GoDaddy Website Builder Review - 2022

In this review, we will cover GoDaddy’s Website Builder, its features, and everything else that can help determine whether or not this program is what it’s made out to be. So let’s review and see if this builder will live up to the GoDaddy name, and whether or not it is suited for you.


What is GoDaddy (Website Builder)?

A website builder is a tool that included all kinds of features that can be used to build a website, blog, online store, and so forth.

Who Are The Founders?

GoDaddy was founded by Robert Ralph "Bob" Parsons.

Short History

Jomax Technologies was founded in 1997, and then in 1999 they decided to rename the program big daddy; however the domain was already taken, so they decided on GoDaddy instead. The company was officially renamed GoDaddy in 2006.

GoDaddy changed its logo which was a cartoon man with sunglasses until 2019, to a heart forming the word ‘GO’ in 2020.

In 2018, GoDaddy was named the world’s biggest domain registry.

Ever since 2012, GoDaddy has been acquiring other companies and services, expanding its list of features and services provided along the way, making it better.

What Does It Cost?

GoDaddy has 3 different plans, basic, standard, and premium. Certain features are included in all plans, whereas other features are only included in some of the plans. There are also features that are included in all plans, but with each plan, you will have a different limit for the feature. The plans are as follows:

Basic: $6.99 per month, and $11.99 when you renew. (%41 off annually)

Standard: $10.49 per month, and $15.99 when you renew. (%34 off annually)

Premium: $13.99 per month, and $21.99 when you renew. (%36 off annually)

The GoDaddy website has a complete plan list, in order to check what comes with which plans, which is the reason why I am not listing it here.

Any Up-Sales?

Some of the purchases can be viewed as up-sales, but GoDaddy separates its tools and plans, to ensure you only buy what you want. Yes, there are a few extra purchases here and there, but if you only purchase what’s necessary and plan it out, then you will save money and avoid extra payments.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

GoDaddy does have money-back guarantees and refund policies, however, they differ from plan to plan. I suggest reading the terms and agreements page, or their refund policies, to get better info on the matter.

Is The Program Legit?

GoDaddy is as legit as they come, not only have they been around more than 20 years, but they have been crowned the largest domain registry in the world. With millions of users, and so forth, testimonials from clients, and even all kinds of legal policies prove that they are reliable and can be trusted.

What About Support?

GoDaddy offers great support in the form of a help center, blog, online community, direct call, Guides, and more. If you have a problem they can help. There also have FAQ pages, forums, and so forth if you want to figure it out yourself, before evolving anyone else.

All of their support options are above average, and they tend to help within 24 hours on average.

User Interface

Easy-to-use interface with a lot of customization options available. The editor is relatively easy to navigate with clearly marked tabs. InSight, GoDaddy's artificial intelligence wizard, gives data-driven advice on how to improve your online presence.

Website Speed and Uptime

Uptime is good at about 99.9%.

Speed is average, and the page-load time can be better.

Godaddy website builder reviews

GoDaddy - Pros

24/7 Support via the ticketing system, email, and phone.

Step-by-step guides to help you set up your website.

GoDaddy's control panel is easy to navigate and if you have multiple "products" like a domain, email, and your builder, you can jump between services with just a few clicks of a button. No "multiple-sign-ins" are required.

Mobile Friendly

A huge variety of themes to choose from.

Godaddy website builder review


You cannot change themes easily.

You are limited when it comes to monetization beyond the basics. You cannot drag and drop, change the layout, or edit the HTML and CSS.

I dislike their "post editor"! This is a downside based on my personal opinion and the majority of users will not be the slightest worried about it, but it is still worth mentioning. If you plan to do some heavy-duty blogging, this might annoy the living daylights out of you. Personally, I prefer a blog post editor to be a "mini-word" type of style with all the major editing buttons on top, instead of clicking the "plus" every time to reveal the limited editing tools. I get that they make things simple and easy to use but this is too simple.

Godaddy website builder reviews

Let Us Sum This Up...

Easy to use builder with enough features to cater to the newbie or small business owner. Their uptime is good and although the page-load speeds could be a bit faster, it is up to standard. Loads of tutorials to help you if you get stuck and their customer support is truly up to standard.

Unfortunately, the post editor is enough to scare me away, like I mentioned above, in the cons. As an avid blogger that edits A LOT, I can not see it working for me as I look for post-editors with all the major editing tools neatly stacked on the side or top.

GoDaddy Website Builder - Features List

Website Builder

Design and create a stunning website or blog, using GoDaddy’s easy to use website builder and all the handy tools and features that go with it like:

  • Insight action plans
  • Click and Drag Recorder
  • Templates
  • Customizable themes
  • Update from Mobile
  • Call to action
  • Back-ups and restore
  • Banners
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Image Library
  • Members Only pages
  • SSL
  • Yelp
  • Advertise Credits
  • Google My Business
  • Analytics
  • Online Appointments

Godaddy website builder review

Online Store

Build a stunning online store using the website builder and its features along with the e-commerce tools and features that are added:

  • Website Builder (All its Features + Tools)
  • Add/Edit Product Listing
  • Sell Products directly from the online store
  • Sell On Marketplace (Amazon, eBay, and so forth)
  • Set up Flexible Shipping Options
  • Manage Discounts and Promotions
  • Synch Orders and Inventory across channels
  • Payment Options
  • Product Reviews
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Text Notifications
  • Tax and shipping rates
  • In-Person Pick up

Digital Marketing Suite

A Bunch of tools and features to help one promote one's site, and to drive more traffic. The tools are to help make stores more popular, get more traffic to sites, and so forth.

SEO Tools

Tools to help with Search Engine Optimization and everything related to it, including research, links, keywords, and so forth. There is also the option to get GoDaddy to do all the SEO for a site, for you.

Email Marketing

Tools and features for one of the most popular forms of marketing, email marketing. Email Marketing can be used for a lot of things, but mostly it's used to drive traffic, advertise products, build email lists, and so forth and it includes:

  • Subscribers
  • Sign up Forms
  • Professional Templates
  • Unsubscribe handling and options
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Data-Triggered Emails
  • Share Statistics
  • Image Storage
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs
  • Converts Posts to email
  • Record Sign-ups IP’s
  • Custom Reporting
  • Authentication Tools
  • Clickable Buttons
  • Email Editor

Godaddy website builder review

Site Management Tools (GoDaddy Pro)

All the tools and features needed to manage a website, blog, and so forth. Everything is accessible from a single dashboard, allowing you to manage your sites and clients from one place and it includes:

  • Plug-ins
  • Themes
  • Compatible with all hosting providers
  • Manage updates
  • Centralized, Secure Client Management
  • Client Reports
  • Back-ups
  • Template Builder
  • Performance Check
  • Code Snippets
  • Google Analytics
  • Sucuri Security Checks
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Client Reports
  • Shared Shopping Cart
  • SEO Ranking Reports
  • Link Monitor

Godaddy website builder review

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