A2 Hosting Review - 2022 Update

A2 Hosting is one of the leading hosting providers currently and one of the contestants for the top 5 hosting providers. This is a review to see if they are worth all the fuss, to take a look at what they have to offer and to see whether or not they are worth the time. Finding a hosting provider can be quite a headache, so as to not waste time, let’s begin.



What is A2 Hosting?

Hosting is a necessary service for those who build or have websites. When one creates a website, one needs a server (Computer/program that provides functionality for other programs/networks by managing network resources.) on which to ‘Host’ it. Since there is such a high demand for hosting, companies like Hostinger, SiteGround, and so forth, buy hundreds of servers and then rent ‘space’ on them out to people with websites.

A2 Hosting is one of the hundreds of hosting companies out there today, with features and tools that are common in the hosting world and ones that are unique to them. They offer different types of hosting, providing for the needs of different types of websites and their owners.

A2 hosting review

Founders and History

A2 Hosting was founded back in 2001 by Bryan Muthig and an unknown partner as a hobby. In 2003 it was officially named A2 hosting as a tribute to their home town, Ann Arbor, MI. It became one of the first hosting companies to support PHP 5 in 2004 and in 2006 – 2007 they launched MySQL 5, cPanel 11, and VPS Hosting. They furthermore launched hosting in their data centers in Amsterdam and Singapore back in 2015. Since then they have added Managed WordPress hosting, better support services, upgrades, and so forth.

Any Up-Sales?

With A2 Hosting one only has to pay for the hosting plan, and nothing else. You get what you paid for. There are no up-sales or anything of the kind. The only time you will have more than one bill to pay, is if you have more than one plan, which is highly unlikely.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

A2 Hosting does indeed have a money-back guarantee, with no limited time period whatsoever. Yes, that is right, you can get your money back anytime, as they have an anytime money-back guarantee.

What About Support?

A2 Hosting has GURU as their support, which offers email, online chat, phone calls, guides, FAQ pages, and so forth to help with problems or answer questions.

A2 hosting reviews

A2 Hosting - Pros

A2 Hosting offers amazing support.

SSL is included in basically all of their plans.

They offer servers with and without root access, as well as unmanaged ones.

A2 Hosting has its own website builder but offers WordPress as well.


A2 Hosting does not have cloud hosting solutions.

A2 Hosting does not offer Windows hosting.

Let's Sum This Up

A2 Hosting is an old, reliable company that keeps up with the competitive market, making them in my opinion the best hosting company out there today. Usually, companies provide remarkable services in one aspect of the business, but not the other, which is why it is always so hard to find the right company, however, A2 Hosting excels at all aspects and services, making them almost an all-in-one hosting company. I almost always recommend the older companies, as well as the ones that are keeping up with the competitive market over the years. A2 Hosting is not only keeping up with the market but is also one of the older companies out there, still going strong after all this time. it's not always about the big things, but sometimes it's about the little things as well, which is why A2 hosting is one of the companies, I highly recommend.

A2 Hosting - Features and Prices

Shared Hosting

With Web hosting or Shared Hosting, multiple clients share a singular server, making it one of the most affordable hosting services out there. It is perfect for starter sites or small ones that do not need a lot of resources.

With A2 Hosting’s Shared Hosting a bunch of clients shares a server that is fast and reliable, with the promise of 20x faster speed and no downtime. They offer free site migration for those who want to move an already existing site to A2 and 24/7, 365 days a year support.

Features included are; Websites, Easy Site Migration, SSD Storage, Backups, Email Accounts, Free SSL, CloudFare CDN, Website Builder, and more. Amounts and features depending on the chosen plan.

Cost: $10.99 - $25.99 per month, with discounts if you join for longer periods of time.

Reseller Hosting

Make use of A2 Hosting’s top services, and host your own clients on their amazing servers, with no worries about managing servers and so forth. Their 99.9% uptime guarantee and faster speeds make it more reliable, a handy thing to have as down or slow servers mean no clients.

Features include; SSD Storage, 20x turbo option, cPanel/WHM Control Panel, WHMCS or Blesta, GB Transfer, SSL, Billing software and so much more. Features and amounts depend on the plan chosen.

Cost: $34.99 - $79.99 per month, or $35.99 - $65.99 for turbo plans.

A2 hosting reviews

VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting does not have root access.

Features that are included; Easy site transfer, storage, RAM, TB Transfer, SSL and SSD, Cores, cPanel, Updates, and so much more. What and how much of it you get depends on the chosen plan.

Cost: $49.99 - $145.99 per month.

Unmanaged VPS

VPS hosting that is not managed and best for developers.

Included features are; Root access, SSD, Storage, RAM, TB Transfer, Cores, 20x faster turbo option, choose your own operating system and so much more. Features and amounts depend on the plan chosen.

Cost: $6.99 - $114.99 per month.

WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting specifically designed to work with WP and WordPress alone.

Features included; Websites, Site Migration, SSD Storage, Backups, Turbo, Email Accounts, cPanel, Unlimited Transfers, SSL, and so much more. All plans are different and what you get depends on the plan chosen.

Cost: $10.99 - $25.99 per month.

A2 hosting review

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting created to work with only WordPress, and WP features.

Included features; Backups, Websites, SSL, JetPack, 1-Click Site Staging, Site Migration, Storage, Powered by Plesk control panel, Turbo, Unlimited Transfer, WP-CLI, and so much more. Features included depending on the chosen plan.

Cost: $23.99 - $61.99 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

Unmanaged Server

Servers that are not managed, which are best for developers.

Cost: $199.99 - $699.99 per month.

Managed Server

Servers that are managed, but do not give root access.

Cost: $249.99 - $749.99 per month.

A2 hosting review


A2 Hosting offers domains of all kinds including the main ones like .com, .net, .org, and so forth. A hosting company that offers such a multitude of domains and the ability to transfer already owned ones are much better companies than those that don’t, seeing as a domain name is the most important part of building a website. Prices of the domains vary depending on the name, the address, and a few other key details, so just browse till you find the perfect one.

Other Features/Services

SSL Certificate: $19.99 - $1299 per month, some plans, annually.

Email Hosting: $10.99 - $199.99 per month.

Blog Hosting: $10.99 - $25.99 per month.

Website Builder: $10.99 - $26.99 per month.

Ecommerce Hosting: $23.99 - $749.99 per month.

Business Hosting: $23.99 - $749.99 per month.

Agency Hosting - $34.99 - $119.99 per month.

Personal Website Hosting: $10.99 - $61.99 per month.

Linux Hosting: $10.99 - $749.99 per month.

cPanel Hosting: $10.99 - $749.99 per month.

Affiliates: Earn commissions, amounts depended on your, referral rate.

A2 hosting review

Knowing what type of hosting you want and the service you expect in advance will help you to choose the right company without wasting money. Feel free to read the following articles if you are unsure about your needs.

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