GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities 2019 Review

In this Review, we will take a look at GVO’s hosting plans and marketing tools to determine if it is a truly superior product. We will also take a look at the company’s other services and background to see if the people behind the company are either truly dedicated to helping individuals or if they are only interested in making fast cash. So, if you have heard about this company and are wondering if you should give them a shot, then this article will open your eyes and make it easier for you to make a smart decision. 

What is GVO All About? 

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) is a hosting company that also provides a wide range of services and marketing tools for online entrepreneurs and business owners. GVO has step by step videos on how to use their products which include hosting, auto-responder and backup. These products and videos can help you make your business a success.

GVO Joel therienGVO was founded in 1999 by Joel Therien and it is a rather old company that has been revamped multiple times to accommodate various needs within the marketplace. It started as an email management and auto-responder service and grew from there, now it offers a full package hosting and marketing tools.

Joel Therien is a big name amongst internet marketers, mainly because he is responsible for a few highly successful products like, Pure Leverage and 7 Minute Workout (Now Lifestyle).  

GVO Products


GVO offers a hosting plan to suit every website developer with prices that range from $5.56 monthly up to $11.96 for the enterprise plan. Obviously, yearly subscriptions offer a discount to save money.

gvo hosting review 
What will I get?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and disk space. 
  • 1 Domain and 1 CPanel total.  
  • Marketing Tools and a site builder.  
  • Support 24/7

Re-Seller Hosting

If you choose one of the re-seller hosting accounts you will also be able to participate in the affiliate program.

What do I get?  

  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space 
  • Unlimited accounts (Domains, sub domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, cPannels and FTP accounts) 
  • Marketing tools and site builder 
  • Support 24/7 

GVO review 2018

Cloud Servers

Basic Servers – Cloud service that offers redundancy without a cPanel or other tools. Customers have full root access to configure the server, however they wish.


Dedicated Servers – This service offers multiple servers and disks. Total root access control without throttling, sharing or hardware restrictions.

GVO Hosting

GVO Marketing Tools

Most of the marketing tools mentioned below are included in the hosting accounts.

Eresponder Pro

This is the flagship marketing tool and official name of the auto-responder service. This service is specifically designed for bulk email and included in the hosting packages. Eresponder is fairly simple service; you can create, send and track your email messages without too much effort. There is a small learning curve, but I have to admit that it is much easier to understand than the major email marketing companies. It is much simpler and to the point, less features, but it has all the basics you need to get started.

Key Features:

  • Send emails in plain text or HTML. 
  • Easy to use HTML editor. 
  • Create unlimited campaign. 
  • Personalized messages with custom fields. 
  • Subscriber filtering and sending. 
  • Daily activity report and click tracking and reporting. 
  • Unsubscribe function. 
  • Variety of forms to choose from. 
  • Unlimited Follow-Ups. 

GVO Hosting

Prospecting System

This is basically a lead capture system for those who are unfamiliar with creating capture pages that converts.

Key Features:

  • Connects to the Autoresponder.
  • Variety of templates to choose from.
  • Ad copy written for you.
  • Custom video lead capture pages.
  • Simple to set up, no advance skill necessary.

GVO Conference

GVO ReviewThis is a video and audio communications tool with desktop sharing capabilities. This will enable you to record sessions with the click of a mouse and works well for working long distance or doing business online. This system is included with all hosting accounts.

Key Features:

  • Works on PC and Mac. No download or installation required.
  • Desktop and file sharing.
  • Full video, chat and audio.
  • Password protection.
  • Owner/Moderator control.
  • Presentation mode.
  • Webinar conference room.
  • Option to upgrade to a 500 seat room.

Easy Video Producer

This tool will allow you to add professionally designed video’s to your website with only a few clicks of a mouse. It is included with your hosting account.

Key Features:

  • Record easily with your web cam
  • Record with camcorder and upload
  • Over a 100 easy to use design templates
  • Create your own description, keywords and titles.
  • Upload in minutes

gvo hosting review
Affiliate Program
To become an affiliate and earn commissions, you must have one of the Reseller hosting accounts to qualify. With the affiliate program you can earn “customer for life commissions” and bonuses for those you refer to the hosting program. 


  • GVO’s 24/7 live support videos are done in 5 different languages. Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and English.

  • Reasonably priced, considering the added tools that can easily cost a fortune by themselves if purchased separately.

  • They have an excellent customer service that even include a live chat feature. Great bonus in my opinion.

gvo support

  • Improvement for the future. Joel is a well known marketer and famous for striving to “always improve”. Flaws that exist now, will most likely be worked on to better the platform.

What About Cons?

My only concern is about the auto-responder. Many people are used to the larger email management companies like Aweber and GetResponse that they might not trust an email from a company that they never heard about. Not to mention it is no secret that this service is used to blast out emails. The majority of popular email companies like Gmail’s advance spam filter will catch most of these bulk promotional emails and sends them straight to the spam bin.

Nevertheless, like mentioned above, Joel is constantly working to better his programs to provide an outstanding service. GVO came a long way and many flaws have been corrected over the years to better the program. Apart from my small downside with the auto-responder service, I see no other major flaws. 

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You are a Star and made it all the way to the end! Thanks for reading my GVO Review. Please leave your questions or opinions regarding the program in the form of a comment, it would be much appreciated. 


  1. Do blogs, videos, or websites rank best in search engines?

    1. Blogs usually ranks the best, but there are various factors to consider with all three and not one is an exclusion. Video's for instance, can rank better than blogs if the SEO is done right. In addition, it depends on your choice of host for your blog. If it is an unreliable hosting company, the blog will not do well and ranking will be impossible no matter how much SEO you do.

      Many factors that determine a good ranking position like Social sharing, activity on the page/video, correct SEO, blog consistency and so forth.

      Your choice of niche will also determine what platform should be used. Niches that requires actual demonstrations, tutorials, or visual content, will do better with video in the search because people would rather watch a video than to read about it. Example, "How to change the oil filter on a car" The majority would click the video and thus if such a video is available, the search engines will rank it higher.

      Information based niches, do better with blogs because each week you can add more information and obviously the engines loves a blog that is alive and provides great reading content on a regular basis.

      I would say a blog and video should walk hand in hand. Both benefit each other. Video's drive traffic to blogs and V versa. You will end up with one of them ranking well.

  2. I do agree the cost for GVO autoresponder is very cheap, however, there is a problem that is important to disclose. There are many people who are marketing a number of things on the internet. For those who are building a client list through email it is important not to lose any potential future clients. What I have found recently is that I have been losing a large number of subscribers. I have found that if someone who was a member of a list that was contained anywhere within GVO unsubscribed from that list, well, it would ban their email address from subscribing in another list that was also located in GVO. Just so I make it clear if you were subscribed to a list that Marketer "A" owned and decided you no longer wanted to be a member you would request to be unsubscribed. That's pretty easy and it's also in compliance with the Spam laws. Now let's say you wanted to join a list that Marketer "B" owned and this list was also in GVO. It's not going to happen or at least not without you contacting GVO Support to help. I have had a number of people contact me to ask why they were having this problem. Just think of how many people couldn't join my list and didn't try to contact me? Just thought you should know.

  3. Well written review. Thank you


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