Now Lifestyle Review - Legit or Scam?

There is quite a bit of confusion around Now lifestyle on the internet as older reviews will differ and people are not sure what it is all about. With this review, we will have a look at the latest developments around the platform in 2022 and see if it is worth the effort.

Let's clear up the confusion first; The program was founded in 2017 as an MLM health/fitness-based program where you would promote products around the fitness niche. It was revamped in 2020 towards the marketing niche, now selling digital products geared towards online marketing.

To sum it up; Now Lifestyle was first founded in 2007, with the name 7 Minute Workout, and became quite popular real fast. It was then upgraded through the years, kept up to date, and so forth, until a massive upgrade, where its name was changed to Now Lifestyle. They upgraded again recently to Now Lifestyle 2.0, where all fitness videos and so forth, were removed from the program, turning it into a digital platform that provides marketing tools. The fitness part was moved to a separate platform, called NowBody.

Now Body makes use of Nowlifestyle's marketing tools if you are interested in promoting the platform.

Now lifestyle joel therien


What is Now Lifestyle?

It is an All-In-One Marketing tools suite. It combines the most important tools that marketers need to run a successful online business.

Now Lifestyle Products

  • Autoresponder
  • Landing page builder
  • Website builder
  • Video streaming/sharing
  • Live conference room
  • Affiliate program

Founder and Short History

Now Lifestyle was founded by Joel Therien, who is also the founder of Pure Leverage and GVO.

What Does It Cost?

Now Lifestyle has 3 plans that one can choose from depending on which tools and features you want access to. Plans include:

Gold: $49.00 per month or $441.00 yearly.

Features include:

  • Free Setup
  • Email Responder (25 000 Subscribers)
  • 100% Commission Payout
  • Live Conference Room (50 Seats)
  • Landing page Builder (10 Pages)
  • HD Video Sharing (10 Videos)
  • Website Builder (5 Sites)

Platinum: $99 per month or $891 yearly

Features include:

  • Free Setup
  • Email Responder (50 000 Subscribers)
  • 100% Commission Payout
  • Live Conference Room (500 Seats)
  • Landing page Builder (50 Pages)
  • HD Video Sharing (50 Videos)
  • Website Builder (10 Sites)

Enterprise: $299 per month or $2691 yearly.

Features Include:

  • Free Setup
  • Email Responder (100 000 Subscribers)
  • 100% Commission Payout
  • Live Conference Room (700 Seats)
  • Landing page Builder (100 Pages)
  • HD Video Sharing (150 Videos)
  • Website Builder (100 Sites)

Any Up-Sales?

Now Lifestyle does have an up-sale or maybe a few, one of which is extra payments for automatic backups and so forth, which will cost you around $9.97. 

You will also have to pay $25 extra if you would like to become a reseller.

They furthermore have lessons or studies one can purchase from the Now Academy.

What About the Commission Structure?

You will earn 50% in monthly commissions whenever someone signs up, using your affiliate link. (Keep in mind that they must remain, active members for recurring monthly commissions). In addition, you will also get a 50% commission if someone buys products from Now Academy.

They added multi-level marketing to the affiliate program that allows them to pay up to 100% commissions to resellers. 50% direct and 25% on each leg.

What About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Now Lifestyle has a 30-day money-back guarantee in place for those who are not satisfied with the services within the first 30 days.

Is The Program Legit?

As mentioned before, Joel is a reputable marketer and already paid out millions in commissions, thus the money-making opportunity is legitimate. There’s valuable information within the member's area, and the tools are not too shabby.

What About Support?

When you sign up, you will be assigned a "sponsor" that will assist you with questions or issues that you might have. In addition, there is ticket support, email support, an online community, and so forth.

Now lifestyle joel therien

Now Lifestyle - Pros

You get separate email lists, one for the reseller part of the program, and one for the digital part of the program. Basically, an email for everything Now Lifestyle product-related and one for whatever else you are promoting.

Now Lifestyle is an all-in-one program, with features and tools for every aspect.

Free hosting is included.

There are training videos for all of the tools, offered by Now Lifestyle, and they are separated into tabs rather than lists.

You do not have to use the tools to promote Now Lifestyle, they can be used to promote other programs/products as well.


