Hostinger Review - 2022

Hostinger is one of the leading hosting service providers out there today. In this review, we will take a look at what they have to offer, their guarantees about their services, and whether or not the program is worth your time. As we all know, choosing a hosting company can be a headache, especially with so many hosting companies popping up everywhere and finding out whether their services are worth your time and money, can be an excruciating process, but that is why we review everything, making it easier to pick. So as not to waste time or cause extra headaches, let us begin.


What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a hosting and domain company. They provide services such as hosting, website builders, and domains to clients all around the world. They offer different kinds of services and features along with different plans to provide for everyone’s needs. They are a Lithuanian-based company, with headquarters all around the globe including the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, and so forth.

Short History

Hosting Media was co-founded back in 2004, by Arnas Stuopelis. In 2007 000webhost, a subsidiary of Hostinger was established and one year later in 2008, Hosting24 was launched as well. After reaching one million users in 2011, they renamed the company Hostinger, and in 2014, after services were localized in 39 different countries, Hostinger established a company in Brazil along with a new brand, Hostinger had a security incident in 2019, but customers were assured of their privacy. The company made a great effort to keep their clients' info secure and to re-establish security.

Any Up-Sales?

Hostinger does not have any up-sales. You get what you pay for, no less, no more.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on basically all of their products.

What About Support?

There are a lot of contradictory statements out there about the support services offered by Hostinger, with some saying it is excellent, but others saying it is terrible. In my personal experience, the support offered by Hostinger is well above average and I did not encounter any problems. With that said, everyone’s experiences deferrers, but Hostinger makes an effort to keep their clients happy and to sort out any problems that might occur.

Hostinger support is offered in the form of FAQ pages, blogs, tutorials, articles, and email.

Hostinger review

Hostinger - Pros

Hostinger offers discounts on almost all of their plans.

The custom dashboard is rather easy to use whether you are new or experienced.

Most of their plans, especially those including VPS, include tutorials for those who do not know how it works.

30-day money-back guarantee on basically all of their products and services.

They have a very good uptime most of the time with very fast load times.

The support is above average, despite a few complaints.

SSL is included in basically all of the packages and hosting plans and they offer extra security in the form of Bitninja.

Free data updates daily and/or weekly.

Plenty of tutorials available to manage your hosting account.

Hostinger review


Though the support offered is great, they do not have phone support, only email, chat, and so forth.

They do have a money-back guarantee, but it does not apply in all cases.

Let's Sum This Up

Hostinger is in my option one of the best hosting companies around. Old, reliable, and keeping up with the competitive market quite well. Most hosting providers will offer remarkable service in one aspect of hosting while not doing so great on another, hence why one has to do quite a bit of research to find the provider that excels in the specific service one is looking for. With Hostinger, they do great on all aspects and could be seen as an "all-in-one" hosting provider for all one's needs. I always recommend hosting companies that are old and have a reputation for keeping up with the massive competitive market through the years, Hostinger has done just that. Still going strong after all these years and their quality of service has not slacked once.

Hostinger - Features, and Prices

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting offered by Hostinger is perfect for smaller websites, blogs, and so forth that do not gain a lot of traffic as shared hosting consists of clients sharing a singular server. If websites are too big or attract a lot of traffic, the server will lag, causing slow loading times and so forth.

Hostinger’s Shared Web Hosting plans include allocated resources, SSL Certificates, websites, bandwidth, email, domains, backups, WordPress acceleration, and so forth, the amount and features depending on the plan you chose.

Cost: $9.99 - $16.99 per month with your first subscription.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting from Hostinger is when data and resources are pulled and distributed over multiple servers, guaranteeing, uptime, faster speed, reliability, better controls panel, and so forth. It is the best of both worlds, giving you the power and reliability of a VPS Server, but the easiness and simplicity of shared hosting.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime along with 3x more speed. They monitor the servers, leaving you to focus on building and creating your site.

Plans include SSD Storage, websites, bandwidth, SSL, Domain, Speed Boost, Ram, Cores and so much more, amounts, and features depending on the chosen plan.

Cost: $29.00 - $99.99 per month, with your first subscription.

Hostinger review

VPS Hosting

Hostinger VPS Hosting offers easy 1 click installation and a choice of almost any Linux Operating system. Root access is provided along with tutorials and guides to help you through the process. 24/7 support and live online chats are also available should it be needed.

