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With this review of Site123, we will discuss all the features/tools they have to offer, prices, and a bit about the program itself, all as a way to determine if the program is truly worth it. Finding the builder that suits one's requirements can be very frustrating as there is so much to consider when choosing one, whether it be the tools you need, level of experience, or even just the price. So this review will hopefully provide all the info you need to decide on if it is the right fit for you or not. To not waste any more time, let’s begin.


What is Site123?

Site123 is a site builder, whether it is a website, blog, or e-commerce store. The program offers the tools, features, and so forth that are needed to design/create the perfect website.

Founder and History

Site123 was founded in 2015 by Noam Alloush. They are based in Israel but offer services worldwide. It was founded as only a website builder, but other features and services have been added since then.

What Does It Cost?

Site123 has 3 different versions or plans if you will, that can be chosen. There is the free version, that offers only the basics, the premium plan that includes everything, and then the demo version that can be used to determine whether or not it’s the builder for you.

Free Version: Free

  • 250MB of Storage
  • Subdomain
  • 250MB Bandwidth

Basic (Premium): $7.80 per month (12 Months)

  • Free Domain (1 Year Only)
  • 10GB Storage
  • Connect Your Domain
  • Remove Site123 Floating Tag
  • Store
  • 5GB Bandwidth

Site 123 reviews

Any Up-Sales?

No, they will not bombard you with “upgrade offers” or urge you to upgrade constantly if you are a free member.

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

Site123 has a 14-day money-back guarantee for their premium plan.

Is the Program Legit?

Site123 is most defiantly legit as it is one of the top-rated, and most recommended website builders of 2022. They were founded in 2015, making them 5 years old, which in itself gives the program credibility. There are few complaints about the builders and their tools, and in my opinion, will become one of the most popular builders out there. Hey, it might even replace Wix.

What About Support?

Site123 has excellent support and there is always someone knowledgeable that will respond quickly. They also have helpful tutorials that cover almost everything one needs to know about setting up your website.

User Interface

Site123 is easy to navigate with clearly marked tabs. The editor is simple to use and has quite a few options for editing content. The interface is not 100% dummy-proof and it will take a day or two to get familiar with it.

Site 123 reviews

Site123 - Pros

Hosting and SSL is included in all plans.

Free Domain included for the first year if a 12 month or higher plan is chosen.

They have builders specialized for different purposes, such as websites, blogs, and so forth.

The builder is quite easy to use, once you know where everything is.

The support given by Site123 is above average, with no problems.

Their rates are quite reasonable, especially considering what you get.


Site123 only has web hosting, so if your site breaches the resource amount of their top plan, you will struggle with speed and load times.

They could add some more options and/or tools, especially when it comes to customization.

Let Us Sum This Up...

Site123 has an easy-to-use interface that is fit for a beginner but advanced enough for an expert website creator. Tabs that are clearly marked and easy to navigate make working with the platform an absolute pleasure. Simple is more for me personally, hence why I fully enjoy their simplistic editor with editing tools that is easy to use and well within sight. No, hovering-over actions needed to reach a tool.

Support is exceptional with live chat available 24/7, which is available in 16 major languages. In addition, they have tutorials that are easy to understand and kept updated. One of the online builders with the best support by far.

Site 123 reviews

Site123 - Main Features

Website Builder

Site123’s website builder provides one with a bunch of tools, not all necessary for creating websites, but all of them are stunning, amazing, and useful. From image editors and sharers to restaurant-related tools. All tools and features can be accessed from the custom dashboard, making editing and designing much easier. With a small learning curve, the Site123 Builder can be used by beginners and experienced creators alike. Some of the Tools and Features included are:

  • Amazing Themes/Templates
  • SEO Tools
  • Website Editor
  • 24/7 Support
  • Email Accounts and marketing
  • Web design and logo tools
  • Image and icons library
  • Restaurant management tools (Events, menu, booking, and exedra)
  • Integrations (Social Media, and so forth)
  • Plug-ins (Third Party, Cookie Consent, and so forth)

Site123 reviews


The Site123 e-commerce builder is a website builder designed for creating e-commerce sites/stores, but with the added features and tools one would normally get from a website builder. They furthermore provide extra features/tools necessary for creating, managing, and running an online store. Plus, once more everything can be done from a single dashboard, whether it is creating, designing, adding, or running. The added tools and features one can have access to include:

  • Ecommerce currency selection
  • Paypal payment method (Others included as well)
  • Coupon Creator
  • Categories (Product Assortment)
  • Integrations (Payment Getaway, and so on)
  • Conversion Code
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Displays (Related Products, Ribbons, and so on)
  • Variants Tool
  • Store Inventory
  • Shipping Options
  • Order Limitations
  • 24/7 Support
  • Product Custom Tools (Sku, Duplicate, Categories, sub-categories, and so forth)

Site 123 reviews


All Site123 plans include a domain name, or you can register/migrate your custom one. Site123 Domains come with Free SSL security and HTTPS Encryption, to help keep your site safe. Other domain-related features and/or tools include:

  • Search Domain
  • Domain name management
  • Domain extensions
  • Connect Domain Name
  • Domain Redirect
  • Domain Privacy Protection


A website builder for creating a blog, with a bunch of extra tools and features designed to help create a blog. Blogging is now made easier with Site123’s latest Blogging features/tools, which allow you to create stunning, informative blogs, more easily. With the use of their custom dashboard and website builder, along with your imagination, you will have your blog up and running in no time. 

Features and/or Tools included are:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Auto-Confirm Comments
  • RSS
  • Scheduled Blog posts
  • Disqus and Facebook comments on blogs
  • Comment system
  • Reply to Comment
  • Blog Templates

Site123 reviews


All of Site123’s plans include free hosting, even the free version. The hosting resources one has, however, do depend on the plan you chose. If your site uses more resources than what is available, you will be asked to upgrade your plan. Their hosting furthermore, is web hosting, otherwise known as shared hosting and they guarantee that their hosting is fast and reliable.

Site123 - Additional Services

Create a Forum

Landing Page Builder (Free)

Photography Website Builder

Create a Music Website

Business Email Address


Business Website Builder

Small Business Website Builder

Event Website

Online Portfolio

Wedding Website Builder

Site123 reviews

One-sided opinions are so boring, right?

Do you use Site123 or used it in the past?  Please be so kind and to leave a comment and tell us about your experience with the program.

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