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With this post I would like to answer the most common questions, I get asked regarding Wealthy Affiliate. My WA review received a lot of comments regarding the program and the page got cluttered to the extent where I have to delete comments just to better the page load speed. In addition, important questions/comments from readers get lost amongst the clutter. Keep in mind that this is not a review, just questions sorted out neatly to save readers some time and the agony of slow page load. You can read the original WA Review Here. I will try to answer questions as thoroughly as possible so excuse in advance, for a lengthy article.

How long have I been part of the program?

Since 2013

Wealthy affiliate reviews

Most commonly asked question/statement – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

They exist for more than a decade and still going strong, you tell me, do you think a scam will last this long? A scam is something that takes your money under false pretense and does not give you what you pay for. The last time I checked (10 minutes ago), all the training was still there, my website is still there and my keyword tool (Jaaxy), still worked fine. In addition, the weekly live webinar is still on time with new training.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

So why is everyone on the “scam wagon” now?

Who knows for sure, but I bet that many did not do all the training, nor do they have a website with at least 100 posts on it. Wrote nonsense on the WA mini-blog platform about the weather or politics and wasted time, instead of writing blog posts. It is easier to put the blame on the program than to look at oneself to see why failure had stepped in. I myself, do not always work productive and waste too much time, therefore go backward instead of forward, cannot blame WA for that, can I?

For many years, people had built successful websites with WA, made money with them, and moved on to become successful marketers. Nothing has changed with the platform in 2022, still, the same awesome WordPress hosting, still the same keyword tool, and the weekly webinars are also still ongoing. Training is not outdated, it is geared towards newbies mostly and still working if one can actually bring oneself to implement it instead of goofing around. What has changed? More expensive programs came along with higher payouts, as simple as that!

Wealthy affiliate scam

Are Wealthy Affiliate perfect and the number one choice for learning website development and affiliate marketing?

In your dreams! There is no such thing as perfect in the online industry. Every program out there has a flaw or two (some definitely have more than 2). What we do have are people from all different walks of life, some have money to invest, some don’t. Some have hours upon hours to work on their online venture, others are working and have to do with only a few hours a week. Many people do not mind blogging for cash, others despise writing. You might like to hunt down leads while the guy next door absolutely hates it. In addition, with so many ways to make money online and learning programs for each method, it is almost impossible to recommend something specifically, without knowing a person. So, we have to find the middle ground, something that at least everyone can start with that is easy to understand and manage.

You WILL NOT learn everything there is to know from WA and the plan is not to sit there for your entire online career without exploring more ways to expand your knowledge. WA is an “entrance platform” that gives you everything to get started, your basic training, website(s), and keyword tool, to mention a few. If you are still at WA after 5 years and complain about insufficient training/knowledge, then good grief, you certainly got stuck, didn’t you?

My biggest problems with Wealthy Affiliate (Yeah, I am not shy at mentioning them)

I have two issues with the program;

Community support 

I am not a big fan of any platform with community support. The reason, the information will never be 100% accurate. Any wannabe marketer can now be an “expert” and provide help based on a simple Google search, not on actual experience. WA encourages community support and your ranking on the platform will depend on it. Members become too focused on participating in the community and thus neglect to do the training and most importantly, working on their websites. Some will literally spend hours “helping others”, which is good and noble but they end up broke and unsuccessful themselves, thus not practicing what they preach to others. The ambassadors of WA are a great feature, however again, you can become one without actually being skilled, depends on how much time you spend on the platform. I personally think that it would be nice if only a few skilled ambassadors were chosen and if only they were allowed to help members. Pay them part of the affiliate commissions, or something like that.

The Affiliate program 

As I mentioned above, community support is required to be a successful affiliate. It is all great if you only have a few referrals, it is a nightmare if you have too many. No matter how hard you try, you cannot help everyone! It is easy to manage 30 referrals, but completely impossible to help 300. (I have massive respect for the WA ambassadors who actually do) This somewhat has the resemblance of an MLM right? I absolutely despise MLMs, it is my worst nightmare, not because all of them are scams, but just because it takes up every waking moment of your day if you want to do it right. To sum it up, you can refer as many people as you can “handle”, NOT more, which as an affiliate marketer is kind of a bummer.

How do you make WA work for you?

Stay focused! There is a lot going on, on the platform and it is easy to become distracted quickly. Do the training and if you do not understand, do it again. Complete all the steps.

Create your website and work on your website. This is the moral of the story and the reason you joined the platform in the first place. Once you have one site up, start with another, and build 20 niche sites if you must just build something. Your website is what will earn you cash, nothing else, so why focus on stuff that is not productive? After a year with WA, you should at least have a website with 50 – 100+ posts on it, if you don’t, then you wasted time on stuff that is not important.

