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Update: 11 October 2018
Are you looking for an online store builder? I recommend Shopify, seeing as it is the best rated e-Commerce website builder in the world and really, who would not want the best. With 14 years of experience in dealing with clients and their sites, you can be sure that they are reliable and that they focus on providing what their clients need. Shopify offers you countless amounts of stunning tools and features, with stunning themes and support if you need it. Now before you make the decision of if this product is the right one for you or not, let me tell you the ups and downs of Shopify ensuring you can make the right call. 

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Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake and Tobias L├╝tke founded Shopify back in 2014. 

Product cost

Shopify has a free trial or you can choose one of the bigger plans which will cost you between $29 and $299 per month. They also have ShopifyPlus and ShopifyLite. Now ShopifyLite will cost around $9 and ShopifyPlus depends on your needs and so forth, but can range up or more that $2000. 

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Detailed Overview 

Online Store builder

Shopify will provide everything you will need to create and run your online business. It is rather fast and simple to set up your site, all you have to do is pick a theme, provide your products and starts selling. It is even possible to make a sale on the same day you signed up. 

You can also customize the themes and so on, giving your site a more glamorous look. All updates are done automatically, leaving you to receive the latest features without any hassle. 

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Social Media

Shopify websites are integrated with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and so forth. This allows your Facebook fans to browse and purchase products from you without having to leave Facebook. 


With Shopify, you can manage your inventory, track stock counts and stop selling products once the inventory runs out. Customers can also order and download digital products directly from your online store.

It is always best to offer different alternatives to your products such has different sizes, colors, materials and so much more. Each alternative can have a different price depending on its weight, SKU or the inventory you have left. You can, furthermore, organize your products by category, sales, types, season and so on. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of products you can sell with Shopify. Shopify also gives you the ability to add multiple images of your products, so you can display them properly and show off a bit. 

Customer Groups and Accounts

It is very easy to keep content organized with Shopify. You can place your customer info into categories based on purchase history, location and so much more, it is totally up to you.

Persuade customers to return to your online store, by giving them the ability to create an account upon checkout. 


Simply make use of the blogging platform provided by Shopify to, get involved with your client community, create lookbooks, encourage discussions, moderate comments and publish articles.

Gift Cards, Coupons and Discount Codes

Create gift cards, coupons and discount codes to up sales and attract new potential customers. You can even boost client loyalty.

These coupons and discounts can offer your clients free shipping, a percentage/certain amount off the original price or a buy one get one free deal, the choice is up to you. 

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Credit Cards, Payments and Checkouts

Shopify joins with over 100 different types of payments around the world, from PayPal to Bit Coin. You can accept credit cards and receive notifications when someone is paying you. Seeing as Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, you can accept Mastercard, Visa or any other credit card for that matter. This also means that your client's credit card data will be secure.

The checkout process is extremely simple, all your clients have to do is place their order and checkout, moreover, checkout can be done in 50 languages, if not more, so any customer anywhere in the world can use your store. 


Shopify has partnered with Google, so for every $25 you spent, you will receive $100 in the form of advertising to help you be more successful. 


Shopify will automatically take care off major country and state tax rates, so you do not need to worry about it. 

shopify review


Your shipping rates can be set up in multiple different ways, such as weight based, tiered, fixed rates or even location based rates. You can, furthermore, enlarge your customers average order size by providing free shipping when and order surpasses a certain amount of your choosing.

Users of the advanced Shopify plan will receive shipping rates for all major shipping carriers like FedEx and USPS. 


Shopify has over 100 free and premium e-Commerce templates to choose from when building your site, including fashion, electronics and jewelry themes. These themes are created by world renown designers such as Clearleft, Pixel Union and Happy Cog. In addition, each theme comes with its own set of setting, so you can customize it to your liking while having a preview of the theme while you are working on it. Each theme will be automatically integrated into social media, so your clients can spread the word. 


Set up a custom Fulfillment solution or connect to one, like Amazon, Shipwire or Rakuten Super Logistics. You can either fulfill single or multiple orders with just one click, making daily order management easy. 

Hire an Expert

The Shopify Experts are approved e-Commerce developers, designers and marketers that can help you make your online business a gigantic success. 

Need a web designer?

If you are struggling a bit or need some help, no problem, just talk to one of the Shopify experts and they will help you any way they can. 


Keep track of your sales and progress with the use of the built in analytics offered by Shopify. Use this info to make very important decisions about your business.

The Dashboard shows you your sales, traffic and orders, so you can make the correct decisions for your online store.

Get Product Reports to examine and gain insight into the growth of your store, and see which of your products are selling and which are not.

