7 Minute Workout Review – Closed

Are you looking for a fitness program that actually works? Searching around Google for a legitimate way to earn money online? Maybe you are interested in both aspects? The 7 Minute Workout claims that you can lose weight, get fit and on top of it make money with the system as well! The fitness program most recently created a buzz in the weight loss and fitness industry and thus along with it comes the question if it is indeed something worth looking at or not. Let's explore and see if the claims have truth to it. In this Review, we will have a look at both the fitness product itself and the business opportunity.

7 Minute Workout had a name change and revamp! 

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What is 7 Minute Workout?

7 minute workoutIt is an innovative weight loss and exercise system that also allows you to earn commissions when you recommend it to others. The idea is to lose weight, get fit, and then use your own results to encourage others to sign up as well. The product shares a simple exercise routine that is based on bodyweight exercises. The entire exercise regime can be completed in less than 7 minutes, 3 times a week, and have huge results if obviously one sticks to the plan.

In short, we have a product that fits perfectly into the fitness niche and has a great affiliate program that has been making waves in the make money online sector of the internet as well.

Who are the founders? 

Joel Therien 7 minute workoutThe 7 Minute Workout was created by Joel Therien and Chris Reid. Both of them use the workout routine for more than 20 years now. They are both competitive athletes in world-class competition. Chris won the “World Power Breaking Champion” in Taekwondo in 2004 and Joel is an experienced health and fitness professional. In addition, Joel is also known as a marketing expert for more than 10 years and paid out more than 30 million dollars in commissions since he founded his first company. To top it all off, Joel Therien is also the owner of GVO, a successful hosting and email marketing service, and Pure Leverage, a platform that provides marketing tools.

What does it cost to join?

$47 per year for the Fitness Membership.

$19,97 per month if you choose to promote the product. 

Any additional upsells?

Yes, 7 Minute workout also has an option where you can become an Elite Syndicate Member for the cost of $97 per month. 

It is a "Done for you" business building advertising campaign which includes: 

7 Minute workout, scam or legit

This upsell is only an additional for those who want to invest in advertising and thus not a must-have, only an option. Keep note that if you purchase this product you are legible to earn commissions from it when your down-line buys it. However, you DO NOT have to purchase it to make good money with the program. 

Product Overview

Let’s talk about the fitness aspect of this product for a minute. The product shares a simple exercise routine that is based on bodyweight exercises. The entire exercise regime can be completed in less than 7 minutes, but if you want to include additional work and go over time it doesn’t hurt. You can add as much to the regime as you like, it’s not set in stone, but you should at least start with the core routine until you feel that it’s not enough. It’s not a body-building routine or a cross-fit clone. 

seven minute workout
It is a bodyweight exercise routine that almost anyone can follow and implement from the comfort of their home. Obviously, if you have serious medical conditions that do not go well with exercise it would be wise to consult with your medical practitioner first.

Just like with any other weight loss and fitness plan, you will not see significant results without a healthy diet. So no, you cannot eat fast food every day and still expect to see a miracle in the mirror. Yeah, I know it is hard, but we can only dream, right?

The program offers fitness webinars, guest speakers, live fitness classes, diet trackers, progress trackers, and health tips to only name a few. Quite cheap if you compare it to gym fees.

 7 Minute workout reviews 

Business Overview

If you are interested in making money online as an affiliate marketer, this product has likely caught your attention.

There is an actual product, a proven fitness program in digital form. Many MLM companies lack to provide a real product with a value attached to it and in most cases, you are required to sell the platform itself over and over. That sometimes indicates that a program is a pyramid scheme without real value to the customer.

With most MLM platforms we see a lack of good products but a great compensation plan, or the other way around, a good product with a poor compensation plan, right? Joel covered both aspects successfully by providing for both sides, an awesome product, and a great compensation plan. (You receive 50% every time a person register and pay their fee).

You can make money with your own visible results and proof that the product actually works and is worth buying, just by sharing your own experience. People are constantly looking for better and more effective ways to get fit and lose weight and who will say no to an additional income? 

seven minute workout scam or legit

Okay, I know that some of you are frowning badly at me now and ready to hit me with a dumbbell, so no, you DO NOT have to participle in the fitness department if you do not want to. However, it is still a great program to promote especially if you are in the fitness and weight loss niche or plan to create a website about these topics.

What will I get if I join the 7 Minute Workout?

