising space or if you have one, your own product. Much easier and doable, still hard work and dedication, but more realistic.

You can read my full WA review if interested and do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to assist.

Unknown said...

hey thanks for the review.. but there is something i didn't understand . is CBU focusing only for vendors.. which to make a product and to sell it ? what about to sell other products ? so if i wanna be an affilliate only, CBU is not good for me ?

Christene said...

CBU does teach the basics about selling other CLICKBANK products, but that information is not worth the price tag because there are hundreds of other programs that covers affiliate marketing in much more detail for the same cost or even less. So yes, CBU is more geared towards those who wants to create their own products and sell them on ClickBank.

Unknown said...

The main issue *I* have seen is with Clickbank itself (not the educational university program): Many offers that are in Clickbank's list of affiliates can be considered 'scams': They are either outdated, old, a real scam, misleading etc. Clickbank does little to get rid of the 'foul players'.
My conclusion after a fair amount of promotion to any of these offers: 'Another poor, outdated product' :-(

Stephanie Hill said...

Thank you Christene for this review on ClickBank University. It has helped me to gain more insight into ClickBank University and what the costs are as well as the upsells one can expect. I wonder if they did away with the upsells if they would have more business, more students sign up. I have a few questions:
1. What are JV pages?
2. I heard that ClickBank did away with the 1 week trial period of $1.00. Do they still have it or did that get taken away?
3. One thing that I know Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project offers is the chance for more senior veteran members to create their own training to help other members of WA thus filling in some of the learning gaps and provide members a different style of learning because not all us learn the same way. Does ClickBank University offer that as well?
4. Does ClickBank University have a LiveChat where you can get immediate help?

Thank you again!

kartzon said...

really good article.... but the same procedure followed by millionaire society long before.... but it will not going to work for all. NO USE

Schobi said...

Very helpful Article!

Unknown said...

good work,where do you find time for all this review?

Christene said...

Thank you, you are too kind. Yes, time, not always a lot of it, that is why I have late nights (smile)

Vancouver Consumers said...

Thank you

EvoEssay said...

I think there is a different advantage that this click-bank university could give to different marketer's online. Well, if some people say that it was a spam, maybe they have some bad experienced in using this click back university.

Rebellious Bob said...

The reason I looked for a review of Click bank university 2.0 is because of the testimonials on the sales page. One is from "Ronnie Biggs" the notorious Great Train Robber. Another is from "Joe Bloggs" an acronym for no one in particular.
This makes the owners of this product and the product itself questionable to say the least. I have emailed them but no reply so far. Although this might not be a scam it certainly is a foolish mistake to male by self professed "experts".

Michael75065 said...

I am really glad that you share this important information with us, it’s really important that we share this type of scams info publicly and because of this everyone aware of these scams and fraudsters. Problem is everybody wants to make money in an easy way and that is the biggest reason to fall for these scams and the senior citizens are the best and easy target for these scammers. These scammers wants only and only your money because this is one of the easiest way to make money. You work your whole life and make money by doing lots of hard work and sacrifices and they just took all of it within one night and banished.
There is only one way to secure yourself that never share your account or important document info with a stranger and don’t fall for fake and unbelievable schemes.

Unknown said...

First of all, thank you for the very useful information¡
Just one question about this, could you please recommend one or more of those programs ("there are hundreds of other programs that covers affiliate marketing in much more detail for the same cost or even less")?

It'd be of great help just like the rest of your blog.

Christene said...

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn all there is to know about Affiliate Marketing. The training is basic and easy to understand, meaning, a complete newbie will grasp quickly. In addition, the support system is above outstanding with a live chat, active community, questions and answers section and so forth. Good place to start.

I am against programs that force people to pay a fee before they can test the service to see if it will work for them or not. WA is one of few that also offers a free subscription, the reason why they are on my top recommended list.

Program is well over 10 years old, meaning, it is a trusted training site that will not just collect money and then dissapear.

Feel free to have a look at my review and please do not hesitate to shout if you have questions.

