Digistore24 Review - A Company that is Rising Up in 2022?

With today’s review, I would like to have a look at DigiStore24 to see if it has the potential to make life easier or if it is something that should rather be avoided. I only cover what you came here for, to see if it is legit, the pros and cons, and a basic overview, this is NOT a tutorial, if you like more technical details, please visit the website for detailed tutorials on the inner workings.

Take Note: This website is mostly geared towards newbies, thus we keep it simple without using terms that are too complicated to grasp.

Are you familiar with Digistore24 and have some experience with the network? I absolutely hate one-sided opinions and would like the input of others on this review as well. Please be so kind to tell your side in the form of a comment before you leave, it would be much appreciated!

Now, let’s get started…



A Bit About the Company

Digistore24 was established in 2012 and has grown at a slow but steady and stable phase since then. It was founded by Sven Platte and is one of Europe’s largest networks. It started out to be an online solution for German-speaking countries but has since grown into a network that reaches a global audience.

What is Digistore24?

They are an online marketplace that connects Vendors and Affiliates, similar to Clickbank and ShareASale. They act as the middleman between Vendors and Affiliates and handle the online store, payments and payment methods, accounting, and so forth so you do not have to.

Note: A vendor or Merchant is someone who sells their own products or services. An Affiliate or Publisher is someone who promotes the products of the vendors and earns a commission when they make a sale.

What does it Cost to Join?

Digistore24 is free to join for both vendors and affiliates. You will get charged as a vendor or affiliate when you make a sale.

Digistore 24 review

How does Digistore24 Work and How Will You Make Money?

You can sign up as a Vendor to list digital or physical products to sell. Or, you can sign up as an Affiliate to find products to promote. Signing up is super easy and there is usually no approval needed to join as with many other networks that are almost impossible to join nowadays if you are a complete newbie.


Digistore24 makes it easy to add your product/s. simply navigate to the account section and add your product via the “products” tab and wait for the approval. Once you have approval, you can access tools that include delivery, add-on forms for websites, integration, tracking, and automated sales, to only name a few. You will also be able to set the commissions for affiliates and customer service. If your product is of good quality, you will have no problem making money as top affiliates will be eager to promote it.

To Sum it up; Digistore24 provides vendors with a complete sales and payment system. Handles sales processing for you. Provide all the details of your product via an intuitive dashboard. Handles the delivery of your products.


Promote the products of Vendors and earn a commission when you make a sale. Take note that some brands will have an application process and that not everyone may allow you to promote their product/s.

Finding products is easy as they are neatly sorted into categories and results are based on sales volume so you can determine what sells best.

Scam or Legit?

Okay, so let’s get to the big question before we go any further as I know that is the main reason you came here right? Not a scam, although they are still a new company, compared to others, they have been growing at a good pace and are still moving forwards at a positive rate. In addition, they have been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Inc and the Startup Valley. As with any growing company, they still have glitches that need sorting but they seem eager to grow in a positive direction. If you are a complete newbie, this is a legitimate place to start as the requirements are still low to join up. As they grow bigger, they will most likely up those requirements and also become a network that is geared toward pro marketers.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Their website has a logical and neat design that is easy to navigate for both Vendors and Affiliates. Signing up or using the search options does not require tech experience and is pretty straightforward. I love the simplistic yet functional dashboard that is free from clutter. With many other platforms, upon entering, one feels like a manual needs to be studied just to find basic functions, Digistore24 is honestly my favorite Marketplace when it comes to navigation. Simple, yet effective!

Digistore24 review

How does Payment Work?

Payments are made weekly, biweekly and monthly. Monthly payments require a lower minimum payout of $50. If you want payment more regularly, the threshold is 200 and 250 which needs to be reached.

A wide variety of payment options are available like PayPal, bank transfer, Visa, and MasterCard.

Digistore24 review

Requirements for Signing up

Signing up is easy and pretty straightforward. No need for long approval procedures and you will be accepted almost immediately. Nowadays, the majority of Networks cater to pro affiliates who have established websites, social followings, and huge lists, which makes applying almost impossible for newbies. DigiStore24 is not too fussy and gives new marketers a chance to get into the marketing game. No website is needed for signing up and you can promote as many products as you wish, with no limits.