  • Step by step instructions
  • Your own customized fitness profile that is based on your goals and fitness levels.
    7 Minute workout make money online
  • A progress tracker to measure pounds and inches.
  • Live training calls 2 – 3 times a week with Chris, Joel, and the rest of the fitness coaching team.
  • Food tracker and recipe builder. 

7 Minute workout food tracker

  • Videos that will show you exactly what to do step by step.
  • Networking in real-time – Create blogs, photo albums, forums, and so forth.
  • Workout routines for each level from beginners to advanced.

7 Minute Workout scam review

  • Ability to upgrade to become a 100% commission reseller.

Obviously, there is more but, I highlighted the ones that matter the most for now.

How does the compensation plan work?

It is based on a multi-level marketing system, that some people believe is a scam, but the truth is that the payouts do happen, and it is definitely possible to make cash with this opportunity with a bit of hard work and dedication. 

One other thing that is worth mentioning is that once you become a member the company provides you with tools and instructions on how to start marketing the business. Therefore, anyone can become an affiliate, there’s no entry-level skill required. Just watch the videos, read the articles, and take it a step at a time.

When a person signs up through your link, you receive a 50% commission of their fee and they will be added to your down-line.

Your client who is now your "down-line member" promotes the product and earns their own commissions, and they earn a cheque for you too.

You will receive a "matching bonus" for exactly 50% of whatever their cheque is.

Example: If you make a $1000 and your down-line member makes $1000, they will add $500 to your cheque. 
In other words, people in your down-line will not send their commissions up the ladder like many other MLM systems. Instead, the company sends 50% of the total commissions earned by your down-line to you as a bonus. No complex matrix system to figure out.

The Pros

Simple Home Based Exercises - Explains some fitness concepts in simple terms that help people understand the reason for their lack of muscle growth or weight loss. Most people trash their workout routine after a couple of weeks because they don’t see results. The reason they don’t see results is that the body needs some time to recover and start to build muscle. Another thing to remember is that muscle does not grow as fast as some people think unless your diet is perfect or you inject a bunch of steroids. I liked the simplicity that comes with this product. Home-based bodyweight exercises that anyone can complete.

Easy to Promote – The program has a unique sales angle that captures people’s attention. Most people aren’t interested in creating a massive physique like bodybuilders. Most people are only interested in losing those extra pounds of fat and slimming down. But, also, most people are embarrassed to go to a gym or seek out fitness advice, because they’re afraid that people will look down on them, or mock them, so there’s a large market for these fast home workouts. In other words, it’s easy to sell.

Evergreen niche – Health and fitness will always be around and people will constantly seek better ways to keep fit and lose weight. The “no gym required workout plans” will always be a trend and thus there is a demand for such a product.

Active social network – 7 Minute workout has its own Facebook page where people share ideas and give tips. Great place to keep in touch. 

7 Minute workout Facebook page

Online marketing experts recommend the program – Marketers like Stone Evans and Mark Call made a huge success with 7 Minute workouts themselves. If the experts recommend it, then who I am to argue, right?

seven minute workout reviews
A founder that is actually interested in his members – Could be quite annoying when buying a product from a “big Guru” and then never actually see that same Guru right? Joel is different and makes an effort to communicate with his members and followers on a regular basis.

Joel therien

Does 7 Minute Workout have any cons?

Too many emails - Joel Therien is a serial internet marketer that has created multiple products within the make-money online niche. Though his advice is solid and has proof of success to it, I feel that he could improve on his email strategy. I subscribed to one of his lists, thinking that I would receive more information about 7 Minute Workout, but instead, I received a bunch of emails with affiliate links to other products. I did not unsubscribe to his list, but, many others definitely will if the email does not provide valuable information.

So, though this email marketing method might show some results, it is definitely not as effective as treating everyone on your list as a person with emotions and likes and dislikes. The money is in the list, but the list consists of human beings, therefore, the money is in people. Of course, this is just my opinion.

In a nutshell, the email marketing strategy needs some work, but besides that downside, it’s a decent product that can help people to lose weight and make money from the comfort of their homes. It’s also extremely affordable, there’s no need to worry about gym memberships, it only costs a few dollars to enter, and there’s an active community as well. In addition, the affiliate fee is cheap compared to many other programs. 

Is the 7 Minute Workout business opportunity a Scam?

No, definitely not. As mentioned before, Joel is a reputable marketer and already paid out millions in commissions, thus the money-making opportunity is legitimate. There’s valuable information within the member's area, and the payouts occur on time. I don’t particularly like the Multi-level marketing systems, but this one seems to work well because the product has real value.

