Wealthy Affiliate University 

If you had landed on this page, you're most likely looking for a program or opportunity that will help you in making money by building a successful online business that will not cost you a fortune to participate in. If you are already making some progress online, but need more skills and training to add value to your online existence, then this overview will help you with that as well. 

I receive many inquiries from people asking me how they can earn money online and therefore I had pulled up this page. I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate myself and from all the programs, Bizz op’s and membership sites that I had joined up in the past, this one had stayed with me due to the fact that they are genuinely interested in helping people and obviously because a great deal of members have had success with the program.

I have one theory and that would be to always find opportunities online that will not only help me but also help those whom I recommend, and on top of it all finding something that’s not going to scam my readers or simply see them for the value of their credit cards alone.

The online Industry had become wholly focused on money without compassion for those who are desperately seeking for an opportunity but without the start up money. This might relate to you or not, but the majority of beginners wants to earn money online because yes obviously they don’t have much or in some instances they don’t even have an income. Sadly, scammer's don’t care about you or the fact that you may have a financial crisis since all they do is looking after their own pockets. 

So How many products or memberships do you need to buy in order to get the correct one?

When I go shopping for a new phone, obviously I will use the demo on the counter and explore the functions and workability first before I buy it, and I am quite certain that I am not the only one that test out products before purchasing it. If you had to buy a brick and mortar businesses, will you just pay for it without actually knowing what it is all about or if indeed it will be the right business for you? Obviously not, so why do people ask us to do it online? The answer is simple; because most of these programs have no value and obviously, they will not sell nearly as much if indeed they had to give you a sneak preview of what is inside.

Wealthy Affiliate is my personal choice and recommendation for this exact reason; 

You will be able to join for Free without entering any credit card details at all, and yes you can have a website up and earn from it if you are willing to take the program seriously and take action on the lessons. 

Kyle and Carson the owners of WA created this membership to provide training and help for everyone especially those who don’t have much to spend. 

Now the major question will be; How is it that some make money online while a big percentage fail in getting success and how will Wealthy Affiliate help me in earning my first online income?

The answer is simple and not as complicated as you may think; those who have success have 3 things in common and that is:

They have the right support system – Let’s face it, although the online industry is busy 24/7 and social media seems to be all around, in the end you are alone in front of your computer. There is nothing as frustrating when your only friend is Google itself and you are dependent on your browser for help or even worse, when support systems have you waiting for days before they answer your questions. Wealthy Affiliate has been a live community with members always willing to help out in the chat box, forum or via discussions.

They have their own website – The biggest lies online would be the fake promises of those telling you that you don’t need a website to have success for obviously they just want you to buy yet another scammy product. If you want sales you will need traffic and without a blog or site there will be NO TRAFFIC! Wealthy Affiliate had done a great job in helping members to set up their own sites and provide the training along with it.

They know how to act upon training and knowledge – Look you can have the best training program there is and even have a ton of knowledge, if you don’t know how to implement it within your online business it will be useless. Wealthy Affiliate helps their members to act upon the knowledge and skills that they had learned. Within each lesson there is a few tasks that you need to complete and I had found that this motivate members to move forward.

Allow me to give a quick overview of what you will get as a Starter Member:

  • 2 Fully functional WordPress sites
  • Starter training that includes Video classes, tutorials and courses.
  • Personal help and support from Kyle, live chat and help within a community of over 10,000 members. 


Feel free to ask if you have any questions for everyone have the right to be absolutely sure before making a final decision.

Thanks for reading, be spontaneous and give your opinion in the form of a comment.


Please Read My Full Review on WA
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  1. Are these WordPress sites on .com or .org?

    1. Hi Christine, I signed up for the whole package at click bank the site builder, University for a year, and spent over $400 initially and the $47+ month. I have read your comments and saw your opinions regarding Wealthy Affiliate. May I ask what is the difference between WA and Click bank and would I have to spend another $400 if I went over to WA?

