How To Make Money Online In 2022

With this post, I am going to list a couple of methods that you can use to earn some cash online. I am only going to list stuff that I personally tested/used in the last 10 years of my online life and that worked! This will exclude:

Rewards programs – If you want to spend an eternity to earn a measly $10, good for you. No logic for me to waste time on something that is not a profitable option. Time equals money and your time is precious right? Rewards programs are great if you literally have nothing and want to earn a bit of extra cash to buy hosting, a domain, or whatever start-up cost you need. Examples of these, are sites like SwagBucks

Binary or Trading type of websites - Although you can make good money from these, it is still very close to gambling and people usually spend more than they make.

A lot of the recommendations will be based on blogging, website creation, and SEO. This is a skill that is worth having and does not cost a fortune to learn. In fact, nowadays you can become an expert with all the free information available online. Let's be realistic, you are looking to make money in an online world that mostly consists of web code, content, advertising, search engines, and so forth. I would say brushing up on these types of things is crucial if you want to make it in a competitive environment, where skill and knowledge determine who gets the job/placing or preference. 

Did you visit to find a way to become rich overnight doing nothing much? Haha, if it was that easy, every single person on this planet would be sitting behind a laptop in the Maldives. Let us be realistic here, money is one of the items on this planet that is not easy to come by without skill or some effort. If you are here, looking for a way to earn $200 in 10 minutes by only clicking a few buttons, you might as well bounce. 

This post is intended for those who are tired of always being without money, who earn too little and cannot pay the bills, those who want to live a better life come next year. The individuals who want to learn a new skill and who do not have thousands to invest in education.

How to earn money online for free

Blogging For Cash 

This one is mentioned first because, yeah, I am a blogger and make a full-time income doing it. Besides, you do not need any investment or only a small investment. I can go right now, create a free site (or for cheap), monetize it, and drive traffic to it, have my first $100 before the sun goes down all without spending one dime. Easy right? For me, not for you, you need to learn the skills first. However, once you learned those skills, you can be set for life and there is no limit on how much you can make or how many websites you can have.

This is not a quick fix to satisfy your money craving. You will have to learn a completely new skill and a lot of trial and error will go along with it. However, if you are looking into a long-term financial solution, blogging is a lucrative online business model with a lot of potential. Is it worth learning the skill? Well, duh, obviously it is if you love money and dream about a business of your own! Takes about a year to learn the inside and outsides of blogging and all that goes along with it (if you use proper training) compare that to getting a degree, going to college, and so forth? I earn more than a doctor with blogging so the math on this one is easy. 

Keep in mind, blogging is something that requires discipline, patience, and persistence, if you lack those (hey, I do not judge), it might not be the thing for you and you might just end up wasting a lot of time. In addition, you need to think “long-term” here, like, what can I do today, to be in a better financial position, this time, next year. 

How Does It Work?

1. Pick a niche (Topic) - Broad term like health, pets, hobbies, finance, and so forth. 
2. Create Your Blog - WordPress is recommended but any top-rated website builder will do, depending on how much you want to spend. 
3. Choose a Method to Generate Money -  There are many ways to make money with your website like; Affiliate marketing (Selling other people's services or products to earn a commission), Paid advertising, selling your own products/services, and so forth. 
4. Drive Traffic - Send visitors to your Blog via social media, SEO to achieve first-page ranking, blogging communities, and so forth. 

Places where you can learn how to build a successful Blog/Website that generates income: 

Wealthy Affiliate


Earn money online without investment
Create Websites for Small Business Owners in Your Area

A Lucrative business model in a world where everything is going online. There are plenty of free/cheap website builders around to build small to medium-scaled business websites. Believe it or not, not every business out there has one, or they have a poorly designed site with errors. Web designers usually charge a small fortune to build sites, you can do better right?

A simple Google search should provide you with all the local businesses in your area and you can start looking up their sites to determine the quality/if they have one. If you find a potential business, well, you know what to do.

Obviously, you will need a bit of knowledge to pull this off, just like we mentioned with blogging above. You decide, is it worth learning a new skill for the potential it holds?


Create a few sample websites to showcase your work to potential clients.

Do not contact them via email or phone, go straight to the manager and present them with your service.

Build their site for free, with the only requirement that they pay for hosting and domain by using your recommendation. (Make affiliate commissions)

Treat it as a business model, brand yourself, advertise, and be great at what you do and you have a business with huge potential, created out of zero investment.

Learn how to use WordPress if you do not know how!

