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With this Review, we will take a look at Webnode, its prices, features, tools, and so forth to determine if the builder works, and if so, whether or not it is worth your time. Some builders just don’t always have what one is looking for, so it is important to research, before making a decision. So let us begin and see if it is meant to be so you can determine if Webnode is for you.



What is Webnode?

Webnode is a builder/creator that is used to design websites, blogs, online stores, and so forth. They provide tools and features necessary for designing, creating, running, managing, and building e-commerce sites, websites, and blogs. They have other tools and features as well.

Who Are The Founders?

Webnode was founded by a company named Westcom, Ltd.

Short History

Westcom, Ltd. Started development on Webnode in 2006, then the program was launched 16 months later in January 2008. At first, it was a way for programmers and so forth to create websites, but later on, the framework of Webnode was used to create a much easier and simple to use website builder, which has been upgraded and updated since.

In 2010 they reached their milestone of having over 2 million users and being able to provide their services in 12 different languages. More users and languages were added as time went on.

Webnode reviews

What Does It Cost?

Free version: Free (Very little and basic tools)

  • Website Builder
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Customer Care
  • Free Hosting

Limited: $3.90 per month.

  • No Domain Connected, Use your own.
  • 1GB Bandwidth
  • Premium Support
  • Form Builder (5 Fields)
  • 100MB Storage
  • 30 Days of Website Statistics

Mini: $7.50 per month.

  • 1 Year Free Domain
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • Form Builder (Unlimited)
  • Own Domain and Premium Support
  • Website Statistics (Unlimited)
  • 1 Email Account
  • Background Video

Standard: $12.90 per month. (Website Builder Plus Ecommerce Builder)

1 Year Free Domain, Form Builder (Unlimited), Own Domain, Premium Support, Background Video, Website Statistics (Unlimited), Plus:

  • 2GB Storage
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Online Store
  • No Ads
  • Google Analytics and AdSense
  • 2+ Languages
  • Membership Registration (100 Members)
  • 5 Back-Ups

Profi: $22.90 per month. (Website Builder Plus Ecommerce Builder)

1 Year Free Domain, Form Builder (Unlimited), Own Domain, Support, Background Video, Website Statistics (Unlimited), Online Store, No Ads, Google Analytics + AdSense, Plus:

  • 5GB Storage
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Membership Registration (Unlimited)
  • Unlimited Back-Ups and recoveries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Languages

Ecommerce plans

Ecommerce is included in the Standard and Profi plans, so if you are looking for an eCommerce builder, you would be choosing between those two. They also have a business plan, which includes a full website and e-commerce builder.

Webnode reviews

Any Up-Sales?

Webnode does not have any up-sales, as you only pay for the plans, however, keep in mind that their plans will only cover your domain for the first year. After that, you will have to pay for the Webnode plan and the domain.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Webnode has a free version one can use to check out the program and its tools, along with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Is Webnode Legit?

Webnode is definitely a legit site, for multiple reasons. Not only is the company older, but they have millions of users and great ratings. The builder is recommended by a lot of people. All of this along with my personal experience leads me to say that they are 100% legit.

What About Support?

The support offered by Webnode is slightly better than average; they do have room for improvement, but otherwise doing fine. Support can be found in multiple ways including:

  • Blog
  • Knowledgebase
  • Facebook Pages
  • Email
  • FAQ Pages
  • Contact Form

User Interface

One of my favorite builders when it comes to a user-friendly dashboard. They clearly understand that simplicity is sometimes better when it comes to navigation and editing. Perfect for a newbie, yet advanced enough for a pro. Blog post/article editor is something to smile about if you are a regular blogger that writes quite a bit. Nowadays, most website builders come with an editor that you have to "hover over" or "text highlight" to reveal the editing tools and it is the most annoying thing by far. 10/10 for their editor and site navigation.

Webnode reviews

Webnode - Pros

Webnode gives you the ability to publish your site in more than 1 language.

Backups and recoveries are part of their plans, for all paid users. You can restore previous versions of your website.

