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Squarespace is a top-rated website builder, that offers you products and services to help to advance in your online career. You can create a website, blog, or online store and it would not even be that complicated. The builder provides you with all the needed tools and features to create and run a successful site. SS is an all-in-one platform offering services including e-Commerce, blogs, website builder and so much more. Their latest features like email marketing, video maker, and membership areas has moved them up on the list of top-rated builders and they are still working on making their product the best. One thing is for sure, you can count on Squarespace to provide you with what you need to make your business grow.

Squarespace is currently one of the biggest competitors other than WordPress.com when it comes to website builders.



What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a program that not only simplifies, but also provides everything needed to create websites, blogs, eCommerce stores, or even email marketing. To put it simply, Squarespace is a builder for everything online.

Who are the Founders?

Squarespace was founded by a single person; name Anthony Casalena.

Short History

Anthony Casalena founded Squarespace when he was still at University back in 2003 on April 3. The program was first founded as a hosting service for blogs, but obviously, he has added quite a few things since then. At first, he was the only employee, but by 2015, the program was doing so well, that the number of employees rose to over 500. Since then they have been nominated for an Emmy Award, and so much more. They have even kept up with the times by constantly upgrading their services and staying in tune with what is currently happening in the online world.

What Does it Cost?

The monthly plans cost between $19 and $65 per month, with some plans including certain tools, and other plans, excluding certain features. Be sure to check what is included before purchasing.

The annual plans can cost between $14 and $49 per month, with the same tools and features as the monthly plans, the only difference between the two, is that you get a discount if you were to choose an annual plan.

Certain tools and features are included in the 14-day free trial version one can use to test the product before committing to a plan.

(All plans include free hosting, at least 1 domain, free security, and 24/7 support).

Contact Squarespace regarding pricing for the enterprise plans.

Squarespace reviews

Any Up-Sales?

The up-sales depend completely on what plan you choose with Squarespace, as some plans include everything from eCommerce and blogs to domains and email marketing. So choose your plan carefully, otherwise, you will have to pay extra or find a third-party program to use.

On the other hand, domains will be charged apart from the plan if it was not included. Prices for domains or even extra domains can vary depending on a few things, so make sure to double-check before purchasing.

Email accounts can be purchased separately via Squarespace’s G Suite feature, which allows you to connect the accounts directly to your site.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Squarespace only offers a money-back guarantee for their annual plans, other plans such as monthly plans, domains, G Suite, and so forth do not have money-back guarantees at all. You have 14 days to cancel an annual plan and get your money back, but after that, no refunds.

I suggest making use of the free trial before paying.

What About Support?

Squarespace offers great support, and you do not even have to take my word on that, as they have actually won a reward for the support. Yep, that’s right, they offer award-winning support.

Award aside, the support offered by Squarespace comes in a few different forms, such as FAQ pages, webinars, forums, but most importantly, and the reason they won the reward, is the help and support system, which consists of videos to show you how things work, articles about everything Squarespace, and finally, contact. Yes, they have email and live chat support, so you can be sure that you will get help if you ever needed it.

Squarespace reviews

Squarespace - Pros

Templates are stunning and stand out plus you get the option to customize using CSS.

Everything on Squarespace, from the templates to the features is optimized for all devices including mobile.

The Logo Maker is simple and easy to use, along with the rest of its tools and features, such as the builder, drag and drop tools, and so forth.

They have videos, forums, FAQ pages and so on, where one can get help or learn how to use their platform.

Reliable hosting is included in all plans.

Squarespace reviews


Some of the plans offered by Squarespace are capped when it comes to pages, sites, and so forth.

Squarespace coding does not apply to other programs, so it might take a minute to reorganize when moving either to or from Squarespace.

Squarespace - Features

Build a Website

Make use of the drag & drop builder and various other tools to create a beautiful and successful website/blog.


Squarespace has a large range of templates differencing in shape, size, layout, and even theme. Not only is there a lot to choose from, but you also have the option to customize with the use of custom CSS. To create a stunning, successful, and unique website, like no other. Templates are also compatible with all devices including mobile.


The handy analytic tools allow you to monitor everything, whether it is traffic, where traffic is coming from, ranking, which content is popular, activity on your site and so much more. With insight comes the capability to better a website.


Use Squarespace to create the perfect blog, or use the Blogging tools to post, update, share, categorize, schedule and so much more.

SEO Tools

SEO is made so much easier with the built-in SEO Tools from Squarespace. No more guessing or hours upon hours, researching, creating, and so forth. It is done for you.

Squarespace reviews

Apps and Tools

Integrate popular apps such as YouTube with your website and all your tools and features will be available in one place.

Marketing Tools

Make use of SEO tools, banners, promotions, analytics tools, email campaigns, and even social media tools to make your site/store more popular and draw more traffic.

Hire the Experts

Do not know how or just do not want to build your own site, no worries, just hire a Squarespace expert to build it for you. Answer a few questions, give a bit of info and everything will be done for you.

Go Mobile

Download and install the Squarespace app for IOS/Android, and manage your website on the go.


Squarespace offers a wide range of domains along with the ability to transfer an already owned one to their program, hassle-free. Squarespace domains include SSL Certificates plus WHIOS privacy for suitable TDL’s, and the best part is, you will receive these features even if you transfer your domain to Squarespace.

Squarespace reviews

Online Store

Build the perfect online store where you can sell physical/digital products, services in either person or online. Manage your store from your mobile while on the go or integrate apps to get even more tools and features.


Make use of third-party extensions to add extra tools and features to use during and after building your site.


Squarespace scheduling provides a few services like booking appointments, keeping on track, staying organized, setting pricing plans, and even integrating other apps like Google calendar.


Squarespace allows you to accept payments in multiple ways, whether it is cash, PayPal, master card, and so forth. They even accept a multitude of currencies from the US Dollar to Pounds.

Squarespace reviews

Logo Maker

Make use of the Squarespace logo maker to design the perfect logo for your brand, business, and so forth.


Email Marketing

Start email campaigns to promote your business/website, and make use of the marvelous email templates, tools, analytics, and other handy features.

(Anywhere from $5 to $48 per month, billed annually, if not included in the main plan).

Professional Email

A professional email is an email from G Suite and it includes; domain name, security, collaboration tools, cloud-based storage, marketing tools, customer support, websites, online stores, and so much more, with the best part being that the first year is free.

Squarespace reviews

Final Word...

Not in the mood for the technical challenge of working with code? The Squarespace editor makes it super easy for newbies to build a great-looking website that performs well with the easy drag-and-drop editor. It only takes a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the dashboard.

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