Reliable Website Builders For small businesses: 
WordPress + BlueHost (Prefered choice and cheapest)

Create a Website That Provides a Service

Can you offer a service that people need in the online world? Why not create a website that does just that.

Examples include:

A directory – List services, jobs, and so forth. Does your city/town have a directory that lists businesses and services? If not, or it is incomplete, why not start one. It is easy to drive traffic to these types of sites via Social media and not hard to monetize with advertising.

Membership site – Offer online courses, services, or whatever you feel like and get members to join. A bit more difficult to create a successful membership site, however, if you have something unique or educational, it will be worth the effort. Can be anything from a free membership to paid, or a combination of both free and premium membership.

Content Provider – A site that gives away/sells content like ebooks, education, photos, and so forth.

Best to build such a site with WordPress as it is just easier to manage and will work out better in the long run if your site expands or if you need to switch hosting providers.

BlueHost with their WordPress builder seems to work the best in my opinion.

Best way make money online

Make Money with Ebooks

Few ways to go with this option and I made my first $10 online by giving away an ebook.

1. Write your own ebook and sell it online. A good method if you know how to write or at least have a good topic. Millions of ebooks are online and a lot of them are free for download; you will need something special if you want to make a good amount of money in this saturated market. However, if you are a creative writer with awesome ideas, this can be a good way to earn money. Books that teach people how to master a certain skill, especially on the technical side still sell.

2. Buy PLR ebooks, modify them with your own affiliate links, and give them away. A lot of places where you can upload your book by doing a quick search, you can share them on social media or give them away on your website. (If you have one)

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing has a learning curve to it, but once learned, it can be used to generate big profits and stable income. 
What is Affiliate Marketing?
This is when you earn commissions by promoting other brands, services, or products. Some programs will be completely free to join, whereas others will charge you a fee or require that you buy the services in order to promote them. A good affiliate program will offer marketing training, which consists of videos, tutorials, guides, and such, made by experts to help new people learn the skill. They will also include banners and marketing tools to help you promote them. 
How Does It Work?
1. Find an Affiliate program - Nowadays, almost every company online has an affiliate program, in almost every niche you can think of. Make sure to pick a product/service/company that is legit, reliable, and offers you marketing tools to work with.
2. Promote your Affiliate link - Various ways to go about driving traffic to your links like; sharing them on your website/blog, social media, email marketing, YouTube videos advertising, and so forth. 
3. Earn commissions when someone signs up/buys, via your link. Earnings will depend on how effective you promote the product and there is no limit to how much you can earn.
4. Promote multiple products to expand your earning potential.  
Learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer via:
Popular Affiliate Marketplaces to find products to promote include:



Best ways make money online

Email Marketing

A lot of people became rich, doing this and although the effectiveness of a list simmered down a bit, it is still a lucrative method of marketing that works after many years. 

How does it work?
1. Choose a niche (Topic) - Try to go with something that "sells", a topic that is evergreen, meaning, it will not lose popularity over time. Profiting from your list, is a long-term goal, as the years go by, your list will grow bigger. If it is based on a niche that was/is not evergreen, that list will become useless. Examples of an evergreen niche; are Petcare, technology, health, fitness, food, and so forth.
2. Choose your email provider - If you are going for email marketing, you cannot do this without a proper Autoresponder. This service will handle sending mail in bulk, help you to create your emails, and manage your growing list.  Crucial to pick the right one as some companies allow for bulk spam and thus do not have a good reputation. 

3. Get people to sign up to your list - Many ways to do this like driving traffic to a landing page, giving away free stuff on your website, live webinars, and so forth.

4. Send regular emails to your list and earn money by promoting your products, sending them to affiliate offers, directing them to new blog posts, and so forth. (Whatever it is you want them to do)

Keep in mind, this is not as easy as it sounds and there is a learning curve involved. If you flat-out spam your list or just focus on having them buy/do stuff, you will not be successful at it. The goal of an email list is to build trust with your subscribers and provide information that will be valuable to them. 

Sell Products on Etsy

Are you good at making handcrafted goods? Etsy is one of the biggest platforms for selling crafts. Anything from mugs, shirts, pet supplies to phone cases. If you have the imagination and know-how to work with your hands, why not sell your stuff online?

Example: Nowadays everyone is into saving the planet (yeah), and you can make organic soap, shampoo, bath salts, or cleaning products to sell on Etsy. A developing niche that is still wide open.

Once you get enough customers, you can always transition over to your own eCommerce store and go big.