Do not promote WA as a newbie! Massive mistake, to choose the “make money online” niche as a newbie. You are going to dance with the wolves in a highly skilled and competitive niche and most likely fail hard. Pick a niche like health, pets, or anything else for that matter.

Ignore the ambassador ranking until you have at least finished the training and have a website with at least 40 posts. You cannot teach others if you do not know how things work yourself. In addition, time is precious and you are most likely paying for it.

Do some affiliates write bad reviews just to promote WA?

Well yeah, they unfortunately do! This is the world of online marketing, completive as…well yeah, you get the point. Affiliate marketing is just like any other business there are people, who play dirty against their competition, and in return the competition fight back. It is what it is and people will always find ways to knock the competition out of the way and it will not always be clean fights. This goes both ways, other programs in return will label WA as a scam to sell their "perfect" product. That doesn’t mean either one is a scam, one simply just has more tactical affiliates.

Like I always say, keep an open mind, read multiple reviews, and if you do not have money to waste, go with programs that are affordable or at least have a free or trial option to minimize your risk. In the end, only you can decide if something works for you or not.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate different than other programs?

For me, that would be the WordPress hosting, keyword tool, comment feature, and the option to earn credits. The training is not bad, but not reason enough for me to keep the membership because, yeah, I am clued up already after so many years. 

Let’s dissect:

Hosting – WA’s hosting still knocks a lot of companies straight out of the water. Websites do very well on their hosting, period. They make it super easy to manage WordPress successfully and you can host up to 20 websites with the premium plan ($49 monthly). They made WordPress as newbie-friendly as one can possibly do. Even with all the competition around, hey, WA websites still dominate the search engines and that is enough reason.

Jaaxy keyword tool - Nifty little tool that is without technical clutter and works well. Been using many tools over the years and ended up sticking with Jaaxy. Works just as well as other more expensive tools and I can give it credit for many first-page rankings.

Comments/Feedback – A successful website that does well in the engines mostly depends on getting feedback in the form of comments. For new website owners, this is the hard part, to get people to give feedback because well obviously, you do not rank well enough yet to get traffic right? The “comment feature” helps you to get much-needed interaction on your new site. The feedback feature helps you to correct mistakes or gain expert advice from others about your site. If you are serious about creating content that gets read and obviously that does well in general, this is a must! And no, this website does not make use of the WA comment section as I get enough traffic and readers already, and obviously, this is not a WA website. (I have one at WA as well tho) No other platform has this important feature.

Wealthy affiliate scam
WA Credits – Okay, so I do not actively go out to earn credits myself by leaving comments or giving feedback. However, I always try my best to make the online journey for others as easy as possible financially wise by recommending things that will not make them flat broke and this is one of those. You can literally earn your premium membership with WA by just collecting credits, meaning, it pays for itself. You can even buy domains with credits. Last year, I paid my yearly premium membership with WA by just using credits that I collected and thus far bought and renewed my domain with credits. (See screenshots)

Wealthy affiliate scam


You can earn credits and buy a few more each month to pay for your monthly membership as I demonstrated below. The point is, there are options to soften the financial blow, how many other programs have this to help members out? Where are you going to get hosting, tools, and domains by just earning a few credits? And for this reason alone, I will keep on recommending WA as a starter platform above all.

Wealthy affiliate reviews

So yeah, to sum it up, there are better programs around, training-wise, but, they do not include hosting, at least not for 20 websites, nor give you a way to actually earn your membership and features like comment posting, a keyword tool, and content writer are not included. These usually sell separately and add up to quite a few dollars extra, not very financially friendly if you are a broke newbie.

Should You Stay with Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, I am still here after many years; I mean good hosting, keyword tool, and a few other goodies that still do it for me are just way cheaper than other platforms. Training-wise, heck, I moved on years ago to broaden my knowledge! Like I said a hundred times, WA is focused on mostly newbies, those of us who are skilled mostly stick around for the hosting and stuff.

Bottom Line...

They have a Free Version for most countries, with no credit card requirements. If it is not for you, move on to something more suited to your interest. There are MANY options available and many of them are really good. You do not have to stick around WA just for one thing, if you find the training to be a waste of time, why not use the hosting, commenting feature, or other tools and save a bit of money? They honestly have something useful even for the experienced marketer.

Note: I will add more questions and answers as time goes by.


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Richard said...

Hi Christine

Great post and thank you for clearing up some of the questions asked. Thank you for your honesty regarding the cons.

I had the same problem with WA, got so caught up in the community that I completely neglected what was important. Felt a bit confused with all the information that was out there from members conflicting with each other. I agree with you 100%, the community support is not actual support if the information given is not factual and based on experience. The platform itself (hosting and stuff) is actually really good, the community is what ruined it for me as a newbie. I have joined Authority Hacker and the training was good, think I will return to WA now that I have more knowledge to avoid the pitfalls and build another website with them.