Websites, blogs, and online stores created with Webnode are mobile-ready. No need for extra customization and so forth.

Easy Blog management

Webnode lets you set a different style for each of your blog categories.

Step by step guides that covers every feature. The knowledge-base has videos, articles, and tips for building your website.
Webnode review


The e-commerce features are limited, especially when it comes to creating big online stores.

Let Us Sum It Up...

Webnode is one of my favorite website builders and I recommend them above many others for one reason, simplicity, and ease of use. Most of the time, not even those who are pro-bloggers and creators want to deal with a complicated platform. In fact, we avoid it like the plague because it makes daily blogging/writing too much hassle. Webnode's editor is my favorite by far, I love the "Mini Word type" of setup as articles/blog posts can be done quickly without having to search for editing tools or hovering over text to make them visible.

The page-load speeds are fast and without glitches, Websites build on Webnode also work on all the most popular browsers. (I did not test on those who are not in use much)

Webnode will work fine for beginners and small business owners who are not tech-savvy, honestly, there is not a lot you can do wrong with the easy layout and tutorials available to help if you do. Support is good if indeed you mess up badly and need a helping hand.

Webnode - Features

Create a Website or Blog

Design a blog or website easily, with Webnode’s easy-to-use website builder. Create within a few easy steps, and have your site up and running in no time. Make use of the tools and features provided to design, edit, and create until it is perfect.

Tools and Features Included:

  • Build On The Go (Create on Mobile)
  • Drag and Drop
  • 1 Click Editing
  • Predesigned pages
  • Hosting (Free)
  • Backups
  • Professional Email Accounts
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • 24 Languages
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Professional Photos
  • Logo and Favicon
  • Mobile Ready
  • Parallax Scrolling Effect
  • Widget Integration
  • Video Background
  • Scheduled Publishing (Blog)
  • Social Plug-ins

Webnode reviews

Create an e-commerce site

Build an online store using Webnode’s easy to use builder, along with some added e-commerce features. Make use of the specially designed templates to create your store, while adding all kinds of content, products, and so forth.

Features and Tools include:

  • Store Manager
  • Designer Templates
  • Mobile Ready
  • Payment Options (PayPal and so forth)
  • Shipping Options
  • Promo Codes and Discounts
  • Store Statistics
  • Import in Bulk
  • Simple Checkout
  • Customizable Product Pages
  • Product Variants
  • Export to Price Comparison Sites

Webnode reviews


Transfer an already owned domain to Webnode or purchase one from them. Custom domains can be bought via Webnode if you are not using the free domain provided to you by them.

Webnode has access to all kinds of Domains, including .com, .net, .org, and more.

Form Builder

A nifty little form builder that is a rare find when it comes to website builders and beyond useful. Some features include:

  • Common types of forms are already loaded in the editor.
  • You will get an email notification each time a visitor fills in a form.
  • All form entries are collected in the detail of your project.
  • Use multiple-choice questions, use drop-down lists, or allow visitors to upload files.

Webnode review

Create a Business Website

Use Webnode’s Website builder to create a perfect and successful site for your business with a few Added features. That’s right, the same simple to use Webnode builder to create a business site in a few easy steps.

Added Features and Tools are:

  • Traffic Overview
  • Referral Sources
  • Membership Registration
  • Restricted Access
  • Membership Management
  • SEO Tools
  • Customize URLs
  • Form Builder and tools
  • Cookie Consent Bar
  • Google Analytics
  • Languages
  • GDPR Friendly
  • Website Administrators


Choose one of the hundreds of ready-made templates, for all kinds of categories, like music and so forth. Edit it to your taste, and create perfection.

Webnode reviews

Additional Features

Webnode supports Google analytics and SEO tools like unique titles and descriptions for each page and custom URLs.

Websites created on Webnode is fast and have smooth loading.

Safe and secure servers.

Websites are SSL enabled and use HTTPS for safe browsing.

Embed HTML codes

Cookie consent bar

Do you use WebNode or used it in the Past?

None of us like one-sided opinions, please be so kind as to give yours in the form of a comment below, it will be appreciated!

Thank You.

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