    2. Hi Frank, hope all is going well.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches up to date methods on website development and blogging. Clickbank University does not update the new methods of website development as often. Basically, with WA, you will learn how to build a proper website and all that is required to get traffic and make sales from your site. In addition, WA hosting is one of the top recommended, with a good reputation, making it easier to see progress faster. Last but not least, and this is the major difference between Clickbank university, WA have one of the best active support systems. You will never have to wait for days to get answers to your questions.

      You will definitely not spend another $400. WA have a premium membership that goes for $47 a month, BUT, they also have a lifetime free membership that includes basic training and 2 WP sites. If you work hard and smart, you can leverage the free membership and build yourself up without spending much at all.

      Feel free to shout if you have any questions.

    3. Frank can join Wealthy Affiliate and learn all what he needs to build an online business, with only US$47 a month premium membership fee. Of course, he can use products within whatever area he's interested as listed in Clickbank to promote and earn commission. Wealthy Affiliate can show him how to promote those products in Clickbank and other affiliate programmes.

  2. Allow me to explain the 2 different versions of WP. - this would be the main website where you will be able to download the free WP software for installation with your own hosting company and you will link your own domain to it. - This platform work very similar to an online blogging platform, that will enable you to use the WP platform but without the need for own hosting or domain. The basic features are free, but you are presented with the option to upgrade to bigger bandwidth and storage along with more advanced plug-ins and premium features. Unlike, building a blog on this platform will not give you full ownership for your site or blog will be hosted on their servers (therefore it will be a bit impossible for WA to host on a

    Wealthy Affiliate provide the free hosting for your 2 sites or unlimited hosting if you choose to upgrade, therefore the core program is already downloaded from the .org platform for you. You also have the choice (it is preferred in the long run) to link your own domain to the blog(s). If you choose the free domain option it will be the free domain along with .com

  3. hi, i think that people must know that not only they need to have a web site, but also something to write about. That is a key matter, a site about what...? And what layout...? First we must try to put the idea in a paper, and them get started. I want to be a part of this, but i still have no idea of the subject that the site should be.

    best wishes, see me soon in my future internet deal (i hope..)
    Manuel Ferreira

    1. Thanks for the comment, dearly appreciated.

      I have to agree that it is always hard in the beginning to find your niche and find inspiration to write about it. Personally I think you should find a niche or topic that will interest you, if you choose something that have no meaning to you, you will not be able to stick with it in the long run and most likely run out of ideas. Your own skill sets can also turn out to bring forth some ideas, for instance if you work as a IT technician you can start a blog all about computers, or if you work as a plumber, you can start a DIY blog that give people tips on how to fix things in their homes.

      You are unique and I can bet that their are loads of things that you know about, that others will defiantly find useful.

  4. Hi, I have read your reviews and i find it very good and honest. It made me want to try WA but unfortunately I can't create an account. whenever I click "create account" button, all I get is the message... "Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!" but in fact, I don't have one. I tried clicking on "forgot password" and the message goes like this...."We were unable to find a user account with the credentials provided." Please help me with this matter or at least tell where to ask for help... I really want to join your WA team.

  5. There might be a few possibilities that keep you from signing up, normally an account created from the same IP address may cause difficulties.

    Feel free to contact Kyle at: if you struggle.

    1. Hi Christene, thanks for your help I appreciate it. I'm ok now and good to go. See you on the inside... =)

    2. Its a pleasure, feel free to say "hi" and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

    3. Hi christene, my pleasure matting you,can you pls give me your email address?I really want to speak to u out of here,here's my email

  6. I looked at the slide show. One of the slides states that membership (for the paid account) is $11.95 a month. A slide or two later, it states $47 a month. Which is correct?

  7. The premium membership is $47 a month

    Page 12 on the slide show is based on the commissions you can earn when you promote Wealthy Affiliate as a free or premium member.

    You will earn a $11.25 commission for every monthly signup when you are a free member.

    If you are a premium member you will earn $22.50 if someone purchase the monthly membership.

    Feel free to ask if you have more questions, I will gladly help out.

    1. Hello Christene,

      With the Premium you get Hosting.. I have my own hosting...Will I still get everything even though I have my Own Hosting? How would the Premium benefit me?

