Blogger Review - Still Worth It In 2022?

Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google and it offers an easy way to create a blog that is non-tech and easy to use. With big competitors like WordPress and Wix, I had to wonder, if Blogger is still relevant in this day in age with the technology that took big leaps toward creating stunning websites. Is this simply a newbie platform for the beginner or something that can grow with its user over time? I have been using Blogger for 10 years and thus feel qualified enough to review the platform and share my experience.

Blogger reviews



Free - You only need a Google account.

History and Ownership

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms around. It was founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs and in 2003 Google took over and redesigned the platform to become one of the most popular blogging platforms.

Blogger vs Blogspot

Blogger is the publishing platform where you will create your blog. Blogspot is the free domain service provider. Both are owned by Google and used together. When you create your site on Blogger, you will automatically get a Blogspot domain. You also have the option to add your own custom domain.

User Interface

Blogger is straightforward, the interface is easy to navigate and tabs are clearly marked. A child can use the platform and get along just great. The reason why it is the number one for beginners.

Any Up-Sales?

None whatsoever. The only thing that will cost you extra is if you choose to buy your own custom domain. Usually, that will be via GoDaddy.


Blogger has a help center and a supportive community to answer questions. I would not rate it as the best support there is, some questions on the community lack the correct answers or are outdated, and sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to solve a problem. However, the help center covers all the major problems and it is usually easy to figure out. Been using Blogger for 9 years, every day, and honestly, I never had a problem big enough that I could not solve it via the help center.

Blogger reviews

Blogger – Pros

Creating a blog on Blogger is simple and straightforward. It is beyond easy to use and manage the platform. No technical skills are needed.

Free, the only thing you will need is a Google account.

The blog is hosted by Google, meaning no issues with downtime.

No software updates as updates are done by Google themselves in the background.

The option to earn from your blog with Adsense.

Secure platform

If you use YouTube, Gmail, Adsense, and all of the Google services, it will be easy to intergrade these with your blog.

Blogger reviews


Google can suspend your blog at any time. You are not the owner of your content, Google owns it. Meaning, that if you cross the line, your blog will be snuffed. I never encountered this issue with my blogs because I keep the rules, but keep in mind that it is a possibility. If you plan to write about violence, racism, pornography, or anything that might trigger a “report this website” for inappropriate content, it would be best to go another route.

You are limited to basics as this is a free platform. Not a massive variety of themes or gadgets to monetize with. I list this as a con, however, I feel the platform offers more than enough to work with compared to other programs.

Let Us Sum This Up...

We have to keep in mind that this is a free platform and obviously if one wants superb with minimal issues, it would be best to rather pay for hosting and install WordPress instead. Sometimes, simple is more, just because there are no fancy themes and tools available, it does not mean that you cannot create something stunning anyway. Blogger’s themes are fully customizable and if you have imagination, you can create something that looks like a professional website.

The biggest issue I have with Blogger is that you have no ownership of the blog. As I mentioned above, it can be snuffed if it gets reported too much for inappropriate content. I do however make use of the backup feature just in case. You have the option to export your blog to your computer and you can move it to WordPress if you choose so. Some hosting companies like BlueHost will move your Blogger Blog for free or charge a small fee.

Overall, after using the platform for almost 10 years, I still love it and have websites on both WordPress and Blogger. Blogger has a few things that are priceless and hard to find with other hosting companies, therefore worth the risk for me. One of them, is being able to handle traffic spikes effortlessly and not charging additional fees or throttling the hosting service.

Blogger review

This brings us to the question;

Is it still a top blogging platform in 2022 with all the competition out there?

I would say yes, most definitely an option to consider. Not an easy choice because you will have to decide what features you really want and which ones you can do without. WordPress is on top for a good reason, it is the new age of blogging and website creation. However, if you love the simpler things in life and like to be easy-going, Blogger is a good choice. Be responsible and back up your blog on a regular basis, do not post inappropriate content and you should be just fine.

Blogger – Features


You have the option to monetize your blog with Adsense and promote it with Adwords to earn an income from your blog. The platform provides stats about your earnings to help you keep an eye on clicks and so forth.


My favorite part of Blogger is the detailed statistics that come with it. It includes page views, daily visitors, where your visitors come from, views on each post, Top Referring URLs, your audience, and so forth. It is pretty impressive for a free blogging platform.

Blogger reviews


You can add these to your sidebar/s and footer. It includes stuff like:

  • Labels - Show all the labels.
  • Pages – Display a list of stand-alone pages on your site.
  • Link List – A collection of your favorite web pages or whatever you choose to link to.
  • Text – Add text to your sidebar or footer.
  • Featured Post – Highlight a post on your blog.
  • Blog search – Allow visitors to search your blog.
  • HTML/Java scrip – Add third-party functionality or code to your blog.
  • Profile – Display information about yourself.
  • Blog Archive – Make it easy for visitors to navigate with links to older posts.
  • Translate – Allow visitors to translate your post via Google translate.
  • Contact Form – Add a contact form to make it easy for visitors to reach you.
  • Popular Posts – Display your most popular posts.
  • Follow by Email – Visitors can subscribe to email delivery when you publish a post.


This is where you can work on the layout of your blog. Customize the header, sidebars, footers, and add gadgets.

Blogger review


SEO on Blogger is basic. In your editor, you can add a search description and this will obviously be your long-tail keywords (or single keywords). In the editor, you can also choose between header, sub-header, main header, and so forth and this obviously represents your H1, H2, and H3. They provide enough SEO to get you started; however, you might want to do a bit of SEO yourself as well. I must add, that I never had problems to rank with Blogger using the SEO provided. Simple, yet effective.

Hosting your Blog

Your blog will be hosted on the Google servers and that includes all your videos and images. Best hosting there is on this planet, you can take my word for it! In the years I used Blogger, not once did one of my sites went offline or had downtime. The biggest reason why I stick with Blogger, it is reliable and the load speeds are up to standard ALL THE TIME. Many times I had a steep increase in traffic and the platform handled it well.


Blogger has a good variety of themes to choose from. They are designed to be easily monetized and will work on almost any niche of your choice. If you can absolutely not find one that is suitable, you can just go with the “Simple” themes and then monetize it yourself by adding color, a header image, changing the font and font colors, and so forth.

Blogger review


A good amount of settings that include some of the following: (Please do not make me mention everything)

  • Your Title and blog description
  • Privacy
  • Blog address, custom domain, and redirect domain
  • HTTPS availability and redirect
  • Permissions – Blog admin and authors
  • Post settings
  • Comments Settings
  • Email settings
  • Formatting
  • Meta tags
  • Errors and redirects
  • Crawlers and indexing
  • Monetization
  • Backup and import

Writing and Publishing

The writing platform is straightforward with clearly marked tabs. Easy to add images and videos to your content with the option to add a video straight from YouTube or upload your own. You have a “preview” option to view the page before publishing and also the option to save it as a draft. Publishing is easy with a huge “publish” tab.

Blogger reviews

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Do you use Blogger or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us all about your experience and help me to make this a post that is not just a one-sided opinion.

Thank You!

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