Wake Up Now Review - Scam or Not?

Wake Up Now (WUN) is a monthly subscription service that is designed to save people time and money on various products and services. It's also a Multi-level marketing business and like most MLM businesses, one must recruit additional people in order to benefit from the program.

In other words, members will have to promote the company's products and recruit new people in order to generate some income. It doesn't teach you how to build an online business. It doesn't teach you much besides how to promote their products.

Wake up now scam review

What You Should Know...
It's not an educational product. There are a lot of people that think they'll be taught how to create a killer business with this product but that's simply not the case.

The company has created and launched several products that are designed for different purposes. Unfortunately, most of these products seem to be lacking in general usefulness. We'll talk about the products in more detail later on in this article.

Just remember that WUN is an income opportunity based on recruiting new members and selling products that require a monthly subscription. Of course, members will also have to purchase a monthly subscription in order to continue promoting these products.

The affiliate system is based on Volume; which is a kind of a point system, its award to people for completing various tasks.

You'll need 90 Volume in order to become a qualified member. 

How Much does it Cost? 

There are three main packages. The basic membership is free and you'll be able to use the WUN HUB which is basically a search engine. But the three other packages are not free.

Wake up now pricing

  • The Basic Pack - $79.95/month
  • The Explorer Pack - $149.95/month
  • WUN Life Pack - $124.95/month

However, in order to start making money, there are a few hoops that you'll need to jump through like a circus monkey. First, you'll need to recruit three people to become a qualified member.

Grab a few punch lines, a few pictures of expensive cars, and some stock pictures of dollar bills, and start spamming friends. It shouldn't be long until you manage to convince three people to join.

Then the next step is to convince your new recruits to recruit more people and purchase memberships. I'm sure you know all about multi-level marketing business strategies. They're always based on recruiting new people but what most people fail to realize is that new recruits won't stay recruits forever. These people will probably sign-up, click around, maybe buy one product, and then leave.

So that means you'll need to always market to new people but you'll always be making the same amount of cash because the people that you do recruit will leave after a couple months. They'll come and go as quickly as you found them.

Features That Could Be Improved... 
The products are all relatively useless and the compensation plan is flawed. It's also based on a multi-level marketing system. These systems don't stand the test of time. When you sign-up for this program you're agreeing to hand over cash for the promise of more cash.

The best part is that these companies don't need to deliver that promise.

The Products...

There are five products: Awaken Energy Drink, WUNLIFE, Vacation Club, and Tax Bot.

The Energy drink is decent, feels like a cup of coffee, but it's definitely no better or cheaper than any other energy drink on the market. It's more expensive than Red-bull and not as useful.

wake up now products

I guess the idea is to sell these drinks to establishments like bars and restaurants. In theory, it sounds like a good plan, but then when you think about it, why would anyone want this product?

WUN LIFE is a hub with a collection of deals on various products and services. You'll find travel deals and other types of money-pinching deals like cash-back offers. It's like a coupon database.

Again, we need to ask the question WHY?

Vacation Club is essentially the same thing except you'll all the deals are travel related. You'll be able to save money on time-shares, flights, hotels, and more. It's also possible to find better deals on other websites for free.

Tax Bot is a service that's supposed to make it easier for you to manage taxes. One feature tracks your car's GPS system and calculates mileage for business purposes. There's also a feature that allows you to sync tax information to a cloud database for convenience.

Remember, you'll have to buy all these products if you want to promote them. There's also no guarantee that you'll make money with this opportunity so be careful.

Final Word...

Wake Up Now is another opportunity that's wrapped in a pretty picture of money, beaches, vacations, and general life satisfaction. But when you unwrap the gift there's not much on the inside except more bills. It's rare that you'll make more money then you spend with this company.

I can't say that it's a total scam, because they do have products, but it's right on the line between a scam and a legitimate product. I don't recommend it for several reasons.

One, it costs too much. I don't see the reason to sign-up for an opportunity that requires me to hand over cash to sell some products that nobody seems to want in the first place.

Secondly, I don't want to force people to sign-up. When I find a product that I like and actually benefits my life in one way or another then I'll recommend it to my friends or business partners. But I'll never recommend products that only send money in my direction. It's difficult marketing opportunities like Wake Up Now because people are immune to these pitches.

There's so much garbage floating around online and people encounter a wide range of scams on a daily basis. I also wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that I'm promoting a product that has been labeled as a scam by many different websites and people.

On top of that, when you take people's low tolerance for these schemes into consideration, its clear nobody will want to listen to your pitch, and they'll block you on all their social media accounts. Everyone hates people who promote non-stop on social media.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

If you have a good product, everyone will market it for you.

You won't need to convince anyone to join your team. They'll share the product because it works and they love it - not because they're looking forward to a commission fee. Word of mouth is still the best marketing technique.

Focus on creating a killer product or website that actually solves a problem!

Update: The sinking Wake Up Now ship.

On February 16, 2015, CEO Phil Polich admitted to the cease of all network marketing operations in the United States.

Wake up now closing down

Source:  http://blog.wakeupnow.com

MLM - What do I need to Know?

Multi level marketing scams

Multi Level Marketing is in most instances made out to be a method of earning huge amounts of money by not doing much at all. This is a lie! Marketing skills are essential in this kind of business. If you are new, you will need a good sponsor that is marketing savvy and have the patience to teach you the ropes.

You must be willing to work hard and long hours. An hour or two a day, will not cut it!

MLM is NOT for introverts that does not like to interact directly with people on a daily basis. If you are not a “people person”, do not waste time or money!

Don’t like cold calling? Stay away! You will have to persuade others to purchase your products and follow up on their progress. Leads do not just “purchase”, they need a lot of encouragement to take the final step and once they did, you will have to persuade them to stay.

Has no patience to deal with difficult people? Yeah, move on.

Huge Risk Factor – MLM companies can never be seen as completely safe because of their short life cycle. Meaning, a huge percentage of new MLM platforms are successful for about 3-5 years before they close down.

95% of those who tackle MLM fails! The reasons are obvious. Multi Level Marketing are not as easy and you will need to learn new skills and know how to turn leads into buyers. Once you have paid referrals your job is only half done. After that, your skill to teach others to do the very same thing, will determine just how successful your down-line will be and obviously how much money you will earn

MLM not for you?

Rest assure, affiliate marking that goes hand in hand with Website development and Content marketing are still the most popular method to earn a decent online income with hard work and dedication...Read More


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