    2. I also have my own Hosting but use the platform to keep my knowledge up to date. You also have access to the keyword tool, Monthly keyword list the live chat and all the training. Many people only use WA as a learning platform or affiliate program.

      I joined WA long after I created my blogs and the platform helped me to improve them drastically, even though they are on a different host.

  8. Hello Christene
    My passion is to write about the Bible, religion and politics because I love it and know much about it very well.
    I have a web page, wordpress blog, etc., so please advised me what to do and how I would write about the topics mentioned above!?
    I am a novice marketer but I have a lot of enthusiasm and willingness just scares (frightens) me how to start?

    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Hi Enes, hope all is going well.

      I would advise you to pick one of the above topics that you had mentioned, preferably the one that you feel the most passionate about for now.

      The Bible and religion could be a good start in my opinion for I have a passion for God as well and you could make a huge difference. The option is totally up to you on what you want to write about, but the opportunities are endless. You can for instance base your blog on "a daily post from God", a daily quote from the Bible along with a discussion about the verse or you can simply just add a daily prayer on different kinds of subjects.

      Affiliate programs are widely available now for those who prefer to rather use their writing skills towards the Work of God and you can add it to your blog if you want to earn additional income as well.

    2. Please give me links to the affiliates relating to work of God. He is also my boss. Thanks Kavinah

    3. You can find various affiliate products related to the work of God. Clickbank have some really awesome digital products as well as Amazon.

      I included the most trusted Affiliate resources:

  9. I am in WA, thanks to you!

  10. Glad that you had made it Enes, I hope that the platform is serving you well so far. Feel free to send me a personal message within WA.

  11. HI, is this only fot hte US market, or should it also work for e.g. the Netherlands or someone living in the Netherlands?

  12. You can do this from anywhere in the world including the Netherlands. I am from South Africa myself and working successfully.

  13. You have some really good ideas in this article. I am glad I read this. I agree with much of what you state in this article. Your information is thought-provoking, interesting and well-written. Thank you.

    MBA Dissertation to Buy

  14. Thanks for the positive comment Julia - dearly appreciated.

  15. Hi Christene,

    I am very glad to see your website today. I am very much bothered about earning money through internet.I spent lot of money online and still i didn't get single penny.May be I am wrong in choosing few websites. I knew,I dont have basic knowledge how to build proper website. Here, I am willing to do hard work but it should bring something to my life. Please suggest me ,how this webaffiliate site helps me to earn some good amount of money?

    Thanking you,

  16. The easiest way to earn online is a blog or a website with good ranking and traffic.

    With your own blog that is set up in the right manner you will have the freedom to promote different affiliate programs or even your own products. WA will teach you how to pick a niche, create your site and help you to rank it on the Engines.

    Wealthy Affiliate has all the training that will show you step by step and if you have a problem, there is a helpful community that will answer any question you might have. Creating an online business is not hard, doing it alone is impossible, that is why I recommend them so highly - You will not do it by yourself.

  17. Hi Christine, I just found your blog on Pure Leverage. I was going to sign up, but I am not interested in Empower network. It doesn't have a product.
    Anyway, I have been thinking about WA for while and signed up for the free account. They both were very involved and I found that rare. They seem really dedicated.

    I have a few blogs but am not making money. I don't understand special reports,
    what to write in an autoresponder,
    or how to joint venture.

    Also, I am looking for training on how to do powerpoints, videos and screen capture training.
    Is this part of wealthy affiliate training? I have bought so much training and have small memberships but they don't put it all together.
    I would so appreciate your feed back.
    What do you think? Thank you, mary

  18. WA have loads of training on about any major topic that you can think about. All the basic training you need to get started are included in the free account.

    The premium membership covers advance training on email marketing (how to set up your auto-responder) and Joint ventures.

    Within the discussion board there is training that is based on PowerPoint, screen capture and video marketing.

    Whenever you have questions that is not covered in the training, you will be able to start a discussion and get those questions answered.