Questions and answers

What about a guarantee?   7 Minute workout offers a 30-day “No Hassles” money-back guarantee.

Mobile friendly?    7 Minute workout work on all smartphones, both Android and iPhone.

Do I have to buy additional Advertising and Promotional materials?    No, everything is included when you upgrade to the re-seller option. 

Who can join, any restrictions?  This program is available to almost any country around the globe with the exception of some countries that do not have a certified payment processor. 

Honesty counts! This is what you will HAVE TO DO to make good money with the program.

Work hard – Like with any online business, this one is no different. It takes hard work and dedication to get to the top. “Get rich quick” programs only works for those who dream about it in their sleep. If you are lazy and look for a quick fix, move on, and join the thousands still looking after years of searching.

Have Patience – You cannot expect to become a super online marketer overnight. There is plenty to learn and implement in the online industry. Success does not come instantly, otherwise, everyone would quit their jobs and work online instead.

Get yourself a website at some point! – You will need traffic and Visitors to make sales! As much as I would like to elaborate on this topic, this is not the space to cover it in detail.  It is a long post, but it will definitely clear up confusion and set you on the right path.

Final Word…

When it comes to working online, the difference between good money and scraping the bottom of the barrel for cash is often the product that one chooses to promote.

There are many different business models that you can use to build an online business. One of the most lucrative is called affiliate marketing; promoting another person’s product for a percentage of the sale. It’s a business model that has been around since the internet was invented and it will continue to be a profitable business model for decades to come. It works.

But the problem with this model is that you need to find a good product to promote. One that delivers what it promises. It might sound like a simple task, but nowadays, there are so many junk products out there, that it can be difficult to find one that really makes the cut. That’s the reason I created this website in the first place – to expose the scams and recommend the best products.
7 Minute workout reviewAnother problem with affiliate marketing is that most people dive headfirst into the make money online niche. It might seem like a good idea, and there’s certainly still potential to make money in that niche, but what a lot of people fail to realize is that there are hundreds of other niches to work with.

One particular popular niche is the health niche, specifically, fitness and weight loss. Many fitness enthusiasts create websites, create content, and build a massive following of members, but don’t make much cash because they don’t have an awesome product to promote. After researching quite a number of programs, 7 Minute workout definitely has the potential to sell. It is effective, cheap, and relatively easy to work out a marketing strategy.

You are a Star and made it all the way to the end! Thanks for reading my 7 Minute Workout Review.  Please leave your questions or opinions regarding the program in the form of a comment.

If you enjoyed this post, please be so kind as to “like and share” so others can also benefit from it! Thanks.


Danelle said...

What a awesome review, like always you have outdone yourself and gave enough information to help us make an informed decision. Well done!

Do you promote 7 minute workout currently Christene? If you do, how can I join under you?

Do you still continue with the exercise program or was it only for the review? Reason I am asking, curious to know if it is a routine that is easy to stick with. So many people start with something and then give up because it is too boring or the lack of instant results.

Christene said...

Hi Danelle

Hope all is going well.

First, thanks for the positive reply, it is much appreciated. Glad that you enjoyed the review.

No, currently I am not promoting 7 minute workout. However, I am still visiting the exercise program itself frequently. At this moment my top affiliate programs keep me too busy to add another one. However, once work calms down a bit, I will definitely consider to actively promote 7 minute workout since it has loads of potential and also because it is a business that can be done without having to tell fairy tales.

Okay, in all honesty, I do not follow the program like I should, time does not count in my favor at this very moment and even 7 minutes a day is hard to spare. In addition, the sore muscles put me down a bit since I am an online marketer and need to type without the feeling that my shoulders is ripping off LOL. However, my son is actively following the exercise program and very pleased with it. Joel clearly has the ability to motivate the most stubborn because he even eats healthier ever since he started to follow the program.

7 Minute workout is definitely not a boring routine because it is so short, it is easy to manage each week. Instant results, yeah, those are just dreams, but, I did have sore muscles from doing the routines, thus, I think it is safe to presume that it does work.

Once my roller-coaster workload is finished I will definitely keep up with the exercise program again and participate by showing more results.

Chris said...

Great review Christene.

I do have a few questions:

1. How many upsells does 7 minute workout have? Most of these programs require a start up fee and then blast you with other products that you need to sell as well. I am looking for something with a one time fee to promote, not something that will requires people to buy even more products.

2. Do I need to attend webinars and private group functions on a regular base? I am working full time and cannot attend group meetings.

