Squarespace 2018 Review

23 October 2018
SquareSpace is a top rated website builder, that offers you products and services to help to advance in your online career. You can create a website, blog or online store and it would not even be that complicated. The builder provides you with all the needed tools and features to create and run a successful site. SS is an all in one platform offering services including e-Commerce, blogs, website builder and so much more. With their latest features like email marketing has moved them up on the list of top rated builders and they are still working on making their product the best. One thing is for sure, you can count on Squarespace to provide you with what you need to make your business grow.

Squarespace is currently one of the biggest competitors other than WordPress.com when it comes to website builders. 

squarespace review


Anthony Casalena is the founder of Squarespace and it was founded back in April 2003. Anthony founded Squarespace while still in university from his dorm room. He has since upgraded Squarespace quit a bit and is to this day the CEO of Squarespace.

Product Cost

With Squarespace you choose one of two options. Either an online store plan or a website plan. The website plans range anywhere from $12 to $18 in price. The online store plans range anywhere from $26 to $40 in price. All plans are paid monthly and include free unlimited hosting, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, top of the line security, and 24/7 support. You can always, first sign up to the 14 day free trial to make sure Squarespace is what you want. 

Detailed Overview 

Website Design

With the drag and drop feature you can easily move images, or adjust, add, and remove sections of a page. The templates, are all optimized to work on all devices, meaning it is only necessary to create a single page. Make sure your website is perfect with tests and previews before posting it online. You can also use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) from Google to load content faster on a mobile.

Each template has built-in integrations, so no need to struggle with navigating an app marketplace or the struggles of installing plugins. The integrations provided by Squarespace are top of the line, they include, Google Drive, Getty Images, Adobe Creative Suite and so much more.

SS offers a lot of customizable settings such as colors, fonts, page configurations and more. With this you can truly make your website unique. 

squarespace review


When purchasing a domain with Squarespace, they will include a 2048-bit SSL certificate and free WHOIS privacy for suitable TLDs. If you already have a domain, you can simply transfer it to Squarespace and still receive all of the benefits that are included when purchasing one.

squarespace reviews

Online Store

The all-in-one platform provides you with everything needed to run and grow your business. Let us have a look at the key features:

  • There is no limit to how many products or services you can offer in your online store. It is up to you.
  • Organize and manage your products with categories, tags and the drag and drop sorting tool.
  • Drive sales by letting clients engage with your products via embedded images, videos, and so much more.
  • Remind clients, via email, about items in their cart and tempt them into completing the purchase.
  • The single page checkout is optimized for mobile to make it easier for clients to buy from different devices.
  • Offer discounts, free shipping and more to further tempt clients into purchasing from your online store.
  • Squarespace offers a 128-bit SSL encryption to make sure the connection between your site and your clients’ browser is secure.
    squarespace overview
  • Get more sales by offer multiple methods of payment like credit cards, PayPal and so much more.
  • The CRM tools give you insights like order history, average order value and more.
  • Keep track of orders, revenue, units sold, and more to make informed decisions for your business.
  • The Ship-Station integration allows you to prints shipping labels in batches.
  • Provide accurate shipping cost by calculating real-time rates from UPS, FedEx, and USPS at checkout.
  • Handle refunds, fulfill orders, send shipment notifications and update stock levels while you are on the go.


Use Squarespace Email Campaigns to stand out in any inbox.

Use Search Engine Optimization to get your site rated on the top pages and make it easier for people to find you.

With Social Integration, you can update your content once in order to share it across Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. Your visitors can share your content by making use of the Share and Pin It buttons. 

squarespace review
Customer Engagement allows you to collect info from your clients via SignUp forms, surveys, applications and much more.

Provide Maps and Information to show visitors where your business is located and to give them your business’s story.

The Squarespace Blogging functionality is complete with videos, images, galleries and audio. It comes with built-in RSS, ensuring your readers never miss a thing.

Create a Calendar or make a list of events to give your visitors the ability to RSVP from your site. 

Squarespace Analytics provides you with a single interface, from which you receive visual reports on statistics like conversion, page views, popular content, and way more. 

squarespace review

Email Marketing

Save time and avoid mistakes by importing content directly from your site to draft emails. Another upside, everything is one click away, including your products, social icons, mailing lists, logo, and blog posts. Add images to snatch the attention of the viewers or use a button to drive clicks. Use different colors and styles to fit the content of your email.

You can announce a product, share updates or send invitations yo your subscribers, and with 30 starter layouts to use, you can do all of this with style. There are even drag and drop sections to customize, so you can organize and format your content any way you see fit.

With a single, centralized dashboard, you can manage all of your email marketing, using any device. 

squarespace 2018 Review

Professional Email 


  • Create custom email addresses for your domain name with G Suite.
  • Your business is protected by Google’s industry-leading security.
  • Easily manage your email accounts and aliases.
  • It has never been easier to share files for input, just use Google Docs, Presentations, and Sheets.
  • Access your email and files anywhere, from any device. You can read, draft, and edit offline and then send and update when you have internet access.
  • Store your emails and files in the cloud, so you never lose your progress.


Squarespace provides only the best templates, designed by a team of expert designers. These templates are award winning, all in one template, that set the industry standard. Use the built-in custom CSS editor to apply custom CSS to any template design you choose.

squarespace templates


The Squarespace customer support team are highly trained professionals that are always there to help how they can. You can receive personal support via live chat or email. The support team will be ready to help you 24/7, so no worries when you get stuck, just ask for help. 



The templates are stunning and can really make a website shine.

Everything is optimized for mobile devices.

Customization is really easy and coding is not needed.

Squarespace provides an online logo maker that is simple and easy to use.   

Hosting is free, fast and reliable. 

A multitude of helpful articles, video and webinars to learn and develop ones site or store.

squarespace articles



Even though the templates and so on are optimized for all devices, you cannot build and/or customize a different site for mobile devices.

The lower plans of Squarespace caps the amount of pages and products.

Bottom Line...

Not in the mood for the technical challenge of working with code? The Squarespace editor makes it super easy for newbies to build a great looking website that preforms well with the easy drag and drop editor. It only takes a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the dashboard.

 Visit SquareSpace

squarespace rating

Do you use Squarespace or have used it in the past?
Please be so kind to tell us about your experience. This will help others to make an informed decision. Thank you!


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