Charles said...

The thing that irritates me the most about all of these sites now is this trend of presenting an offer, you take hours, days, and weeks to evaluate it. You finally decide to go for it and bam you find out it's just an introductory offer. You've spent money and now you're hit with an upsell and then another and possibly another before you're allowed in. It's enough to turn you completely off from moving forward. Is this the only way to make money? Sell a product with fake prices on the front end????

Unknown said...

Hi Christene, thanks so much for the review- exactly how and what do I do if I just want to be an affiliate marketer for promoting OTHER peoples products on clickbank to make an income online from home? I don't have a website, etc.. just don't know how to do this or what to do but Im motivated to do it and try to earn some income - pls advise thank you


Christene said...

Would be better to learn website development, prior to anything else Bill. Your own website will enable you to do many things and it will be your "online space" where people can find you or your ideas.

Let's say for instance you like dogs. You will then create a website about "dog care for German Shepard" and share all kinds of tips and advice on your blog. Within Clickbank, you will find digital products about German shepherds and recommend these on your website. To get traffic, you can use YouTube, Social media and so forth. Obviously, a bit of learning to know how to build a site, do keyword research and so forth, but doable if you work hard at it.

I do recommend starting with a program that will teach you website development like WA to get you started. Once you have finished the training, you can cancel and work on your own steam with little investment. Crucial to know the basics first, otherwise you will end up running in circles and spend too much.

I recommend WA as a training website because they are in this industry for more than 10 years and reliable. In addition, there is a free option that will not expire, all the basic training along with 2 websites to practice on. Feel free to have a look at my review and do not hesitate to shout if you have more questions.

Access Success said...

This was on point Christene. Thanks for sharing.I research everything before i make a purchase. Thanks for the info on CU. I will go the WA route.

Access Success said...

This was on point Christene. Thanks for sharing.I research everything before i make a purchase. Thanks for the info on CU. I will go the WA route.

Unknown said...

if i am a beginner , and i would like to learn just to be an affiliater, would this help me learn that? Would it also tell me what kind of toold to use? or is it just upsales of clickbank? As a beginner is this going to guid me correctly? or can you recommend me some thing else??

Christene said...

Not the best place for a total beginner, as you will mostly just learn how to promote Clickbank products. Better to learn all the basics from the start to avoid confusion later on.

Like always, I do recommend WA for beginners because it is easy to understand with a good support system. Feel free to have a look at my review:

Christene said...

Thank you for the kind feedback, much appreciated.

Yes, WA is currently the best place to learn all the basics as it includes methods to become successful with the general affiliate marketing concept. Not limited to only certain marketplaces.

Baljit Dhillon said...

Hi Christine, I am currently learning affiliate marketing on Udemy just to get a taste for it, but soon intend to move onto a bigger platform. I'm considering choosing between Clickbank University and Wealthy Affiliate, i'm only mainly interested in promoting products online and also in creating blogs and websites, so which is the ideal training program for newbies?

Unknown said...

Clinkbank University promised to refund my money if I was not satisfied with the program. THEY LIED! Not only did they refused to refund my money, they made an unauthorized payment on my credit card. Clinkbank bank misrepresented their product. They took money under false pretenses, which now becomes criminal! To me it is a form of internet fraud. I will be seeking both CIVIL AND CRIMINAL action against them.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful. Thank you

Unknown said...

Hello Christene, nice article! I am trying to market my designs for Christian apparel and clickbank doesn't look like a good place after reading your review. is the website I'm working on. I'm trying to find a better way with minimal luck. All of these "fulfillment" places are nice in the fact that they make, ship, etc. ..the prices are just too much for me as I am only trying to sell the designs to fund a ministry to help the needy and the fulfillment places are just beyond what I want to do. I want to spread the good news and it's kinda hard to do that when a t-shirt has a price tag of over 20 bucks! IDK, been racking my brain for a long time trying to find a way...

look here said...

This is indeed very interesting