Thanks in advance



Christene said...

Hi Chris, hope all is going well.

The program itself obviously is only $47 per year, that gives you full access to the training program. No upsells to buy additional dumbbells or some rubber ball.

If you chose to promote 7 minute workout as well, that will be a $19 payment, once a month.

There is also has an option where you can become an Elite Syndicate Member for the cost of $97 per month. However, it is not a must and mainly for those who is experienced already and know how to leverage it correctly. You can make money with the basic membership of $19 a month.

No, you do not have to attend any meetings or webinars, you can work on your own time table from home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a shout, will do my best to help

Susan said...

Great review Christine.

I actually joined the 7 minute program a year ago and made some money with it by recommending it on facebook to my friends. I got busy with other stuff and never continued. Now would maybe a good time to pick off were I left, have many more friends on facebook now. Do you think I should just focus on facebook or should I get a website as well? Facebook only let me have 5000 friends, so I am limited, is there another way to get more friends?

Christene said...

Hi Susan

Glad to hear that you had some success with 7 Minute Workout. Currently Joel and his team are busy to upgrade the platform, making it even better. Definitely a good idea to continue Susan.

I do not recommend that you only use Facebook to promote the program, although it is a great platform to market, it is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. In addition, websites provide way more targeted traffic and you have your own "online space" where people can find useful content.

A website is a must for anyone who is serious about building an online business. It is your local point of distribution and place to interact and build trust. In addition, it also serves as a back up. Affiliate programs can fail, Facebook can blog your account or your product fails, to only name a few. With a successful website as backup, problems like these will not cause too much damage. Social media should be used to compliment your website.

You can read a bit more about the importance of website development here:


Facebook only allows for 5000 friends. However, you can create a Facebook page that is not limited by friends, but go on views and likes. Much better if you want to have a big audience. You can still use your Facebook profile to promote the page as well.

Feel free to shout if you have any questions.

John said...

Nice review! Very interesting stuff this 7min workout thing. me myself workout a lot and this maybe is something for me to start promote? hmm :o) I also started in this internet marketing bussiness a couple of months ago but my nich is not fitness...yet... and I have still so much to learn. Your site is GREAT and I will come back to get inspiration and to learn more from you! Thank you Christine

Christene said...

Thanks for the positive feedback John, much appreciated!

Yes, 7 minute workout is promising. For the last couple of weeks I stick to the video's and the training program is working well thus far. A bit stiff in my arms, but hey, no pain no gain!

I think there is huge potential to promote 7 Minute workout since it is a product that is real and works, unlike many programs with products not worth spending money on. In addition, Joel always makes a point to better his products all the time and he is always physically available to answer questions.

7 Minute Workout is almost finished with their update. New webpage and an entire upgrade on videos and tools.

Please do not hesitate to shout if you have any questions, will do my best to help!

Anonymous said...

I am currently with WA Christine and following the traing. Also busy to build my website. Looked at this just now and see that you recommend this. A bit confused now, my website is not about health and fitness but improvement tips. I really see myself with 7 minute workout and think that it would be fun to do this because I like fitness. Can I change my WA website to a fitness one or is it too late? I am a premium member.

Thanks in advance


Christene said...

Hi Kemp.

Hope all is going well.

Since you are a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you can have as many websites as you want on the hosting, you are not limited to only one. Blogging for money usually involves creating as much websites as you can over a long term period or as much as you can manage to create at any given time. You can still keep your improvement tips website, finish it and then add a fitness one as well. You will have 2 websites with an income potential instead of only one.

I do recommend to finish one website before you start on another. By finish, I mean, your site has to have at least 20 posts, are set up correctly SEO wise and is indexed by the major search engines. You will still need to add new content, but it will be at a point of stability.

7 Minute workout is definitely something worth promoting since so many people struggle to lose the pounds but does not have a lot of time to exercise. In addition, currently the program is updated and even better videos are in the making. Joel always makes a great effort to keep his programs updated and worth the money.

Feel free to give me a shout if you get stuck. You can also visit me at WA and send me a private message. Will gladly have a look at your website and give you tips and advice.

Rhyker2U said...

Thanks for putting this together. Somebody just showed me 7MWO of Joel Therien, and my first impression wasn't a good one. But you review made me change my mind!

Christene said...

Joel is a great marketer, always strive to improve his products and he is not "unreachable" like many others. He use to spam a lot, that has also improved quite a bit since I published the review. His emails are targeted now and focus more on the product at hand.

Thank you for leaving a comment.