    I am an advanced marketer and done so much training on different platforms that I can hardly remember it all. WA helps me to better my own business and skills with the massive amount of training that is available.

  19. Does WA also offer a full online marketing suite with auto responders included? $47/month just for a blog and some training videos seems a little bit overpriced to me.

  20. No we do not offer an auto responder - most platforms require you to get one, but we believe in cutting costs, after all in most instances it is a waste of time and money. Newbies have no use in an auto responder if they do not have traffic or a method to get leads in the beginning. The majority of online marketers prefers their own responder and choose what they feel comfortable with. The leaders when it comes to responders is Aweber, GVO and Getresponse and even free services like Listwire can't compare.

    Secondly, We offer unlimited blogs and domain hosting for premium members. $47 is cheap compared to Pure Leverage and Empower Network, where you pay $25 for ONE blog and $100 for training on a monthly basis (there is usually hidden costs as well).

    At WA you get 2 blogs (not only one) and "some" training for free - You DO NOT have to pay for it.

    Feel free to read my review on WA - The training is not just based on "some training video's" but consist of classrooms, certification courses, boot-camp's and discussions. The live video classes are a separate section also included.

    Tools and services include a keyword tool, rapid writer, live chat, monthly keyword list and affiliate resources that allow you to create and track campaigns. You also have access to a huge variety of WP plugins to optimize your blogs.

    Here is a link to my personal dashboard, feel free to look at the sidebar to get an idea on what to expect.

  21. Thanks Christene for this great review about Wealthy Affiliate, please help me regarding affiliate marketing, through which I am trying hard to make money but still hopeless!! I am a computer engineer, I have little awareness about ppc programs such as,, google adsence etc. but I don't know much how to use these ppc programs to earn money. Please help me regarding these things, should I go to wealthy affiliate or ppc programs or anything else.?

  22. I always recommend anyone who is serious about making money online to start out with the basics and then pursue more complicated methods of earning. Blogging is a good way to start, you can write about your business or interests and get paid by promoting affiliate programs or adding advertising to your site.

    I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate because you will learn all the basics of online marketing that includes e-mail, social and paid marketing.

  23. Awesome reviews!

    Keep up the GREAT job Christene :)


  24. Dear Christene,

    awesome job you did!
    I probably could talk in Dutch with you. Understand you speak "Old Dutch" but lets keep it English for your other readers.
    In my search for interesting work in Japan at Tokyo Craigslist I noticed it is flooded with Empower Network adds which look like scam too me. Fortunately this brought me here :)
    Looking forward to getting started with online business with your wonderful guidance.
    I have created already a free WA account.
    A few personal internet domains are under my control already which I seek to integrate in this project.

    cheers, kindest regards,

  25. Well actually I speak Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch, but I do not understand it completely and might make a fool out of myself trying to speak it lol.

    Yes Empower Network is a debate on its own. Many claims that they got rich using the platform while others got ripped off completely. Personally I see it as a money making scheme and only the top performers is getting the money.

    EN is absolutely not for newbies and the failure rate is too big.

    By now I hope that you connected with me on WA. The platform is always my first priority and questions or messages get answered promptly - Do not hesitate to ask for help.

  26. thanks for your information.I got an email from fanpage cashflow. what do you think about fanpage cashflow ?

    1. I am not familiar with the program and did not sign up to conduct a review yet.

      They supposently teach you how to sell products on Facebook. The sales video is definitely not genuine and it looks like you have to sell the product itself as well. The advert "Make $1000 to $2000 a day GUARANTEED!" is a warning itself because no one can guarantee that it will be successful.

      In addition Facebook does not like Fan Pages that is riddled with affiliate links and the method died some time ago.

      I will keep them in mind for a future Review.

  27. I have looked at many make money online packages and I agree it is one of the best. I have been a member since last summer after I had floundered on my own. It helped me to focus and build better sites. The community and the weekly webinars are also fantastic.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mike, it is appreciated!

      Yes, have to agree, WA had done wonders for my own online business. I personally love the weekly webinars as well, always something to learn.

