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Update: 30 September 2018
Wix is currently one of the most popular "all-in-one" website builders. Wix has a lot of stunning features that will allow you to create the best and most beautiful websites you can.
People have chosen to create their websites with the platform for over 10 years. There is so much you can do with Wix like selling online or sending professional emails, but most importantly, building websites. They have millions of successful clients leaving you to believe that they are reliable and that you can count on them. In this review I will cover basically all of the services that they provide and what it will cost you. Now without further delay, lets get started. 

wix review


Wix was founded by Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan and Nadav Abrahami back in 2006. 

Product Cost

Price ranges from $4.50 to $24.50 per month.

They also offer a free account which is limited. The free account will also display Wix adds at the top and the bottom of your site. You can build any amount of websites with the free version.

wix pricing

The benefits of the Premium plan: 

  • The ability to connect your own domain.
  • Removes all Wix advertising. 
  • Extra bandwidth and Storage.

When you cancel your Wix premium plan, your site will return to the Wix free version. They will never destroy or delete your sites and you will still have full access to your websites. 

Website Builder

Wix Editor - You can either start from scratch or you can choose a designer made template. It also features a drag and drop tool to make it easier for you to create the website you want.

Wix ADI - Now I know some of us do not really want to, or do not have the time to create a website. Not to worry, with Wix ADI, you only have to answer a few questions and you will have a running website created just for you.

wix review

Wix Code - Use advanced capabilities, with Wix Editor features, to build custom web apps and interesting websites. Features include the following:

  • Dynamic Pages
  • User Input
  • Repeating Layouts
  • Advanced Code Capability
  • Content Management

Professional Features

Manage your website all from one place with professional web features. These features include:
  • SSL Certificate
  • Wix Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Free Hosting
  • Social Tools
  • Member Login
  • Analytics
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Professional Mailbox

wix review

Manage and grow your online business

Wix Stores offers you about 6 different features to help you get the beautiful store front that you want, and to help you manage it. You also get different payment methods, ability to ship your products worldwide and the ability to offer your customers great deals with coupons and discounts.

Wix Booking gives you the ability to, have people book your services, do secure online payments and deposits, provide private and group services, sync your Wix calendar with your google calendar, send auto email reminders and to manage everything from your phone. 

Wix Blog allows you to keep track of your blog and manage it. You can also add writers to grow your blog.

wix review

Wix music gives you the ability to showcase all of your music and albums using a customizable music player. You can also let fans listen, then share and/or buy your music directly from your site. You can even view stats like which songs are played, the most or which ones sell the most. 

Wix Photography allows you to protect your images with a watermark and password so others can not just use them. You can also sharpen and better your image quality and then display them in over 30 galleries.

With Wix Video you can load videos from anywhere, YouTube, Facebook and more. You can even create and customize your own showcase and sell, rent or offer subscriptions to your channel.

wix review

Use Wix Events to create and customize invites, manage RSVP’s, edit info, add new guests, view replies, make a price and sell your tickets directly from your site.

Wix Restaurants give you the ability to create or customize menus and give customers the ability to order food or book tables online.

Features for Promoting - You can now drive traffic to your websites with professional tools, and boost engagement so you can see how people behave when visiting your site. 

wix reviewDomains - You can choose from the most popular domain extensions like .com or .net and so many more. You will receive a voucher for a one year free domain when you sign up for one of the yearly premium plans.

You can furthermore, set up a custom email address to up your professional credit once you have finished setting up your own domain.

Hosting - You will receive free, reliable hosting for your website the moment you sign up, no matter if you choose the free account or the premium.

Web Apps - Wix has hundreds of Web Apps and I will list a few, not all, seeing as I do not really want this review to look like a grocery list.

  • Site Booster
  • Events Calender
  • Wix Hit Counter
  • Cookie Alert
And so much more.

Wix SEO - The Wix SEO Wiz provides everything you will need to set up the best SEO for your site. This will include a keyword analyzer, personalized plan, step by step guides and so much more.

wix review

Logo Creator -Are you in need of a logo? Well, you can create one with Wix. The Wix Logo Creator allows you to create a professional logo online. In order to do so, you only have to answer a few questions and you will get a design perfect for you.

e-Commerse - Create and customize your store to fit your ideas. It is simple, just choose one of the hundreds of designer templates, change and modify it to perfection with easy drag and drop tools, and you are set to go. You do not even need any tech knowledge. Your store will be automatically optimized for all devices, including mobile phones. 

wix review

Templates - Wix offers you thousands of templates to choose from when building your website, starting with business templates to fashion and beauty. If you want it, Wix almost certainly has it.

wix 2018


Wix has the most innovative drag and drop tools for their website builder, ensuring you have the best experience with their product. 

Another upside,  they seem to always come up with new innovative ideas and features, making sure that their product grows along with you. 

Wix has a page, specially set aside for new customization features like video backgrounds and the 3D animated effect called “parallax scrolling”. 

Help is offered on basically all the features, for instance, almost all of the features in the template editor have a help button that will open a related article with just a single click. 

wix 2018 review

They do have a free version for those on a limited budget who wants to test the builder before spending money. 

They have outdone themselves with the templates.

You can add animations to your site.

They have a boat load of apps.

They offer you back ups.

Wix has 24/7 support, either by phone or email. 

14 Day money back guarantee.

wix reviews


You cannot change the template once you have chosen one.

They do not offer blogging apps.

Websites can only be created from a laptop or PC. 

Bottom line...

Not in the mood for the technical challenge of working with code? The Wix editor makes it super easy for newbies to build a great looking website that preforms well with the easy drag and drop editor.  It only takes a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the dashboard. Keep in mind, the platform is free for as long as you want, but if you need more features like priority support or your own domain name, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium plans. On the upside, the cheapest plan is only about $11 a month, which is more than affordable in my opinion. 

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Wix rating

Do you use Wix or have used it in the past? 

Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you! 


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