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Update 19 August 2018:  Project Payday no longer exist, instead, the name has been changed to "Project Payday Research"  This company had some bad vibes from the start and I did not recommend the program, hence, I will not do a review on their new program as it would just be a waste of time. Thank you. 

In this Review we will look at the pros and cons of the platform and determine if the program is worth the effort or not. I am not affiliated with Project Payday and did the review purely because of the high request from my readers. Not one of my most favorite methods to earn money and I do not recommend it, more about it later.

What is Project Payday?

Project Payday is an opportunity that promises a steady flow of cash for completing simple online offers. Subscription is free, but you'll have to pay for some offers if you want to receive compensation for your trouble. In short, you have to complete offers to receive compensation.

It's not an online business training course and it doesn't teach you anything about how to build an online business. In addition, the compensation for completing small tasks is extremely low and really not worth the effort expended. Calculate the hourly rate, and it comes to around $1 or - if you're lucky - $2.

In my opinion, it's one of those "incredible" opportunities that require an insane amount of effort to earn an insanely small commission. Does that sound like a good deal? I don't think so!

Project Payday

The Meat of Project Payday

We know that Project Payday is all about completing offers. What kind of offers, exactly?

The core of the business model is based on the idea of advertising offers, completing offers, and earning a commission for the offers that have been completed. For instance, if you complete an offer, then you earn a commission, likewise, when someone completes an offer that you advertise; then you also earn a commission.

Here's a list of some of the type of offers that you'll find on Project Payday: subscription based services, eBooks, videos, lottery tickets, physical products, free Giveaways, and a host of other obscure offers.

Doesn't sound too bad, grab a link, promote it, and earn cash. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, if you want to promote an offer, then you'll have to actually sign-up, and that means more money down the drain.


I tried really hard to find something about this opportunity that is decent, but I couldn't find anything worth mentioning here. There are no features that I liked. Just the fact that their home page re-directs to an offer is enough to put the damp on my enthusiasm. 

Let's start with that...

Did Project Payday become Traffic Brokers? The domain re-directs to a sales page that makes it incredibly hard to sign up without completing the offer first. That in my opinion is misleading by itself.

project payday review

The word "free sign-up" is very far from the truth, although it is free to join the program, you will certainly not make much money without spending some. In short, this is a task based system where you make money when you buy trial offers. Some of the offers cost more than you will make, meaning, no profit.

This is not a "Risk free" platform. By signing up for various offers daily, you are bound to get lots of spam emails or even card charges if you did not read some of the terms and conditions carefully.


What about the guaranteed "if you don't make $50, I will pay you $100"?

Yeah, they do not mention exactly how much you will have to spend to make $50.

project payday scam review

I do not like how you have to sign-up for the offers that you want to promote. If you have been involved in making money online or affiliate marketing, I'm sure you have heard that, if you want to promote an affiliate product, then you should purchase that product, and promote it ONLY if it's really - really - good. But a lot of people twist those words and try to force people to purchase a product to promote it. If a company forces you to purchase a product and then allows you to promote it as an affiliate, that's a really bad idea. It's a good idea for the creator of the program, but not a good idea for you!

There have been numerous reports of people who sign-up for services they found through Project Payday and never received the product they bought or Project Payday never recognized that the offer was completed. In other words, a lot of people don't receive the compensation that was promised.

What about using Project Payday for my business?

project payday for businessBusinesses are always looking for more leads, more leads means more business, and everyone always wants more business. They're owners resort to search engines and end up finding websites that will promise thousands of leads for a cheap price. Obviously, the business owner is interested, and purchases the deal, and soon some leads start to arrive in the form of email addresses, names, zip-codes, credit card information, addresses, and much more. Awesome!  But here's what the business owner doesn't know; those leads are from people who have no interest in the business. They were paid to sign-up.

Websites like Project Payday encourage people to sign-up for offers such as our business man's company with the promise of a payment, but these people rarely have an interest in the original business. They just want cash. If you're wondering what's wrong with these leads, I'll explain.

What does a business really need? Long-term clients. People that love the business and will remain clients for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, if someone is paid to be a client, he won't stick around. He'll sign-up and fill in all the necessary information and then move on to the next offer to earn some more cash. He doesn't really want whatever is advertised in the offer - he just wants a compensation for completing the offer.

These kinds of leads are terrible because they don't turn into clients. They're basically useless. Even if they submit their contact information, and a company contact them, they'll refuse the offer, because they don't really need or want the offer.

The problem is that there are hundreds of lead generation systems like Project Payday that send a bunch of incredibly low quality leads towards a business. These leads are completely worthless, but the business doesn't know that until a few months down the line. On paper, the leads look good, all the required information is there, but these leads never convert into real long term clients.

There are some decent lead generating services out there, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack. That's the how these systems make cash. When you sign-up for Project Payday the whole idea is to continue signing up for different offers and collecting a tiny bit of cash for your trouble.