      Feel free to say hi on WA, always nice to meet new members.

    2. ya know christene I would love to join WA,but it is all about the scammers,matter of fact I did just get get a call today from brian at empower,i blew him off cause I had a feeling and well u know what they say about that,please tell me its not a pyramid
      sceem either,i'm on disability and need extra money,and I just cant afford any scammers, ya know,i hope I hear from you, thanks Penny

    3. Hi Penny.

      I know how you feel, I hate a pyramid just a much as any other person. WA is a learning platform. You DO NOT have to sell the program itself to make money. WA will teach you how to build your own website and customize it to make money for you. The platform is similar to a learning academy with support and detailed training modules.

      You will be free to create a website with any niche that you feel comfortable with. You will learn how to turn your hobbies, skills and passions into a striving online business.

  28. Tell me if otherwise but your whole site is based on benefiting from the referral system. Despite appearing as "neutral" and a trustworthy source through reviewing a variety of websites, you promote your posts of WA on your front page and as the ONLY recommended website. Doing so allows WA to look comparably better than other programs and hence increasing the chance of website viewers joining through your bolded JOIN NOW links, providing you monetary benefits through their referral system. Good marketing techniques Christene. /sarcasm. On par with classic TV ads where you have one guy bringing in their product and with the tv host being excessively impressed with the product. I suggest you attempt to hide your method of recommending WA as it looks like a shameless plug to those who have decent education and aren't hopeless drop outs who believe they can become millionaires after flunking school.

    1. Did you even read the WA full review? No, sorry for asking, clearly you did not because you actually have no idea what it is all about. You saw the "join now" links which BTW is only 8 links in total on my entire website, yet you missed the huge "read full review" that includes all the questions and answers without sugar coating.

      Let me save you some trouble and give you quotes, it seems you have a little trouble finding it.

      "Is there a change that I will not succeed?

      Yes, there is. If you join the program in hopes to make thousands within days it is not the place for you. If you think that you will become rich without doing much, then move on. Building a successful online business takes time, hard work and total dedication, you do not need WA if you do not want to learn and implement."

      At no point do I create the illusion that you will become a millionaire and I made it crystal clear that WA is a learning platform similar like school. That is why it is called Wealthy Affiliate University. They teach and you implement. If you are lazy and expect to earn money while doing nothing it is not for you.

      Secondly, again, you only saw what you wanted and clearly did not spend enough time on my site to see that I recommend not only one but 2 platforms. Chris Farrell is the other one. Scroll up very slowly to the top right, you will find the 2 recommendations as clear as daylight.

      Last but not least, hence, I am not trying to hide the fact that I like WA, recommend them and promote them. I am proud of WA and loves working for them.

      Now let's start at the beginning of the story..... To make money from most of the programs that I review, you will need the following:

      Traffic and leads
      A huge Social following

      Your own website will provide you with traffic and leads. Your social following will boost your website and build trust. Most programs is labeled as a scam because obviously newbies do not have their own websites, traffic and leads to use for marketing their product. Naturally, they will not succeed because they have no-one to sell to. This makes them believe that the program they joined are a scam.

      Example: I have 5 websites and get approx 300 000 page views a month. You do not have a website or social following. If I sell program X, how many sales, will I make compared to you? Yes, obviously I will make the sales while you are out there trying to sell program X to friends and family without results.

      WA teach newbies site development - With your own successful website you can successfully sell your own product. There are many other platforms that teach website development, but I choose to recommend WA because it offers a free option for those who do not have money as well.

      GET IT?

  29. Christene,
    I am seriously considering starting up an online career, that I can work part-time, perhaps five hours a day, to replace my current part-time job. I have no experience in online marketing and feel overwhelmed by all the info out there. Your reviews have helped me narrow my search to Google Sniper and Wealthy Affiliate.
    Which of those would you recommend that I start with, or both? Would they work well together? I have chosen a niche and believe that that market and interest in it's products will continue to grow. That said, I'd like to set something up that will eventually require as little maintenance as possible, yet provide a reasonable annual income.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this, as I have found your reviews valuable, straight forward, and honest.

