WordPress 2020 Review

15 October 2018
WordPress is a website builder with lots of features and tools to make building a site easier. There are three methods of how to use WordPress. One, the use of WP through a hosting company like Bluehost or DreamHost. Two, the use of WP by downloading the program to your desktop. Three, the use of WP online.

WordPress.org - this would be the main website where you will be able to download the free WP software for installation with your own hosting company and you will link your own domain to it. 

WordPress review
WordPress.com – This Platform is very similar to a blogging platform as to the way they work. Here you can use the WP platform without the need for your own hosting and domain. Unlike with WordPress.org, when building a blog on this platform, you will not have full ownership, because your site or blog will be hosted on their servers. 

This platform works in a very similar way to an online blogging platform, that will enable you to use the WP platform, but without the need for own hosting or domain. The basic features are free, but you are presented with the option to upgrade to bigger bandwidth and storage along with more advanced plug-ins and premium features.

Product Cost

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are free to use for life, however, WordPress.com gives you the option to upgrade, in order to receive more advanced plugins and features, along with more storage and bandwidth. These upgrades can cost anywhere between $4 and $25 a month.

WordPress pricing
Detailed Overview

The installation of WordPress onto your host is rather easy to do and can be done without any hassles. WordPress is highly customizable with a vast variety of widgets and plugins to choose from which in overall gives webmasters total control over their sites. WP indeed has tons of themes to choose from, and if you can't find what you are looking for, there are even more free downloads available all over the internet. WordPress allows its users to add sub-pages, making it more convenient to organize the site content. We all know that a messy blog is just about enough to chase visitor away, and by using sub-pages content can be organized neatly and attractively. Having a unique blog or site will always have a positive result.

Website Builder

WordPress is a very popular program, used to build website, e-Commerce and so much more. They provide you with a lot of features, tools and capabilities, including the following:
    wordPress Review
  • Built in SEO
  • Social Media Integration
  • Support in the form of Live Chats, Emails, Videos, Forums and Support Pages.
  • Custom CSS
  • Website statistics
  • Themes
  • Desktop/Mobile Apps

Website, Blog or Both -
You can either build a stand alone website, create a blog or do both, it is your choice. 

Intuitive Builder - The WordPress Editor is a fast and intuitive builder which includes HTML and Markdown support. It, furthermore, will save your work every few seconds while you are building, so you will never lose your progress.

Embed or Upload Media - The drag and drop tool allows you to well, drag and drop images onto pages and posts. This enables you to create and design stunning photo galleries. You can also embed documents, audio and so much more onto your pages and posts.


Domain names allow people to find your website easily, and the more unique it is the better. With WordPress you can either buy a new domain name, or transfer one that you already own. WP also allows you to connect your email with your custom domain. All you have to do is use your custom domain name in your email address. You can do so by activating email forwarding, G Suite or one of the other existing email services.

WordPress review


WordPress e-Commerce offers a massive amount of e-Commerce options, from a fully customizable online store to one click payments. They allow you to go crazy when creating your online store and the only limit is your imagination. It is way easier to accept payment when using WP and you can literally sell any product anywhere in the world. They even provide every tool needed to create an online store including extra. E-Commerce could not be made simpler. 

Wordpress reviews


WordPress has hundreds, if not thousands of themes to choose from, and the ability to customize them to your liking. Some are free and some have to be paid for.

wordpress 2018


Hosting is included with every plan, even the free one (WordPress.com). The WP Hosting is fast and reliable, and you do not need to worry about downtime. Most hosting companies offer WordPress hosting to make life a bit easier for everyone. 


WordPress offers you thousands of plugins to make everything simpler, easier and to give you the ability to do something great. WordPress comes with thousands of plugins included, plus the option to download and install even more. I will not list them all, due to the fact that there are so many.

  • Essential SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WordPress.com stats (Our version of Google Analytics)
  • Akismet (Advanced anti-spam security)
  • Embeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more)
  • Advanced Commenting (Comment likes, user mentions, notifications, and more)
  • Backup & Export (24/7 backup of your entire site)
  • Advanced galleries (Tiled, mosaic, slideshows, and more)
  • Extended Widgets (Flickr, Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more)
  • Extended Shortcodes (Video, audio, and more)
  • Form builder (Contact forms)
  • Email subscriptions (Follow button)
  • Likes (For Posts) 
wordpress review

Google Apps

With Google Analytics, you will get detailed statistics showing you where your visitors are coming from and if they are responding to your marketing efforts.

Improve your site’s performance and your workflow with the G Suit integration. 

wordpress overview

The Google Search Console allows you to see your site in a way similar to how a search engine does. This gives you the ability to optimize your site for maximum traffic and success.

Write, edit, and collaborate in Docs with Google Docs for WordPress.com. You can then save it as a blog or post on any WP site. No more copy and paste hassles, all content will transfer from Docs to WP.

Manage your media and save content on web storage with Google Photos. This will allow you to browse, search and copy images from your Google account straight to your WordPress blog posts and pages, rather that uploading it over and over again. 

wordpress review

WordPress.com offers a lifetime free version for those who cannot afford it.

They have plenty of useful add-ons, plugins and extensions.

They offer thousands of theme options that are rather easy to customize.

Because of the fact that WordPress is such a popular program, most third party companies and tools offer WordPress integration.

"Go by WordPress.com", where experts share their knowledge on building and growing a successful web presence.


It can take some time for beginners to learn to use WP.

A bit of basic HTML and CSS knowledge will be needed to use WordPress. 

Bottom Line...

Within this WordPress Review I had pin out the most important factors when it comes to deciding on a blogging platform. In over-all, most individuals do favor WP above all the other platforms for it had gained great popularity within the last years. When you are thinking about building a serious online business, I would most defiantly recommend downloading the WordPress software onto your own Host for the most popular ,but also successful marketers choose this method when it comes to creating a niche or market based online business. WP enables you to express or brand yourself, business or products in a unique way.

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Have you used WordPress in the past or present?

Please be so kind to leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Always nice if a opinion is not one sided and shared by many, it will help others to make the right decision and save time and money. Thanks! 


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