Hostinger VPS offers 30x faster speed than the average shared hosting and they have a no-downtime policy. VPS or Virtual Private Server provides you with a private server, meaning no sharing with others, better uptime and speed, root access, SSD Storage, Top-level Data Backup and so much more.

Plans include Bandwidth, RAM, Dedicated IP, Full Root Access, Disk Space, IPV4 and IPV6 Support, 100MB/s Network and so much more. Plans differ depending on the vCPU/plan chosen.

Cost: $9.95 - $219.99 per month, with your first subscription.

WordPress Hosting

Hosting optimized for WordPress along with Cloudflare and Lightspeed for protection, SSL, and cache-engine, your WordPress will be fortified. They also feature customizable themes, plug-ins, SSD Storage and so much more.

Plans include Email Accounts, Websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, JetPack, Domain, SSL, Managed WordPress and so much more. Features and amounts depend on the plan chosen.

Cost: $9.99 - $29.00 per month, with your first subscription.

Hostinger review

Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Hosting is Hostinger VPS Hosting, but with the sole purpose of playing, hosting, saving, creating, and so forth the Minecraft game. It allows you to have other players of the game visit your game world, allowing you to host events, play with friends, create/build with others, and so forth.

Plans include Automatic off-site backups, Instant Setup, Dual CPU Hardware, Partnership Program, Mobile App, 99.9% uptime SLA, Multicraft Panel, PCI-DSS Compliant, Free MySQL, RAM, Players and so much more.

Cost: $8.95 - $259.99 per month with your first subscription.

Website Builder

The Hostinger website builder known as Zyro offers you an easy way of building/creating websites within 3 simple steps, choose, customize, and publish. It is as simple as that.

Step 1 - Choose one of the many design templates that they have to offer.

Step 2 - Use the tools provided by Zyro to tweak, customize, and create your website.

Step 3 - Publish your site. With Zyro your site will be device friendly, meaning fast load times and the perfect site no matter where people log in from or what device they use.

Zyro also does the SEO for your site automatically, especially with their free AI tools that will help you create the perfect content for your site. Other features include over 1 million pictures to choose from, free business tools, 24/7 support, and more.

The basic version is completely free but does contain ads and not all of the features, just the very basic ones.

Cost: $8.99 - $25.90 per month.

Hostinger review


Domains are a very important part of the online world as it is the online address of your site, which is why it is important to get the right one. Hostinger offers all kinds of domains including .com, .net, .org and so much more.

Cost: Depends on the domain.


The security of one’s website is a very important part of the online world, which is why there is not a hosting company out there that does not offer security is some way. The most common way is getting an SSL certificate, which can either be bought or received if it is part of your hosting plan. Most of the Hostinger hosting plans include an SSL Certificate, but if not, no worries, you can still get one.

Cost: $7.49 per year for any of the Hostinger products/plans. $11.95 lifetime for shared and cloud hosting plans only.

Affiliate Program

Join the Hostinger Affiliate Program in 4 easy steps and start earning up to 60$ commission for every referral you can get. The program will provide you with a manager to help if it is needed, banners, and ads to use on websites, tools to track your performance with, and so forth.

Cost: the Affiliate Program is free to join.

Other Features

  • Email Hosting: $2.99 - $3.99 per month per mailbox.
  • Domain Checker: Free to use online.
  • CyberPanel Hosting: $9.95 - $219.99 per month, with your first subscription.
  • Hosting for Agency: $16.99 - $99.99 per month, with your first subscription.
  • Domain Transfer: Only the purchase of the domain, no other payments.
  • WHOIS Checker: Free to use online.

Ecommerce Hosting:

woocommerce - $15.99 - $50.00 per month, with your first subscription.

PrestaShop - $11.99 - $29.99 per month, with your first subscription.

Hostinger review

Knowing what type of hosting you want and the service you expect in advance will help you to choose the right company without wasting money. Feel free to read the following articles if you are unsure about your needs.

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Do you use Hostinger or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to leave a comment and tell us about your experience to help others make a more informed decision.

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Cherise said...

Hi. I have been with Hosting for 7 years now, and I have barely ever had any problems with the company, and the few I did have, minor ones I must add, were resolved within hours of me contacting their support team, which in itself is amazing as they are always helpful. I never have problems with downtime or loading speeds. Hosting is truly a great company, but unfortunately, it has only now become popular even after years of great service. This review was greatly done and I could not have done a better job myself.
I personally use their VPS Hosting and have not tried the others yet, but I presume, it will be a similar experience. I was lucky to have found them, and I just wanted to share my opinion.
Thank You.