    1. Hi Peter.

      I would not recommend that you join too many programs at once, information overload is never a good idea. I strongly recommend WA for newbies because the learning materials are easy to understand and the support is outstanding. With programs like Google Sniper you are basically stuck on your own and have to work through the training by yourself. WA have an active support group that will answer all your questions in a relatively short period of time (The live chat box helps you to get advice and answers immediately from other members).

      In addition, WA's training is updated on a daily basis, you will never be subjected to old outdated methods that does not work anymore. Google Sniper requires you to purchase immediately, there is not free or trial memberships. WA have a free membership that allows you to explore the platform before you decide to upgrade. No Pressure or constant up-sells.

      Bottom line, Niche marketing is the most effective way to build a successful online business. You can create websites in many niches and eventually earn a substantial income over a period of time if you work hard. WA teach you how to choose profitable niches, create a successful website(s) and market it.

      Any business requires hard work and dedication in the beginning. The first year is always the hardest part, but if you focus on your goals and implement the training you can have a website or even multiple sites that earns you money while you are sleeping.

      Keep in mind, WA teaches you how, you still need to participate and do the work. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

  30. HI Peter and Christene,

    I´m so happy to see Peter is just like me overwhelmed....but I kind of made my choice but havent signed up yet
    and am waiting for Christene´s response to my mail.

    If someone here would like to comment and contact me to help me through the first steps...please let me know.

    Something seems to happen after 7 days....and so it seems I need to do a lot those first 7 days if I want to get a good overview of your services.

    And also, if I only have one hour a day in a week...then how can I get through all the lessons (as an e.g. of course)
    Or how can I get a website up and running within such short time?
    I so badly want a website but it takes me ages alone....and in 7 days? with no one to help? (you see my struggle)
    Yes , I understand I can sign up for free and see for myself, but I really still work full time and lack several hours per day....but I want my website up and running (I´m in patient ...yes:))
    And I cannot imagine that goes fast.

    Thank you

    1. LOL, I assume you got my mails.

      Yes, website development is not a fast process unless you are familiar with it. Much need to be done prior to building a website. Research one of the most important parts when it comes to building an online business and time need to be set aside to do it properly otherwise you will go around in circles and work hard for nothing.

      Choosing the perfect niche cannot be done in a couple of days unless you already have one that will convert perfect. Before choosing one it is best to browse other related websites, blogs, FB pages and forums. Look for people who ask questions and have problems. If there are lots of unanswered questions, doubt or a need for information that you can provide for.

      Secondly, find a niche that is buyer friendly. Meaning, when people look for information online, will they spend money to resolve their problems or are they just looking for free information and do not actually want to spend money. Sites like Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Graigs list and so forth will help you with this research. Look at the products in demand, the ones with the most views, the best ratings and so forth. This will help you to determine what people like to spend money on and obviously what they do not like to purchase.

      I am not a patient person myself Rachel, but you need to plan this properly if you want to succeed.

      My suggestion: Do the research first and take proper time to do it. Ask friends and family or even coworkers what they think about your idea and if they will consider to make use of the information you want to provide. Once you have done that, you will have a definite goal and business plan and learning along with progress will go much faster. There is a lot you can do while being a free member. If you are done with your research and keywords you can start to write out your posts and website content. This will make it much easier and you will have the content to build your site once you start to build your actual website.

      Remember this is the same as a real brick and mortar business.
      Building > Website
      Visitors > Customers
      Social media > Advertising.

      I always help out as much as I can, you are always welcome to ask questions whenever you get stuck.

  31. Which blog is the best or GVO?

    I don't like empower network (too square)

    Pleased to meet you

    1. Please to meet you as well Juniel.

      WordPress is definitely better than most other platforms because you can do so much more with it. The vast variety of plugins allows you to customize your website any way you like. In addition, Wordpress websites are much easier to move between hosting companies, especially if you have your own domain.

      Websites like Empower Networks's blogging platform, cannot be moved and you do not own the website. Bad choice.

      Feel free to shout if you have any questions.