With Joel, it is quite hard to pin down cons as he will simply just fix anything that comes up in reviews. Over a span of many years, I had to update reviews on a constant basis as "problems" with his programs would not stay unattended for too long. He is one of the few marketers around that is actively trying to better his products on a constant basis.  

With my recent update (May 2022), I could honestly not find one thing that is problematic and worthy to be called a con. All his products have been kept stable for the last year without changes that are too drastic.

Now Lifestyle - Main Tools and Features

The following tools and features are designed to help one promote literally anything you want. It is not a must, to promote Now Lifestyle. In fact, there is a separate part for promoting Now Lifestyle, leaving these tools for anyone wanting to promote anything.

Email Auto-Responder

Tools and features used for email marketing, by using auto-responders and so forth, allow one to build a larger email marketing campaign.

  • Send unlimited live broadcasts or follow up messages
  • Import & Export Contacts
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Create unlimited email campaigns
  • Build your list up to 50 000 subscribers
  • Subscribers Forms
  • Use with any business or service

Landing Page Builder

Create, edit, and share pages, that are not only, PC compatible, but also mobile-friendly. Main features include:

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Plenty of free and paid premade templates
  • Sharing Tools
  • Connect the Autoresponder, add images, and video
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • One-Click to Publish
  • Build your list and create easy funnels

Now lifestyle joel therien

Live Conference Room

  • Take part in and/or host live meetings, or record them for later use. Features include:
  • Live training, desktop sharing, presentations, and chat.
  • File sharing, take polls, and team building
  • Stream videos
  • Block or add contacts
  • Customization tools/options
  • Live moderators
  • Banner pop-ups and exit redirects after the session
  • Count down timers

Website Builder

Build a website for your marketing business, with tools, features, and free hosting. Main features include:

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting Manager (Control Panel)
  • Website Builder (1 Page Site). Includes customization tools, drag and drop builder, templates, and so forth.
  • Choose from multiple premade templates
  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Hosting and back end support

Now lifestyle joel therien

Video Streaming and Sharing

Record, host, and, create videos, or watch videos posted by others. Main features include:

  • Upload record and stream videos
  • Create Audio and videos with video customization
  • Video Tracking
  • No advertisements on videos
  • Fast Video upload speeds
  • Watch Videos (Uploaded by Now Lifestyle Members)

Reseller Centre

Landing Pages

Collect emails without the auto-responder. Emails for the reseller centre and the emails for the Digital Product/Auto-Responder are separated, making it easier to distinguish.

Lead Capture System

A separate email list is created for all of your sign-ups. Campaigns can then be set up for those who will promote the product as well, using those lists.

Resources Tab

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Logos
  • Recognition packages
  • Videos (Promotional + Education/Training)

Promotional Banners

Banners, which are to be used on websites, blogs, and so forth to help advertise products.

Ad copy

Emails that can be customized and used, along with articles that can be used for sites, blogs, and so on.

Community Tab - Overview

Live Webinars

Live webinars are given by professionals, where people can ask questions, get answers, and just learn, and grow, making success a much easier goal to reach.

Facebook Group

A private Facebook group where members can interact with each other, share experiences, and so on. Joel Therien, the creator, and co-founder of Now Lifestyle is also very active in the group.

News Tab

News on new information, the latest updates, and pretty much anything concerning the Now Lifestyle community.

My Business Tab - Overview

Dashboard to track progress, commissions, history, and so forth.

  • Commissions Overview
  • My Commissions
  • My Payout History
  • Leader boards
  • My Downline (Clients subscribed under you)
  • My Membership Stats

Training Videos

Each tab in the dashboard, has a training video, explaining the tools and features that you can find in that tab. There are also dedicated video sections in some tabs, which will grant you access to more in detail training videos about the features/tools in that tab.

Now lifestyle joel therien

My Academy

Guides, Programs, and so forth can be purchased as extra training. These training programs can also be promoted and sold for 50% commissions.

Do you use Now Lifestyle or used it in the Past?

Please be so kind as to tell us why you use them or why you felt it was best to rather move on. This will help others to make a more informed decision but also help the founder(s) to better their product.

Thank You!

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