Final Word...

If you read through the entire review, it's clear that I think this opportunity is a complete waste of time. The hourly rate is so low that even people in third-world countries would not benefit much. 

Long story short; Project Payday is really not worth it, even though it is a free product. How does having your credit card information and personal details splattered across the internet sound? Not too good, right?

That is essentially what happens when people use this service. Most offers require some personal contact information. If you fill in all the details, there's no way to tell what these people will do with your information! Maybe they'll call you a million times a day for the rest of your life. Maybe they'll spam your inbox. Maybe they'll visit your doorstep and try to sell more products. You have no idea what they'll do. 

Bottom line - It doesn’t matter if there are some testimonials from random people on the sales pages praising the platform. Did you know that can buy testimonials? On Fiverr people will offer to do a video testimonial about your product for $5 and there are those who will do it for less! 

The Verdict - Scam or Not?

I would definitely not label the program as a scam. However, some testimonials and sales pages make it seem like an easy method to earn money. You will make money, but, the effort and expenses are somewhat different than the fairy tales told. 

Any Other Options? 

project payday reviews

Web site development that goes along with Affiliate marketing is and will always be the best method to generate a substantial online income. No false promises or misleading methods. Your success is determined by your own actions and willingness to learn and work hard...

Read More - What is required to make real money online.

You are a super star and made it all the way to the end of my Review. Please be so kind to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Would love to hear about your experience with Project Payday or your valuable opinion regarding the program.

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  1. I almost got in with these guys but decided better; wish I had read this sooner and I couldn't agree more.


  2. Christene, thank you so much for your honest review. After reading your opinion on the company, I will not bother. Who wants to spend money and not receive a decent profit? I have already gone that route with many survey sites.

  3. Hi Christine, wow, that was a really detailed, informative and helpful review. We are WA Premium members, and we have also looked at this ProjectPayday program and came to the very same conclusion - so much time to do the projects and so little return. I have a BofA credit card that has a SafeShopper function that allow me to create a sub-credit card number that I can limit to a certain amount of credit. when I tried to use this number on two of the offers - they rejected it. This caused my bank to contact me to see if fraud was going with use of my card. So it's just really a big wast of time, as you have related. Really a well done review.

  4. Hi Christine, wow, that was a really detailed, informative and helpful review. We are WA Premium members, and we have also looked at this ProjectPayday program and came to the very same conclusion - so much time to do the projects and so little return. I have a BofA credit card that has a SafeShopper function that allow me to create a sub-credit card number that I can limit to a certain amount of credit. when I tried to use this number on two of the offers - they rejected it. This caused my bank to contact me to see if fraud was going with use of my card. So it's just really a big wast of time, as you have related. Really a well done review.

  5. Christene,

    What a great review of "Project Payday". I did not purchase it but ended up checking it out because I got an email about "Ultimate Home Profits" which I googled and read a negative review on a website called scamxposer. I then checked out some of his recommended businesses including "Project Payday". I wad doubtful about his positive review and when I clicked on his link to "Project Payday", I noticed that there was no affiliate link. After checking, it looked like he owned the site and was promoting his own product; so I searched further for other reviews of "Project Payday" and came to this review on your site. You sure cleared things up and confirmed my suspicions.

    You have some remarkable reviews and really go in depth. I have visited your site before. Your promotion of Wealthy Affiliate led me to know that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. As a member myself, I am following you on WA and also on Google +. I think you have a lot to offer. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for the feedback and kind words Bob, it is much appreciated.

      Yes, unfortunately Project Payday is not everyone's favorite. The fact that the Url re-directs to something else is a red flag for me and while testing the program, I got so much spam, still trying to get rid of it till today. Not something a person would enjoy.

      Will definitely catch up on WA. You know where to find me, thus if you get stuck, I will gladly help out.

  6. Christine:

    I just discovered this blog via search engine query but appreciate your thorough advice and professionalism very much. Like other posters, I nearly bought Project Payday's BS hook, line and sinker. However, I got blessed in disguise TWICE by completing 2 bogus Trial Pay offers to avoid Project Payday's $34.95 USD signup fee. But 48 hours later, 'instant' confirmation has yet to arrive via auto-email, as explicitly advertised by both Project Throwaway and Trial Waste partners-in flimflam sham sites.

    It's really irrelevant at this point anyway, given your advise about paid offer opts being worthless as a practical matter, which is 100% consistent with my own firsthand experience as a direct user of several get paid ripoffs. You do much better panhandling on a street corner. I don't even see why paid offer site operators aren't ashamed to engage in such blatant exploitation. .

    Thanks very much and keep the great stuff coming!

  7. Project Payday is really waste of time because many time look for that but once i got detail , i found that there is so complication for getting the result
    packers and movers in Ernakulam

  8. This is great to read about that


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