  32. Hi Christene,
    Why the only way we can earn money in WA is inviting people to join us as paying members, not by selling products or services?
    I think it is MLM scheme, isn't it?
    Thanks for your kindness.

    1. Hi Robert.

      WA is not an MLM because you do not need to build up a referral line to earn an income. MLM programs work differently. You get a referral and earn a percentage of the SignUp cost, then your referral need to get referrals as well, so you can earn a percentage of their earnings. MLM's go round about 5 levels deep, meaning, you will have to recruit people and then make sure that those people also refer lots of people and so forth.

      WA is an affiliate program, no need to recruit. You earn a straight forward commission for each person that joins through your link.

      In addition, YOU DO NOT need to be a paying member to earn commissions. Fair deal for a platform that offers so much. If you put in a bit of hard work you can basically use the free membership and make money without spending one dime.

      Last but not least. WA is a learning platform that teaches people how to make money with their websites. Promoting WA itself is not a must but only another option. Very few actually promote the program itself. The platform teaches you how to build a profitable website and how to choose a niche and product that have potential.

      WA offers other services to promote as well. The Jaaxy keyword tool and top class hosting. You earn commissions when you promote those services as well.

  33. Hi Christene,

    Do the free members have access to keyword tools, and information on how pick a niche, how to create a website, how to rank in search engines, etc.

    What areas/benefits the free members don't have access to?

  34. Hello Christene,

    I stumbled upon your site while trying to find out more about iPAS2 if its a possible scam or if I could find a genuine review for it online.

    Your site is a breath of fresh air ... thank you so much for making the effort to create it.

    I have to agree with you on WA ... it is the BEST of its kind out there!

    I don't know why on earth I would even bother with these weird programmes when there is WA. We are warned about this type of stuff at WA but still that inquisitive eye is just not satisfied and soon I find myself just peeping to see what is cooking...not necessarily bad but not good if you are a newbie.

    I've been with WA since 2010 and I must admit, I should have been so, so far today without having to work offline trying to earn a living as a graphic designer. Truth is, I've procrastinated all these years, but the nature of my work also played a major role in my delay. This year however, I am making a concerted effort to benefit from the Wealth of information and help at WA to ... Finally ... build my online business I am so passionate about.

    It is also very nice to know that I have a fellow WA member not too far away either. I'm originally from the beautiful Cape but now residing in Gauteng hoping to go back home soon.

    It would be very nice to correspond with you re: WA and online marketing as I'm sure I can learn a lot from you.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    God bless,

    Edward Abrahams

  35. WU sucks imo, their tutorials are horrible. Mobe better.

    1. WA work great for those with a limited budget. Also works for those who prefer to build an online business on a topic other that online marketing.

      MOBE works for those with deep pockets and who will not mind paying a lot of money upfront for training.

  36. This is crap! I opted because of the free offer but it redirects to $47 membership and cannot even change your profile to opt-out!

    1. Certain countries does not qualify for the free membership because of high fraud statistics or miss-use of the platform. (You will find it under cons in my full length review).

  37. hi Christene.

    I am a big fresh juice newbie...i am now 2 months trying to understand why the so called gurus make tons of money peeling people like me.
    I want to use the internet community to serve people and of course make a living out of it.
    Could be that this is the biggest breackthroghy for a beginner.

    to filters all the leeches that want me to do what they want?

    Till now my biggest concerns is how to write good article that will generate a CONNECTION with subscribers,,,the traffic will come i about learning the millions ways to do it.
    I am italian and i really struggle to find something valuable there to teach me how to do it properly.
    Will WA helps in that matters? I know you have been in my shoes before, i trust your point of view.
    Clearly WA helped you in many ways.I have a lot of enthusiasm and i want to do things right so
    i can provide a good service to people.
    My very best regards to you
    have a nice day

    1. Hi Andrea

      I completely understand how you feel, yes, I was there myself 3 years ago, did not know much about making money online and how to go about finding the right place for guidance.

      Unfortunately, I got scammed quite a bit before I did find my feet and learned how to become successful, hence the reason for my website, to help others avoid the pitfalls.

