PhotoScape Review 2022 - Free Photo Editing Software

With today’s review, we are going to have a look at PhotoScape, a free photo editing program. Let’s highlight the pros and cons to see if this is just a waste of space on the hard drive or worth having. I have been using PhotoScape for more than 8 years and thus feel qualified enough to review the program.


What is PhotoScape?

It is a free all-in-one photo editing program that was created to edit photos taken from smartphones and digital cameras. However, the programs go beyond photo editing and do much more than just the basic tools. Apart from the editor, there is an image viewer, Gif Animation, screen capture tool, batch editing function, and effects and filters that can be applied, to only name a few.

Photoscape review


The program is free. Donations can be given.

Devices Supported and System Requirements


PhotoScape X will be needed for Windows 10 and Mac. It has a free version and the paid version, PhotoScape Pro. 

Take Note: I Use PhotoScape on Windows 10 without any issues. Got so used to the program, I find it hard to switch to PhotoScape X.

System Requirements for Windows

Memory – 512 MB or higher

Processor: P4 or Higher

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Requirements for Mac OS

Operating Systems: OSX 10.10 or Later

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB

Memory (RAM): 1 GB

Language Support

The program has two default languages, English and Korean. More language packages can be obtained via the downloadable modules.

How Stable/Safe is the Program?

I have been using PhotoScape for what seems forever for photo-editing and never had any problem with the program causing interference with my computer and other programs. I used it with Windows 7, 8, and 10, and not once did it become unstable or crash. Unlike many other programs that require constant updates to be able to work with the newer versions of windows, you can install an older version and it will still work fine.

PhotoScape User Interface

When you open the program, you are greeted by a circular menu system that has access to all of the tools. You also have an option in the settings to go for a more traditional grid look. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate with tabs that are clearly marked. It does not take a mega brain to figure out it works, if you can read, you can navigate the program. With new photo editing software, it usually takes time to learn because functions and tools are marked with icons, thus, one has to learn what each icon does. PhotoScape has tabs that are marked, making it easy to get an editing job done within no time.

Photoscape review

Any Upsales or Advertisements?

No advertisements whatsoever and you will never be bugged to upgrade.

PhotoScape – Pros

An impressive tool that is easy to navigate and work with.

PhotoScampe works fine on older computers, no need to have a “mean machine” to run the program.

Free program with awesome functionality and editing features.

No need to download third-party applications and the program supports various file types.

It is perfect for beginners and easy to navigate, yet powerful enough to do some great editing.

Have a RAW image editor.


I had found that images will lose some quality when they are re-sized drastically. Not a lot, but noticeable.

Photoscape review

Conclusion Drawn From Own Experience…

I have been using PhotoScape for many years, to edit the images for my websites, social platforms, and personal use. It is certainly no Photoshop master but does quite a bit for a free program if one compares it to other free options. The interface is easy, clearly marked, and does not take long to get accustomed to, making it the perfect program for me to do a quick fix when in a hurry to get a blog post out. The editing features do not disappoint.

I did find that if I run the program for too long (6 hours+), doing editing on big file formats, it will become a bit sluggish. However, it takes like seconds to restart it and continue where I left off, not really an issue for me.

To sum it up, this program can make any dull-looking photo look like it was taken with an awesome camera. In addition, with the clone stamp and effects toolkit, one can transform any image into a masterpiece once one is familiar with it.

PhotoScape – Key Features


The viewer is for browsing images on your computer and then views them as a slideshow. You can adjust the size of the image and drag the picture into the editor tab for editing.


The editing toolkit has a variety of useful tools like resizing, color and brightness adjustment, backlight correction, adding features, red-eye removal, paintbrush, effect brush, and clone stamp to only mention a few. With the “Undo” function, you will be able to revert back to the previous task or you can use the “undo all” if you need to start from scratch. Even though the editor is aimed at novice users, it is still powerful enough to do an awesome editing job that will make you look like a pro. All the tools are clearly marked and self-explanatory.

Batch Editor

This will allow you to edit multiple photos at once. You set the conversion parameters like how to increase the contrast, brightness, or size and press one button to change multiple pictures at once.


Attach multiple photos horizontally or vertically to create a final photo.

Animated GIF

Use multiple photos to create an animated photo by using AniGif. Set your parameters like the transition between frames, frame interval, and so forth.


Create one photo by merging multiple photos on the page frame. PhotoScape has a wide variety of templates available for this, making it easy to create your own collage. You have the option to change the background, the spacing between images, and round corners, to only name a few.


Cut your photo into several pieces.

Photoscape review


Change the aspect ratio of your image or simply cut out the unnecessary background.

Raw Converter

Convert RAW images to JPG.

Screen Capture

Capture a screenshot and save it on your computer. The captured image will also be placed in the editor.

Face Search

Find similar faces on the internet.

Text Tool

The tool offers a huge variety of fonts, coloring adjusting transparency, thickness, italic, adding effects and shadows, and so forth.

Effects Tool

Several filters that you can overlay on your image, like noise, jitter, embossing reflection, vignette effects, and so forth.


If you double-click an image, you will switch to full-screen mode, to exit, just press the Esc key. The full-screen mode is more detailed and it is easier to pick up small flaws in a photo.


Allows you to print passport photos, portraits, and CDVs. The main advantage is the ability to print pictures on one sheet in the form of a preview. You can also install a virtual PDP printer and save your sheet to PDF.

Do you use PhotoScape or used it in the past?

Please be so kind as to tell us about your experience with the program.

Thank You!

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