Requirements to join are within almost everyone’s reach;

  • Have to be 18 or older.
  • Need to have at least one payment option.
  • The Company is worldwide; however, some countries that are prone to illegal online behavior might be declined (sorry).
  • As an affiliate, you still need to apply to promote some products; however, the acceptance rate is much higher and faster than with other networks.
Digistore24 reviews

What about the Products?

There are three types of products available on Digistore24, Physical, digital, and events & seminars. Digital products have the largest selection to choose from. Physical products are mostly supplements and skincare, and not a wide variety in general focusing mostly on the health niche.

To sum it up, there are restrictions when it comes to physical products for both Vendors and affiliates. If your aim is to promote physical products in other niches, you would be better off, trying your luck at Amazon.

Digital products are a mixture of good and bad, however, a wider range of niches are covered. Be sure to pick out good products that will be worth promoting and that is reliable.

You are not spoiled for choice with Digistore24 when it comes to picking products as they are not yet as large as other more popular networks. But again, like mentioned above, they are one of the few that still cater to beginners and you are bound to find something to promote if you scour thru the products and make time to pick out something good and worth promoting.

Digistore 24 review

Support and Tutorials

Their support structure is not too bad, can do with a bit of work but they are proactive in trying to resolve issues as they come up. Lots of tutorials are available to help one navigate the platform as well as guides to help Affiliates and Vendors succeed. Upon joining you will receive a free guide with tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Digistore 24 review

Is there Other Options Around?

Yes, however, take note, if you are a complete beginner, it might be hard to join these Networks.


CJ Affiliate


Digistore24 Pros

Join for free and approval is immediate, with no waiting period.

The option to get paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Reasonable commission rates ranges from 15% - 90%.

Digistore24 has automated technology that avoids administrative and technical problems.

A good amount of payment methods to choose from, including PayPal.

Payment is always on time.

They provide accurate data for both Vendors and Affiliates. As an Affiliate you will be able to get an overview of all your affiliate campaigns like, how many people visited the product page, how many clicks on affiliate links, how many sales, and so forth. Vendors on the other hand will be able to see how many sales their product/s made and so on and so forth.


Since the network is still in its developing stages, it does not have as many users as other more popular firms, making it hard to find products for a variety of niches. (If you own multiple websites in different niches)

Products are limited and mostly focus on the health and fitness niche and online marketing.

Let’s Round this Up…

Since I am focused mainly on beginners and marketers that are still trying to find their footing in the online marketing industry with my reviews, I am going to give Digistore24 a positive rating. Look, if you are a pro, or at least at the stage where you know what you are doing, then obviously, you will go for the more superior networks like CJ Affiliate or ShareASale, as they offer much more variety and quality products.

Digistore24 is moving upwards and development is going at a positive rate. I have no doubt that they will eventually become a company that will have no problem competing with the popular ones.

Like with any other Network, it is your responsibility to double-check a product for quality before you start to promote it. Your reputation as an Affiliate marketer matters, if you promote crappy products, no one will want to buy from you in the future as you lose credibility. The conversion and cancellation rates will give you a good indication if a product is worth promoting. If you truly want to become a pro, buy the product yourself and test it to make sure it delivers, that is the only true and legit way to test a product and be sure that it is good enough for your customers.

Digistore24 review

I was a newbie once, and back then, Clickbank was about the only platform where I could join up without hassle. Was not such a huge problem to join a network as it is today, where you basically HAVE TO BE a pro just to promote a product. Digistore24 makes it possible for people to try and reach their dreams. I will support them and help them grow as I am 100% certain that they will become an awesome company with support. Some really great products if you spend some time browsing a bit and do research.

Thanks for visiting my Website and taking the time to read the review. I truly hope that it helped and left you with the ability to make a better choice. If you have additional questions, be sure to drop them below in the comments and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

If you have experience with Digistore24, please remember to tell us about your experience as a means to help others make better choices, it will be appreciated!

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