      WA is a learning program all about website development. Without a website, you will have much difficulty to make a decent income online and progress will be slow. Building a website of your own, will give you something to work towards and put your goals in perspective since you will know what kind of results you can achieve with hard work.

      Bottom line, your own successful website can provide you with many different ways to earn an income. You can sell your own products, sell affiliate products (if you do not have your own product), sell advertising space or promote a service to only name a few. In addition, website development is an excellent skill to learn. You can utilize it in many additional ways like, creating websites for local businesses, teaching, website development to scholars who cannot afford to pay too much for classes and so forth. Learning WordPress takes some patience, but if a 9 year old can learn it in a couple of weeks, so can anyone else right?

      To sum it up, Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that will teach you how to build a successful website. Additional marketing training is also available and the platform currently has one of the best support structures online. If you have questions, you will get answers via a live chat box, questionnaire options below each training module, a private messaging system and micro blogging option.

      Please read my post about the importance of a website, it is a long read, but it will clear up some confusion and hopefully help you to understand the online world a bit better.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a shout, will do my best to help.

  38. cant sign in error message already have account which i don't, googled this and seems happens a lot to people also wordpress dashboard not impressed or convinced now.

    1. The security is top level to prevent people from creating multiple accounts to scam the system and members using it. Most of the time it is an easy fix by clearing the cookies/acre. If someone on the same server or IP address signs up, it will also give an error.

      Unfortunately, all these security measures are needed to keep scammers and hackers out. After all, no one would like someone else to duplicate their account and walk away with all their earnings.

      Anyone having an error when trying to sign up can send me an email as well, will have it sorted.

  39. Hi Christene. I've been reading through a lot of your recommendations during the past few days. It's great to see so many comments - that also means the things I was going to ask about the wealthy affiliate course have already been asked & answered.

    I guess it's now time to make a choice, I've made adsense sites before so not a total newbie as far as making sites go. But I'd like to learn more about the marketing side of things. Do you still think that WA is worth doing or should I take, say an Udemy course in online marketing?

    1. Hi Chris

      Sincere apologies for the delayed reply, was a bit out of action the last couple of days. Hope I am forgiven.

      It is great that you have experience with building websites, it will help tremendously to move forward, meaning you do not have to take time to learn website development from scratch.

      Personally, I think WA is worth it. I am with the program for 2 and a half years now and to be honest, I still learn something new with all the training that is added on a weekly basis. WA has skilled marketers in basically all the fields of marketing that includes email marketing, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, content marketing and so forth. In addition, the members work together as a community, giving advice and answers to whom ever ask for it, thus, if you get stuck or need a second opinion fast, there is always like-minded people around. The major reason why I recommend the program.

      It is definitely the best place to top up on skills and knowledge. Once you learned everything you could, you can move on and work on your own, you are not stuck with a program that force you to stick around because you need it to make money.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give me a shout. Will do my best to help.

  40. Another WA 'groupy'. The way this is shared how it's always better than anything in the online space? Simply isn't true, but again you nailed it with a valuable review. Actually for the first time in 3 years I'm enticed to give it a spin. Thanks ... again. Love your blog :)

    1. Not so sure about a "groupy", I am more like the lone wolf type, doing my own things. However, WA is a great place to start, especially if you are a complete newbie. I have a set of standards when it comes to promoting programs because I do not want anyone to come back and blame me for leading them into a scam.

      WA has a good solid reputation going for years now, support is not absent and they do offer "free" as well. Also, unlike many other programs, there is no up-sales.

      I do favor other programs as well. Armand Morin for instance is my mentor since forever and his training is more hands on and produce results if you take action. From time to time, he hands out free, 3 day online seminars that is worth gold. The downside, his training is a bit advanced and the average newbie might not understand. He does not cover the bare basics, meaning, a newbie will get confused when he talks about keyword research, affiliate marketing, niches, paid traffic, seo, ranking and so forth.

      Like always, please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you have questions or get stuck at WA, will try my best to help.


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