Export Reports to get analyzed in your personal best spreadsheet tool, or the reports can be sent to a bookkeeper/accountant for further review.

Track your sale, referrals and visits with the use of Google Analytics, which works with your online store.

Receive Traffic/Referral Reports, so you can see where your visitors are from and how they found your store.

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Domain Name

You can choose to use your own domain name, or you can purchase one from Shopify. It is fairly easy to buy and manage a domain with Shopify and the configuration along with the setup is completely automated. Set up a primary domain, but choose one that is memorable to use as the face of your online business. You can, in addition, manage your sub-domains, email forwarding, remove domains from the store and renew any of your domain names without a hassle.

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Oberlo helps you Find Products and add them right into your Shopify store, so you can start selling them immediately.

Oberlo will hold on to your products until shipping leaving you Free of Inventory.

Once you sell products, Oberlo will handle packaging and shipping, leaving you Free of Packaging.

Is Oberly really that easy? Well, it is. Oberlo is able to do all mentioned above, because they are experts in drop shipping. They do it all. 


Shopify provides you with free hosting no matter which plan you choose. It has unlimited bandwidth and you do not need to worry about downtime, because they keep excellent uptime.

shopify hosting


Shopify provides you with 24/7 support via email, phone or live chat. They even ask others to rate their support experience and then make it public for all to see, because they want you to have the highest possible service quality. 

Community and Help Center

Shopify has a community where anyone can get involved in the discussions on all kinds of topics, such as marketing strategies, accounting tricks, choosing a payment gateway and so much more.

The Shopify Help Center contains the step by step answers to commonly asked questions. They also have user guides and tutorials to help and teach you. 

shopify help

e-Commerce University

e-Commerce University is like a school about e-Commerce sites and so forth. They offer you video series, ebooks, webinars and so much more, to teach you about every aspect of the online business industry. You get to learn how to build, launch and grow online businesses and how to generate more traffic and sales. You, moreover, get the chance to go behind the scenes and learn from entrepreneurs that are already successful. 

shopify training

SSL Certificate

You will receive an SSL certificate, free of charge, no matter which plan you decide to take. This will make sure that you and your customers’ info is secure and protected. 

Mobile App

The Shopify mobile app allows you to literally take your store on the go. You can view all important info from your Android or IOS device without the hassle. Keep track of your sales statistics, check up on your orders, customer data and view products. The app also gives you the ability to do the following:

  • Update your store.
  • Manage your inventory.
  • Capture payments and Fulfill orders.
  • Look up and Contact customers.
  • Add products and change prices.

These days, most people cannot live without their mobile devices, so it is only fitting that your online store can be accessed and browsed from a mobile device. All Shopify plans include a free mobile commerce shopping cart so customers can make use of your store on the go.

shopify mobile

Email Marketing

Shopify integrates with MailChimp, so they give you multiple email marketing options. This allows you to notify customers of upcoming sales, new products and more. You can even customize your emails with email templates.


Potential clients must be able to find your store through the use of search engines, which is why Shopify supports SEO practices such as customizable H1, meta tags and title. They even generate sitemaps.xml files automatically, so your new products and site changes will show up on search engines quickly.

Free Tools

There are a lot of free tools, if not hundreds, and I tried listing them all, but it just ended up looking like a grocery list.

  • Logo maker- Create a logo that belongs to you.
  • Business name generator- With the use of science, they will help you find the perfect business name.
  • Slogan maker- Discover a slogan that is catchy and fits your brand.
  • QR code generator- This will generate QR codes for your business that can be read on a mobile phone.
  • Terms and conditions generator- Generates a list of things that are and are not allowed on your site.
  • Privacy policy generator- This will help you build a bullet proof privacy policy for your business.
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Shopify Apps

Shopify App Store provides you with over 2400 apps, some free, some paid for and some paid for, but with free trials. Once again, I only list a few to avoid a long list.

  • Ampify Me
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Oberlo
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The Hosting is excellent.

They offer a wide variety of features.

Their customer support is outstanding.

The ShopifyLite provides you with the better part of the basics at a reasonable price.

They have a wide range of templates that are stunning.


The pricing can be a bit steep, but you do get quality.

Once you cancel, your store and content will be deleted.

For every sale you make, Shopify charges a transaction fee, unless you use Shopify payment.

Bottom Line...

Not in the mood for the technical challenge of working with code? Shopify makes it super easy for newbies to build a great looking website that preforms well with the easy drag and drop editor. It only takes a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the dashboard. Most definitely the platform to use if you are serious about eCommerce.

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Do you use Shopify or have used it in the past?
Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you!

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