Build an Online Store (eCommerce)
eCommerce exploded in popularity with so many people nowadays, who prefer to "buy online" Lucrative business if done right. If you are looking at a business model that deals with physical products and has the potential to explode into a full-scale business, this one is for you. 
How does it work?
1. Find your product - This can be your own product/s or you can buy and re-sell.
2. Find a platform and create your store - Nowadays, almost all website builders include "building an online store". Not all of them are worth the effort tho and it is best to go with reputable ones. 
3. Promote your online store - Various ways to go about this like; social media, advertising, word of mouth, promotions, and so forth.
4. Set up a method of shipping - You can handle this yourself or set up drop shipping (where the manufacturer handles it for you).
Another way of making money via eCommerce is to just simply sell your own products or services on someone else’s online store. Amazon is a good example of this. 

Popular Online Store Builders:
WordPress + Bluehost (Recommended)

How to make money online

Freelance Work 
Places like Fiverr and so forth, allow people to sell services to other people. It is a place where people can get paid for doing freelance work. Anything can be sold on these types of sites/stores, such as creating Minecraft maps, websites, Logos, translations, and about anything else you can think of.
With freelance work, it is important to brand yourself in a certain niche or skill and build up a profile in order to get work and earn a decent amount of money.  For instance, if you build websites, you might want to build a few sample ones to showcase your work or if you are a writer, create a website/blog with samples of your writing to showcase your skill. 

Some popular freelancing sites include:

Create a YouTube channel and post videos. The more subscribers and views a channel gets the better the chances of making money with it. You can make videos/ video tutorials about almost anything that includes product reviews, gaming, health, fitness, tech, gadgets, and so forth. The possibilities are endless.
How does it work? 
1. Find a niche - Your channel should focus on a single niche, try not to be too broad. 
2. Create a video -  Create content that entertains or educates and is of good quality. Not saying that you need an expensive camera, but you might want to invest in something that will at least be able to shoot video with clear sound and picture. Editing software to tweak your video is also a good investment.
3. Upload and Optimize -  Add keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and images to get people to click on your videos. 
4. Monetize -  When you reach the 1000 subscriber milestone, you can then monetize your channel with YouTube ads and earn revenue. You can also place affiliate links, or links to products in the description to earn commissions. 
5. Have a schedule - Publish your videos at a certain time period. This will help your subscribers to know when to expect a new video. 
To earn a reasonable amount from YouTube, you will need plenty of views and content that is engaging or worth looking at. Extremely competitive market with millions of videos out there to compete against. You will have to "think out of the box" on this one and come up with video content that is unique if you want to build your channel relatively quick.  Do proper research before you start a channel, look at the competition, and see if you can do better or provide more variety. 

Ways to earn money online
Stream on Twitch
Do you play online games a lot and are good at it? Why not make money via streaming your games?  Twitch started out as a gaming platform but evolved into other types of content as well. However, for now, I recommend it as a gaming platform since I am familiar with using it for gaming. 

How does it work? 

1. Create a Twitch channel 
2. Stream your game (or other content)
3. Grow your following -  Engaging with your followers on the chat feature, is a good way to grow your following. Most importantly, provide good quality content and have a streaming schedule.
Monetize - There are a few ways to make money like; brand sponsorships, fan donations, subscriptions, selling products, and Twitch ads. 

Gaming is a huge niche and there is a wide variety of games to be played. If you play anyhow, why not use your game-play to earn extra money?  You will need a decent computer to stream, but most gamers have that anyway and with a few added things like a decent microphone and a proper webcam, it might be worth investing.

PS: If you are not dedicated to gaming and investing at least 6 hours a day playing, DO NOT GO THERE!  Most successful streamers are e-sports pros. 

Become an Influencer on Instagram

Choose a niche to ‘promote’ on Instagram, creating a brand for you. You will need a minimum of 6000 followers to become an influencer. Once a large enough follower base is created, you can advertise products, that relate to your brand, on your account, in order to earn money. 
To build a sizable audience on Instagram will take time, however, if you don't mind spending a lot of time on your phone and adding photo's it is worth trying. (Many people do this anyway)

Test Websites and Apps  

It is exactly what it sounds like. You go and test other people’s websites, apps, and so on, in order to earn rewards, aka cash. This can be a great way of supplementing one's income.

Most of the feedback will be done via video. Make sure you have a proper webcam/video recorder with good sound. Keep in mind that this is a competitive market and that you will have to act fast when new tasks are added.

Some of the most popular feedback sites include:


Sell Photo’s/Images/Video Online

Are you into photography/image design or capturing video, and good at it? There is ALWAYS a need for content, especially images and videos and you can make money by selling your work online.