Have an awesome day!

Unknown said...

Hey Christene,
Trust you are doing well this Saturday AM! Christene, I've been in this crazy world of network marketing for a long time and have done extremely well and also extremely sH**ty along the way! Anyway, I keep my earn open, and I do know about Joel and his successes and failures too! Anyway, I was very surprised to just run into their 7 Minute Workout program yesterday! And I don't live under a rock! (: I was really impressed with with I immediately saw and was doing some more research when I found you...And good overview, by the way! So I said all that to say, what's going on with this company NOW? Seems explosive and potentially HOT, but nothing online would indicate that! As most HOT programs, as you know will have YouTubes and personalized websites all over the internet! Right? ... So if you know where things are today, would you please fill me in:
1. Are they doing conference calls / webinars?
2. Is anyone making money?
3. Are you involved with this company personally?
4. If so, how's it going for you?
5. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Duane Henneman
Denver, CO

Christene said...

Hi Duane

Yes, I am doing fine, not Saturday anymore, but as far as I can recall it was a pleasant day as well, thanks for asking, hope you are doing fine as well.

Great to meet someone who has been at it for some time now and familiar with all the basics and advance.

Yeah, Joel definitely had his ups and downs, but I do respect him for doing something about the "downs" and working to better his programs.

7 Minute workout is actually old. At some point there was huge interest as far as I can remember, but then Pure Leverage came along and must've dampened it a bit. Not sure, but it is my suspicion. However, Joel is hard at work with 7 minute workout, revamped the site and fitness training video's.

Joel always has live webinars going on. Due to lack of time, I only viewed a few in the past, thus I cannot say for sure what the recent ones were about.

I saw people that make money with the program, but not sure about the quantity.

No, I am not personally involved with 7 minute workout at this time. However, it is not because a lack of trust, just time is a crunch right now with all my websites and the loads of traffic. I would actually love to promote 7 MW just because the product itself is good and Joel never shy away from his affiliates. I have no doubt that it will be a success with the right marketing strategy. Social media itself should be a good target for free traffic. Personally, I would focus more on selling the actual product because I know it works.

Please do not hesitate to shout if you have more questions, will do my best to help.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join the 7 minute workout, think it can work for me, both the fitness part and making money. However, I do not know other marketers there and would rather join under you because of the success I had at WA with your help.

Ash said...

Hello Christene!
Thank you for your in-depth review of 7 minute work out. I had no idea about this program before reading this review.
No matter what the niche is, finding a decent product to promote takes time and it's usually a bit hard to evaluate them.
At this time, I'm not in the health niche, yet I bookmarked this page to remember about this program and I will come back to check it again when I want to promote a health related program.
I do look forward to reading more great reviews from you.

Christene said...

Thank you for the kind words Ash, much appreciated.

Yes, Joel usually does not make such a big fuss over his programs and push for affiliates to promote it. The reason why I prefer such programs, it is not over saturated.

I have the same predicament at this moment, not anything in the health niche. Will definitely give this a try, once I have some spare time.

Christene said...

End of November I might have some spare time to set up a proper marketing channel for 7 Minute workout. Will keep in touch when it happens. In the mean time, you are always welcome to contact me via WA if you need advice.

Anonymous said...

Please consider to join Christine, I want to work under you!!!!

Isa Guha said...

Great article.

Web Design Company America said...

Hi, Christene I hope you are doing well, First I want to appreciate your review its absolutely wonderful to read your expertise. 7-minute work is a great program to join it could be very beneficial. But little off the topic, I must say that you need to re-design your website, I've visited it and in my opinion, you need to get a new website design for your website. With a new custom design, you will be able to attract more and more clients to your business.

Sara Smith

Unknown said...

" REALLY " 7 Minute workout offers a 30 day “No Hassles” money back guarantee.

If true than why have I been ignored by 'Support' in getting my MONEY back through a REFUND and having my Account Cancelled ?

I have emailed them at least 4 times without a reply from them on the matter, its RUDE when you're acknowledged, especially when You're not wanting to pursue the Business and can't afford the added expense at the moment ...

I gave them $47.00 as sign up fee, plus $50.00 per month after doing this my
I learn of an unexpected situation and its in my FACE about finances...

I have been Nice about my contact with Support but this being ignored by them is escalating, I don't want MONEY coming out of my account when I need it for immediate Needs .......

liv said...

Really useful informations

dominik221 said...

I am happy to review and read your blog.

olaf343es said...

It’s very excellent information