Armand Morin WebCamp (Learn University) Review

Who is Armand Morin?

Armand Morin is a well known Internet marketing expert with 20 years of experience in the field. He has built a multi-million dollar business that has reached over a hundred countries worldwide. In 1996, he started with no experience and only a $1.83 investment. Today, he is successful and teaches his exact methods and strategies to new as well as skilled marketers.

Today we will take a look at one of his learning programs called Web Camp (learn university) and see if it is worth the money and time. But first, a little more about Armand… 

Armand MorinArmand is one of my favorite marketers and I learned a lot from him over the years. Great personality and it is not hard to understand his success. Although his teachings cost money, he also hands out free, useful information. In addition, I like his method of teaching, simple and to the point, easy to understand and not to the point where you have to force yourself to stay awake. One thing I hate the most, training that drags on forever and by the time it is finished, you have forgotten everything. Armand get straight to the point and has the ability to keep you focused till the end.

I still own some of Armand’s training from 10 years ago and although some strategies have changed a lot over the years, there is still an abundance of stuff that work in today's online world. Safe to say that his training modules are well worth the investment.

Armand is also an international speaker and nowadays it seems to be his main focus point. Seminars are usually a big attraction and booked out in advance. He is definitely one of the most popular when it comes to big ticket seminars.

Armand Morin
Many of his students are top marketers themselves and made thousands/millions in online revenue, thus safe to predict that his training methods work well. He had an influence on my success as well and I would recommend his learning programs without a doubt.

His expertise include all the aspects of internet marketing that cover anything from list building to traffic generation and paid advertising.

Apart from being a Marketing coach, Armand has also developed software for the marketing industry. His eCover generator, eBook generator and header generator has been used by many for the last 9 years. Other software includes: Flash Pal generator, Instant PDF generator, Smart page generator and audio generator, to name a few.

What is Web Camp all about?

Every other month Armand holds live streaming seminars over a period of three days. These seminars cover various online business topics like paid advertising, residual income, traffic generation, list building and so forth. These events are 100% free if streamed live, all that is needed is to register for the event.

If you want to have access to all the previous recordings or maybe cannot attend the free ones due to work or time zone, you can become a Web Camp monthly member. As a member, you will have access to ALL the recordings of the past, present and future. All of the free presentations are packed with value and not the same strategies over and over again, definitely worth checking out if one feels serious about making money online. 

What does Web Camp cost?

The steamed attendance is free.

$47 monthly for access to all Web Camp


Current Web Camp Courses 

Armand Morin webcamp training

Below I will list a few of the courses that are currently available on Web Camp. Keep in mind, more courses are added every second month. Each course also has a list of subjects by itself that will fill this post in pages. However, I will highlight one course, just to give you an idea what to expect. 

  • WebCamp - Million dollar coaching
  • WebCamp - Million dollar game plan
  • WebCamp - Million dollar speaking
  • WebCamp - Lead generation
  • WebCamp - behavioral marketing
  • WebCamp - 30X
  • WebCamp - Facebook advertising
  • WebCamp - Coaching
  • WebCamp - Sales letter Secrets
  • WebCamp - List building
  • WebCamp - Product Creation
  • WebCamp - Traffic
  • WebCamp - Residual Income
  • WebCamp - Webinars
  • WebCamp - WordPress

Below, you can see the kind of training Armand presents and how thorough he is. 

Armand Morin webcamp training


  • The design of the platform is simple and it is super easy to find specific training events in one click. Unlike many other training programs, there is no clutter or information overload going on in the dashboard.

  • Video’s are great quality without any annoying background noise. (HD streaming)

  • Customer service is reliable and a money back guarantee available.

  • Easy to keep track, all the video’s of one specific seminar are neatly grouped into sessions. 

  • Valuable information is given that can be implemented immediately and produce results if followed correctly.

  • Armand is a great teacher that knows how to capture his audience.

  • Armand only teaches stuff that is up to date and methods he tested himself.

  • The training is not restricted, anyone from anywhere in the world can join.


  • Although webcams training is easy to understand, complete newbies might struggle a bit to come to terms with more advanced techniques. Like always, I do recommend very basic training to everyone who truly wants to become successful online. It is a complete struggle to understand how the online world works if you don’t at least have the basic knowledge. Like school, you have to learn how to read before you can write. Wealthy Affiliate is my number one choice for complete newbies, has both a free and paid for version. In addition, you do not have to keep the membership, once you have learned everything there is to know, you can move to more advanced training like WebCamp.

  • Training is only offered via video, no pdf’s or written pages available.

Free live events are only held every second month, thus, if you missed one, you will have to wait for the next one. I have to say tho, it is worth the wait if you don’t have the money to join WebCamp and have access to all the events. You can keep an eye open for free events by visiting the WebCamp Page Here. If the date has already passed, you can either join the membership for $47 or check back regularly for new free ones. 

Sign up for the next seminar

Other products from Armand that I favor.

Armand Morin has a huge variety of learning programs and software, these are the ones I use myself and found extremely helpful. In the future, I will definitely have a look at some of the other programs as well. 

armand morin productsAuto Web Law - Over 70 Internet Legal documents that includes purchase agreements, terms of use, privacy policies, website disclosures, copyright documents, disclaimers, FTC disclosure’s and so forth

Price - $147 

Armand morin productsMarketer CMS - A point and click system that allows people to publish their sales letters, testimonials, websites, optin pages and so forth without hassle. You simply follow the steps and fill in the blanks. Site’s created by this system is also 100% compatible with Google.

Price - $297 for developer license. $197 Regular


TubeSyphon - Step by step video training that teach people unique methods to get listed in the top Google results.

Price $47 

You are a Star and made it all the way to the end! Thanks for reading my WebCamp Review.  Please leave your questions or opinions regarding the program in the form of a comment.

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