Keep in mind, this is a competitive market, with thousands of people trying to sell their stuff, and with the amount of free content available these days, you will have to create something unique and of extremely good quality to get people to pay for it.


Do proper research to find out what it is people are looking for, what is in demand, and the type of photo’s/images/videos that are high in demand.

Create your own niche and upload your content often to create a large portfolio.

Some of the most popular websites to sell your stuff include:


How to make money online

Become a Writer

No, not books, though it sounds like a fun idea. Becoming a writer in the online world means learning niches, and everything that has to do with them. Writing content can be a way of earning a well-sized income, especially if you are good at it.

People do not always write or produce their own content for websites, blogs, and so forth. Instead, they will find other people to do it for them. Becoming an expert in niches only increases your income, as your content will be unique and not repetitive of everything else. It will also help with clientele, as some, or rather most will not know the differences between niches and having to hire someone to write their content, and they will choose the one with expertise.

One can sell content, or rent out one's expertise on sites like:


Flex Jobs

Media Bistro

Buy and Sell Domain Names

This is quite a profitable business if done right. Domains are like “property” on the internet. Everyone needs one and at some point will buy one for their business website, online store, or blog. If you have a domain that someone wants, you can sell it for a good price. Works almost the same as “property”, certain domains are in a certain niche, a niche everyone wants to build and thus needs a domain for. If you can get your hands on a domain that is high in demand, you can sell it for a really really good price. Some domain names can sell for millions.

How does it work?

Do research – (Lots and lots of research). If you do not know how keyword and market research works, learn. Find domain names for cheap that holds potential, buy them. Sell the domain for a profit.


Buy domains and resell for a profit. You will need some good investment for this as some domains can cost thousands.

Keep in mind, it is not easy to find domains that are worth gold, you will end up doing hours of research. In addition, patience is needed. You might buy a domain today for $12 and only sell it for a good profit 2 years from now. Usually, time is involved; you buy today and sit on it while it gains value.


Look at what is trending right now, those domains have a good chance of getting sold.

What will trend a year from now? Not easy to see what the future might hold, but with proper research, you might get close. Buy those domains and hold on to them until the trend arrives.

Look at the type of domains that currently sell well, those with the highest bids. This will give you an indication of what is in demand and how much profit you can make.

If you have no clue about domain flipping, I suggest you learn first and start small. You can earn good profits doing this BUT you can also lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing!

You can buy/sell your domains on GoDaddy’s Domain Auction

How to earn money online for free

Become an Online Tutor

Teaching can make a lot of money, so it is only realistic for tutoring to make the cut.

Teaching others a new language, for instance, is all you need to be able to do. You can make videos, live chats, webinars and so much more, as a way to teach others. People will pay to learn, that is a guarantee, so the only question is can you teach somebody.

Showing your skills and degrees will be important when it comes to getting clients, so always show what experiences you have, the degrees you got, and so on.

Prices for tutors can vary, depending on, what you teach, how you teach, how good you are, and so forth. Prices can vary from $20 per hour to $200 a lesson and so forth.

If this kind of work sounds interesting, then check out these sites:



Chegg Tutors

Become a ClickBank Vendor

ClickBank is one of the most popular marketplaces that mostly sell digital products. If you have your own product, you get to list it on ClickBank and have affiliates sell it for you, to put it in short. A bit of work to get everything set up but once it is done properly, you have affiliates that sell it for you. No worries about driving traffic, marketing, or building lists, others do it for you. This was/is one of the most popular online business models.

How does it work?

1. Decide what you want to sell - This can be an ebook, membership, educational course, and so forth.

2. Acquire all necessary legal documentation - You are responsible for all the legal documentation and copyrights of your product.

3. Assure that your product is in compliance with federal, state, and local rules and regulations. (Depend on what you sell)

4. Get a domain name and hosting. 

5. Create a Pitch Page for your product - Also known as a "sales-page". This page will provide customers with information about your product.

6. Create a Thank-You page - This is the page that the customer will be directed to after purchase.

7. Add the ClickBank trust badge - A badge that signifies that your product is approved and supported by ClickBank.

8. Create and test the payment link. - The link that will direct customers to the order form.

9. Create a Hoplink - These are links that are used in the marketing materials of CB Affiliates to direct traffic to your sales page.  

10. Enter the product information into the CB Marketplace where Affiliates can find and promote it.

11.  Request product approval and pay the activation charge.

Visit Clickbank

Thank you for visiting my page, it is much appreciated! 
I will add to the list as time goes by so please check back once a while.

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